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The Bridge (2013-2014) is an American drama TV series, airing on FX, about an El Paso detective (who has Asperger syndrome) and a Chihuahua State Police Officer, who are forced to work together when the body of a murdered judge is found on the Bridge of the Americas that serves as a border crossing between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. The show is based on the Danish/Swedish TV series of the same name.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Calaca [1.02][edit]

Lt. Wade: I'm sorry, am I interrupting your snack time?
Det. Cooper: [yogurt cup in one hand, spoon in the other] I'm just topping off my good bacteria, boss. You've got good and bad bacteria in your stomach and they're at war.
Lt. Wade: [takes yogurt and hurls it into wastebasket] Yeah? Well now they're in the trash.

Rio [1.03][edit]

Adriana: Can you guys stop throwing your pussies at my co-worker?

Sonya: [upon seeing guy she met the night before] What are you doing here? I can't have sex at work!

Maria of the Desert [1.04][edit]

The Beast [1.05][edit]

[Fausto stops reading newspaper to show henchman the front page headline SERIAL KILLER STILL AT LARGE]
Fausto: [in Spanish] What the hell is a serial killer?
Henchman: [in Spanish] Someone who kills lots of people.
Fausto: [in Spanish] Lots of people kill lots of people... Soldiers... Terrorists... Presidents... You think I'm a serial killer?
Henchman: [in Spanish] No way, boss.
Fausto: [in Spanish] I kill lots of people.
Henchman: [in Spanish] You're a businessman.

Sonya: You do a lot of drugs, don't you?
Daniel: Pfft... [sees she is serious]... What?
Sonya: Why?
Daniel: I'm not telling you that... [pause] 'Cause they're there... And they're fun... And they make you hate yourself just a little bit less.

ID [1.06][edit]

Hank: [enjoying his burger, he pauses between mouthfuls] Pretty damn good, isn't it?
Gina: [also eating, nods her head in agreement] Really.
Sonya: [picking at her burger] I don't like burgers.
Hank: [stops chewing] Well that's un-American. [gestures towards her plate] Eat your freedom fries.

Ray: Okay...a basement. [Charlotte unlocks padlock and opens door] What's in dungeon?
Charlotte: Mexico
Ray: Shit! I'm guessing this was Carl's idea? Drugs?
Charlotte: Immigrants. We were broke. I didn't know.
Ray: What's on the other end?
Charlotte: A crazy psychotic bitch.

Destino [1.07][edit]

Graciela: Do you have an opinion about oral sex? [begins to disrobe]
Ray: Ah yeah. It's ahhh, it's cool.
Graciela: [continues to disrobe] I prefer it.
Ray: Some ladies do.
Graciela: This will be our arrangement moving forward.
Ray: So is that a yes on the guns?
Graciela: [faces him, spread eagle] Depende.
Ray: Is this a cartel thing?
Graciela: Callate.
Ray: Okay then.

Vendetta [1.08][edit]

Cooper: [about Sonya] Oh, horse shit, Hank! I mean, I'm sorry but there's gotta be a limit to how much we indulge our village idiot savant here.

The Beetle [1.09][edit]

Old Friends [1.10][edit]

Take the Ride, Pay the Toll [1.11][edit]

All About Eva [1.12][edit]

The Crazy Place [1.13][edit]


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