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The Burrowers is a 2010 film, set in the wild west, about a rescue party that sets out to find a family of settlers that has vanished from their home under mysterious circumstances.

Written and Directed by J. T. Petty, based on his original short film, Blood Red Earth.
They wait... They hunt... They feed. (taglines)

John Clay[edit]

  • If you so much as touch that gun without my say-so, I will holster it in your ass.

William Parcher[edit]

  • Any Christian woman would prefer dying to capture. Mr. Williams had time to reload...because his wife gave it to him. If it came to that... I hope you'd be strong enough to take care of your mother.
  • Henry Victor would rather pull toes off the Sioux than follow the trail before us.
  • We find the Utes; they lead us to the Burrower tribe; we kill the Burrowers; you get your girl; you build a cabin on the prairie and you play American.

Henry Victor[edit]

  • You wanna go face an Indian war party on your lonesome? Those blanketheads will peel you like an orange, boy.
  • Yeah, well, I'd rather walk in the right direction than ride with my head up my ass.


William Parcher: Not a mile from here... I had to eat a horse to survive.
Gertrude Spacks: That's disgusting.
William Parcher: It wasn't my horse. The point is, we're here now eating coconut cake. Right civilized country.

William Parcher: What is that?
Henry Victor: Hmm?
William Parcher: What the hell is that?
Henry Victor: It's a tobacco pouch.
William Parcher: It's ugly as shit.
Henry Victor: Yeah. Come off an Injun. Big buck by the name o' Sack-o-Tabacky.
William Parcher: Jesus Christ.
Dobie Spacks: W-What is it?
Henry Victor: Shit, son.
William Parcher: It's a scrotum, Dobie.

John Clay: Why do you spend so much time rubbin' that boy's belly? He already thinks you're Jesus Crockett.
William Parcher: I'm courtin' his mother.
John Clay: That's Gertrude Spacks' boy?
William Parcher: Yeah, oh. Oh.
John Clay: Skinny woman. Might as well just poke the boy.
William Parcher: That's not a very godly sentiment, John.

Fergus Coffey: I came close to joining the army after New York. Impossible to get work there. No one will hire the Irish on account of us being a bunch of thieves and beggars.
Walnut Callaghan: Sounds familiar.

Ten Bear: [speaking in Indian language] Where do we find the Burrowers?
Dull Knife: [speaking in Indian language] They'll find you. Even if you do taste like white man, now.

Faith: [speaking in Indian language] They bury their food. Let it rot. The poisoned cannot sleep.
William Parcher: They... they use some kind of poison. Bury their victims alive.
Faith: When the blood is thick and the organs are soft, they return and eat. They drink.


  • They wait... They hunt... They feed.
  • Evil will surface.


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