The Blue Parrot

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The Blue Parrot is a low budget 1953 British crime film directed by John Harlow and starring Dermot Walsh, Jacqueline Hill, Ballard Berkeley, Richard Pearson and John Le Mesurier. The film was produced by Stanley Haynes for Act Films Ltd. Jacqueline Hill later became well known for playing Barbara, one of the original companions of BBC TV's Doctor Who. Ballard Berkeley found fame in later life playing Major Gowen in Fawlty Towers.

Directed by John Harlow. Produced by Stanley Haynes. Written by Allan MacKinnon. Story by Percy Hoskins.


Maureen Maguire: You dance very well. It's a bad sign.
Bob Herrick: A bad sign... of what?
Maureen Maguire: I like dancing.


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