The Brain from Planet Arous

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The Brain from Planet Arous is a 1957 film about an alien that assumes the body of a scientist.

Directed by Nathan H. Juran. Written by Ray Buffum.
The incredible space-brain invades a human body with its destructive evil power!  (taglines)


Sally Fallon: George! What about George?
Val: The dog? He is intelligent, devoted, strong...
Sally Fallon: And he's always with Steve and me.

Steve March: Now this is my plan: I want all of your uranium, plutonium, all your atomic resources. I want your factories, railroad shipping, all your industrial facilities. Your workers will labour around the clock day and night, following my blueprints to build a most powerful invasion force ever gathered in the universe.
General Brown: You mean to enslave the world?
Russian: Russia would never agree to it!
Steve March: There's a simple answer to that: There'll be no Russia. Your United Nations building will be turned over to me. I will teach your engineers to build a fleet of interplanetary rockets, to be armed and manned by your joint military forces. All under my command.
General Brown: What would you do with all this power?
Steve March: I will return to my planet Arous, and through its vast intellect, I will become master of the universe. After I'm gone, your Earth will be free to live out its miserable span of existence, as one of my satellites, and that's how it's going to be.


  • It Will Steal Your Body And Damn Your Soul!
  • Science-Fiction's most astounding story!
  • The incredible space-brain invades a human body with its destructive evil power!
  • Fantastic! Fearsome!


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