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The Black Donnellys (2007) is an American television drama about four brothers in Hell's Kitchen and their involvement in organized crime. It was created by Paul Haggis and Robert Moresco.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.1][edit]

Jimmy: Hey, no banging the machines!
Joey: What? It took my money.
Jimmy: It's supposed to take your money!

Joey: The Irish have always been victims of negative stereotypes. I mean people think we're all drunks and brawlers and sometimes it makes you so mad all you wanna do is get drunk and punch somebody!

Kevin: Tommy. Me and Jimmy went downtown with goodness in our hearts to work out a deal. But Louie starts threatening me, I mean what was I supposed to do?
Tommy: Kevin, everybody knows who did this. You kidnap somebody, they're not supposed to know who you are.
Kevin: Tommy, you think we're stupid? We wore masks!
Tommy: You went down there with goodness in your hearts but you wore masks?

Jenny: [to Tommy, at the hospital after Sean was beaten up] You know when I heard about it, the person who told me thought it was you. I thought, what if he dies and he never knows... that I loved him. Dumb, huh? I mean, I'm a married woman, nothing's ever gonna happen. I just can't stand the idea of you dying and not knowing that.

Tommy: Where are you going?
Kevin: Wherever you are.

Joey: I was the only one who saw, the only one who knew that it was Tommy driving the car. And to this day it's the one thing I never told anybody. I'm ashamed to be telling you now. Tommy never stole a car again, never did nothing, turned his whole life around. I mean he could have made it out, only he was never going to let his brother get hurt again. And this was the day that changed Jimmy's life forever, 'cause Jimmy went to rehab. And Tommy? Tommy became everything he never wanted.

A Stone of the Heart [1.2][edit]

God Is a Comedian [1.3][edit]

The World Will Break Your Heart [1.4][edit]

Lies [1.5][edit]

Run Like Hell [1.6][edit]

The Only Thing Sure [1.7][edit]

In Each One a Savior [1.8][edit]

All of Us Are in the Gutter [1.9][edit]

When the Door Opens [1.10][edit]

Wasn't That Enough [1.11][edit]

The Black Drop [1.12][edit]

Easy Is the Way [1.13][edit]


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