The Black Cat (1941 film)

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The Black Cat is a 1941 film about an old woman who lives in an isolated mansion with her housekeeper and beloved cats. As her health fails, her greedy relatives gather in anticipation of her death.

Directed by Albert S. Rogell. Written by Robert Lees.
Even Ladd Is Scared!  (taglines)


Montague Hartley: How is she, doctor?
Doctor: You'll be pleased, I'm sure, to know that Mrs. Winslow is still violating all the laws of science. She should be dead. But she's very much alive.

Elaine Winslow: Were you insinuating that Grandmother's death wasn't accidental?
Hubert Smith: Well, she wasn't killed by kindness, was she?


  • Even Ladd Is Scared!


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