The Brain That Wouldn't Die

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The Brain That Wouldn't Die is a 1962 film about a doctor experimenting with transplant techniques who keeps his girlfriend's head alive when she is decapitated in a car crash, then goes hunting for a new body.

Directed by Joseph Green. Written by Rex Carlton.
Alive... without a body... fed by an unspeakable horror from hell!  (taglines)

Dr. Bill Cortner[edit]

  • There's more to surgery than just being a carpenter to patch up walls or a plumber to drain pipes. Our body's capable of adjusting in ways we've never dreamt of. If we could only find the key!
  • Nothing is unbelievable if you have the nerve to operate.


  • Like all commodities, horror has its ultimate, and that's me.
  • I'm only a head, and you're whatever you are. Together we're strong. More powerful than any of them.
  • Nothing you can be is more terrible than what I am.
  • Let me die.


  • The alcoholic has his bottle, the dope addict his needle; I had my research.
  • The paths of experimentation twist and turn through mountains of miscalculations and often lose themselves in error and darkness!
  • You're nothing but a freak of life! And, a freak of death!
  • (To Jan) He should've cut your tongue as he was at it!


Jan Compton: What's locked behind that door?
Kurt: A horror... no normal mind can imagine. Something even more terrible than you!
Jan Compton: No, my deformed friend, like all quantities, horror has it's ultimate, and I am that.

Blonde Stripper: [hands on hips] You lousy tramp! Once in a blue moon I liken to a guy with class and *you* mess it up!
Brunet Stripper: Eh! What makes you think you had him? He wouldn't have you on a bet!
Blonde Stripper: [hands still on hips] Says who?
Brunet Stripper: Says me! What's a guy like that want with *leftovers* for?
Blonde Stripper: *Leftovers*?
[blonde stripper goes to slap the brunette stripper and a man's hand appears on screen slapping the brunette stripper]
Brunet Stripper: [puts hand to face in shock] Why you cheap third grade stripper!
[catfight ensues between the two strippers]
Brunet Stripper: Ow! Let go!
Blonde Stripper: Don't you ever call me that again! Oooh!
Brunet Stripper: I'll mash you on the butt!
Blonde Stripper: Try!
Brunet Stripper: Oh, I'll try!
[camera cuts to shot of a tapestry with cats on it and a voice says "Meow!"]

Jan Compton: And what else has happened to it?
Kurt: What do you mean, what else? Well, it's... It's mutated some, of course. It's changed considerably


  • Alive... without a body... fed by an unspeakable horror from hell!
  • It's madness, not science!


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