The Black Cat (1941 film)

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The Black Cat is a 1941 film about an old woman who lives in an isolated mansion with her housekeeper and beloved cats. As her health fails, her greedy relatives gather in anticipation of her death.

Directed by Albert S. Rogell. Written by Robert Lees.
Even Ladd Is Scared!  (taglines)

Hubert Smith[edit]

  • Everything here is for the cats, which is why this place is going to the dogs.

Mr. Penny[edit]

  • [looking at the cats on the grounds after the rainstorm] It looks like it's been raining cats and cats around here.


Hubert Smith: What's this?
Montague Hartley: Ashes! That proves it. It was Abigail! Unquestionably.
Hubert Smith: [aside, to Elaine] He thinks he's Sherlock Holmes.

Hubert Smith: [Quoting the sign at the gate] That house is doubly blest / Which to our feline friends gives rest.
Mr. Penny: Oh, poetry, huh? It's beautiful, beautiful.
Hubert Smith: That's what Mrs. Winslow says. But as kids we used to say, In her hats are many bats / For spending all her dough on cats.

Elaine Winslow: Were you insinuating that Grandmother's death wasn't accidental?
Hubert Smith: Well, she wasn't killed by kindness, was she?

Hubert Smith: Oh, then you're the guy that slugged me.
Richard Hartley: Yeah, and I'll do it again any time you train down to my weight.

Hubert Smith: [driving in the rain over a bumpy road] As an antique dealer, Mr. Penny, what do you think of this road?
Mr. Penny: Oh, I'd hate to meet the worms that made these holes. Whoo-hoo!

Montague Hartley: How is she, doctor?
Doctor: You'll be pleased, I'm sure, to know that Mrs. Winslow is still violating all the laws of science. She should be dead. But she's very much alive.

Montague Hartley: [talking to Gil] This is on a par with your other stupid accusations!
Richard Hartley: Yes, two more brains and he'd be a half-wit.

Myrna Hartley: [responding to a noise] What was that?
Hubert Smith: Only a cat. There's always a cat someplace around here.


  • Even Ladd Is Scared!


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