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The Bridge is a Canadian police drama commissioned by CTV and CBS starring Aaron Douglas.

Season One[edit]

Red Door[edit]

Tommy: On this side here you got the poor, lying and cheating and stealing to pay the rent. And over this little bridge we go, you got the rich, lying and cheating and stealing...
Frank: collect the rent.

Harbin: Hector Arundez was under an IA investigation for taking a payoff.
Frank: Payoff from who?
Harbin: Supposedly, Hector caught some pedophile judge trying to pick up a ten year-old boy in the mall -- gave him money to look the other way.
Frank: Aw, that's total crap! Who initiated the complaint?
Harbin: Rookie riding with him. It was all a box job. Rookie was put up to it by a couple of command officers at headquarters. It wasn't the first time they tried it either.
Frank: Why the hell did they do that?
Harbin: It's personal. Pick a reason.
Frank: So the brass can just initiate an IA investigation just to do that?
Harbin: Oh, man! Where you been?
Frank: Not paying close enough attention, obviously.

Hector: I'm breaking in a rookie. Heard the call...what the hell.
Tommy: Is that him?
Hector: Yeah. He's got a college degree, but a total lack of common sense.
Frank: Well, if there's anybody who can teach him the ways of the police force, it's you, my friend.
Hector: I wouldn't know about that. Just look how you turned out.

Paint It Black[edit]

Kantor: Sometimes I think the world is held together by nothing but God's tears.

Fat Lady Sings the Blues[edit]

Jill: Well, unlike you, Frank, we just got a list of those other guys, and now, y'know, this happens so it looks like we'll be tied up for a while. Which brings me to why the hell you didn't give us a heads up you're going to come out here and talk to our suspects? I mean, you know, he's Frank. Yeah, I understand. But you, sweetheart? You should know better!
Abby: Detective, as lead council for the union, I don't need your permission to speak with any officer at any time, anywhere I want.
Frank: What Abby means is you're right. We should have called you.
Jill: Don't tell me what I mean. I say what I mean!

Tommy: This is exactly the kind of thing the brass can use against us. You're head of the union, Frank. You're not a cop anymore, remember? So put your union cap on and put your nightstick in your pants. You talk to this guy before Major Crimes gets to him, that's interfering with a police investigation. That's obstruction. that's criminal.
Frank: Not if it's a lawyer who's doing the talking.

Chief Wycoff: That's the last thing we need -- caught out here cuttin' deals under the table. Mayor'd hand me my ass and you'd lose the union. This doesn't work, Frank, unless they think we hate each other's guts.
Frank: Well, that's easy enough.

Frank: Two division commanders - multiple complaints of sexual harassment.
Chief Wycoff: This is four senior management positions so far this month. I'm the Chief of Police, not God. Maybe you ought to just back off a little, huh?
Frank: I'll back off when you stop promoting guys on their ability to kiss your ass, Ed

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