The Brides of Fu Manchu

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The Brides of Fu Manchu is a 1966 film about an Asian warlord who kidnaps young women to force their fathers to help him build a death ray.

Directed by Don Sharp. Written by Harry Alan Towers.
The Master of Evil takes a Harem of Horror!  (taglines)

Fu Manchu[edit]

  • As you were the leader of the rebellion, you shall be the first to go to the snakes.


Sir Dennis Nayland Smith: You have nothing to celebrate, Fu Manchu. The arms conference is safe. You are beaten.
Fu Manchu That is where you are wrong, Commissioner. In a few moments there will be no arms conference.
Sir Dennis Nayland Smith: You will release that girl now and order your men to line up over there. I will count three before I fire. One... two...
Fu Manchu: [to henchman] Send her to the snakes!

Lin Tang: [hears gunfire] More shooting. The temple must be full of soldiers.
Fu Manchu: It is of no importance. Within a few moments the entire world will capitulate to me. This is the destiny of Fu Manchu.


  • The Master of Evil takes a Harem of Horror!
  • Better Dead than Wed!


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