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The Blue Lagoon is a 1980 film about two young children stranded on a tropical island in the South Pacific after a shipwreck. Emotional feelings and physical changes arise as they grow to maturity and fall in love. It is a remake of the 1949 film.

Directed by Randal Kleiser. Written by Douglas Day Stewart, based on the novel The Blue Lagoon by Henry De Vere Stacpoole.
A sensuous story of natural love. Taglines


Paddy: What's in them pictures, Richard?
Richard: It's a story about these funny people who get married. There's a saying in each one.
Paddy: Give us a look.
Richard: Were you ever married, Paddy?
Paddy: Seven times. Kids in every port from Clao to Macao. Seventeen at the last count, and never set eyes on a single one of 'em. Slant-eyed little devils, black little devils, even a couple of pink ones like you. And all with my eyes.
Richard: Paddy, what's "subjugation"?
Paddy: Something I've been trying to avoid all my life.

Paddy: Come back here this instant! This ain't gonna hurt you!
Emmeline: We don't wanna go swimming!
Richard: We don't have out bathing costumes!
Paddy: To Hell with your bathing costumes! You don't wear 'em when you take a bath, do you?
Emmeline: This isn't a bathtub! This is the ocean!

Richard: Why are we always fighting so much?
Emmeline: I don't know.
Richard: That should be our New Year's revolution [he said it wrong] Stop fighting so much.
Emmeline: I'll try, but...
Richard: But what? Tell me.
Emmeline: I don't know what's wrong with me when I say the things I say. I just keep having all these strange thoughts.
Richard: What kind of thoughts?
Emmeline: Just funny thoughts about you and me.
Richard: Tell me. What are they?
Emmmeline: Oh, I couldn't. They're just thoughts; they don't mean anything.

Richard: What are you looking at?
Emmeline: Your muscles.
Richard: What about them?
[Emmeline continues staring lovingly at him.]
Richard: You're really acting silly lately, Em. Always saying dumb things like that. Always looking at me funny! You're not coming down with something, are you? Don't give it to me.

Richard: There's so many things I don't understand, like why do the fish stop swimming and lie on top of the tide pools after a heavy rain? Why do you hear the waves inside the big shells? Why are all these funny hairs growing on me? I wish a big book with all the answers to every question in the world would drop out of the sky and land in my hands right now. I'd read it till I knew everything.
Emmeline: Oh, Richard, you can't know everything. Only God knows everything.
Richard: God — He can't find us any better than Santa Claus.

Richard: [runs to her, excitedly] Emmeline! Emmeline! A ship! A ship! [stops, worried] The signal fire you didn't light it! Why didn't you light it?! Why Em, Why? You know how much important me to leave, It's the most important thing in the whole world to me!
Emmeline: I know.
Richard: First you cry for help, then you throw sticks at me. A ship comes, a ship! First ship we've seen since we've been here, and you let it go by. Just let it go by, well that's it? I've had it! I'm sick and tired of waiting for you to get better, I'm going to San Francisco [he pronounces it San Farisco] without you!

Emmeline: You're such a silly dodo, Richard. We're never getting off this island.
Richard: Thanks to you!
Emmeline: This is where we live. This is our home, now and forever.
Richard: No! I could never live here forever with just you! I don't even like you! You never used to laugh at me! You never used to have secrets you wouldn't tell me!
Emmeline: Well you're not so perfect, either, Mr. Richard Lestrange. I've seen you playing with it, and I'll tell your father, if he ever gets here.
Richard: You! I hate you! [throws a rock, narrowly missing her]
Emmeline: You almost hit me!
Richard: Take it back! Take back what you said!
Emmeline: I've seen it all! What happens after you've been doing it a long time?
Richard: Shut up! That isn't fair peeking. I don't peek on you!
Emmeline: That's a lie! You're always staring at my buppies.
Richard: Only 'cause they look so funny! You what you look like now, Em? You look like one of those pictures Paddy had in his drawer, one of his hootchie-cootchie girls!
Emmeline: I do not, I do not!
Richard: Hoochie coochie, hoochie coochie!
Emmeline: Stop that Richard, or I'll never talk to you again.
Richard: Hoochie coochie, hoochie coochie. See 'em jiggle, wiggle and shake.
[Emmeline throws a stone at Richard, hitting him on the head. He falls down.]
Emmeline: Oh, I'm sorry, Richard. I didn't mean to hit you!
Richard: [slaps Emmeline across her face] Wish you were dead and buried!

Richard: [while eating fruit] Kiss me.
Emmeline: You're all sticky!
Richard: So what? Kiss me.
[Emmeline kisses him, but Richard won't let her go.]
Emmeline: Stop, I can't breathe.
Richard: But I don't wanna stop.
[Richard squeezes mango juice on Emmeline and kisses her.]
Emmeline: What are you doing? Stop it!
[Richard and Emmeline both notice their bodies' reactions.]
Richard: I have a funny feeling in my stomach.
Emmeline: Me, too.
Richard: My heart is beating so fast.
Emmeline: Mine, too.

[Richard tries to kiss Emmeline, but she cringes.]
Emmeline: I'm sorry, Richard.
Richard: You didn't want to all yesterday, either. What's the matter, Em? Don't you love me any more?
Emmeline: Yes, I love you more than ever, Richard.
Richard: Then why don't you want to do it?
Emmeline: It just hurts right now, that's all. When it stops hurting, we'll do it.
Richard: When is that gonna be? I don't understand, Em. Why does it hurt?
Emmeline: I don't know. I don't know anything. But if you touch my tummy right now, you can feel it.
Richard: Feel what? [puts his hand on her belly] How'd you make your tummy move like that?
Emmeline: I'm not doing it.
Richard: It's not doing it by itself.
Emmeline: Yes, it is.


  • [from trailer] Imagine a boy who didn't know he had become a man. Imagine a girl who did know she had become a woman. Imagine two people who knew nothing about love - and so knew everything.
  • The most sensuous love story is a story of innocence.
  • A sensuous story of natural love.
  • A story of natural love.


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