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The Care Bears Movie is an animated feature film released on March 29, 1985 and produced by Canada's Nelvana Limited. It was the first in a theatrical trilogy of films starring the Care Bear characters.

A movie that'll make the whole family care-a-lot.taglines

Individual lines[edit]

  • Swift Heart Rabbit: That's the most unfriendly tree I've ever seen!
  • Friend Bear [responding to secrets from Secret Bear]: Secret Bear says not to worry about falling. Worry about the lion instead.
  • Love-a-Lot Bear: A lot of people must have suddenly just...stopped caring.
  • Love-a-Lot Bear: Bear overboard! Bear overboard! Bedtime Bear went to sleep and fell overboard. [while Bedtime is sleeping on the water] Look!


[First Lines]
Children: Bless all the people young and old, for they are yours to love and hold, and bless Mr. and Mrs. Cherrywood. Amen.
Mrs. Cherrywood: Good night, children. Sweet dreams.
Girl: Mrs. Cherrywood, isn't Mr. Cherrywood going to tuck us in?
Mrs. Cherrywood: Oh, he'll be along. Don't you worry.
Mr. Cherrywood: I hope I'm not too late.
Mrs. Cherrywood: They've been asking for you.
Girl: Mr. Cherrywood!
Boy in bed: Yay!
Other children: Hooray!
Mr. Cherrywood [doing a juggling act]: Look sharp, everyone. Watch the bouncing balls. All righty, here we go. A-one, a-two, a-three. And then...ah-ah-ah! Thank you, thank you and...thank you. Now off to sleep to dream of clowns and circuses, acrobats and jugglers. And remember: I want a full report in the morning.
Toddler girl: Story, Mr. Cherrywood? Story? Please, the one about the circus?
Boy in bed: Please?
Other children: Yay! Tell us a story!
Mr. Cherrywood: Well...all right. [while children cheer] Just one story.
[Cherrywood's children crowd up on beds to listen to him. The old man sits on a red chair, then his wife picks up the toddler from the crib and gives her to him.]
Toddler girl: Story hat, story hat! [as the children are waiting, Mrs. Cherrywood gives her husband his top hat] YAY!
Mr. Cherrywood: [turns on the lamp on his cabinet and begins story] This is the story of two young children named Kim and Jason, and how they were helped by a group of very special friends: the Care Bears. You see, the Care Bears have a very special mission, and that mission is to help everyone share their feelings with others. The Care Bears live in a magic place...called Care-a-lot.

[Credits Rolling]
[Two Care Bears, Secret Bear and Friend Bear are travelling down to Earth on their Cloud Mobile to help Kim and Jason, two orphan children who have recently stopped caring for others. Secret Bear whispers into Friend Bear's ear]
Friend Bear: No, Secret Bear. I don't think it was the Cloud Mobile's fault. [Secret Bear alerts Friend Bear of Kim and Jason's appearance. The two children look at the two Bears with little interest] Hi. I'm Friend Bear, and this is Secret Bear. We're Care Bears.
Jason: What do you want?
Friend Bear: Only to be your friends.
Mr. Cherrywood: [narrating] You see, although Kim and Jason were warm and loving children, they had been so hurt when their parents went away that...they had decided never to love anyone ever again, just in case they too went away. Kim and Jason felt they didn't need anyone...but the Care Bears knew better.
Friend Bear: Everyone needs friends, Jason, even you and Kim.
Kim: We're not your friends.
Jason: How did you know our names?
Friend Bear: We know a lot of things about you. Kim reads a lot a books and wants to be a nurse when she grows up. And Jason, you want to be a jet pilot.
Jason: Yeah! How did you know that?
Friend Bear: Friends are supposed to know about each other's hopes and dreams. [again, Secret Bear whispers into her ear, but Kim and Jason took no notice] Secret Bear says not to worry. No one can keep a secret... [as Secret Bear zips his mouth shut] like Secret Bear!
Jason: Well, I'll tell you what we know about people you care for. They always let you down.
Kim: [to both Bears' dismay] So we'd rather not have any friends. Don't trouble yourselves.

[At an amusement park, a young Nicholas is struggling to carry a trunk with some old antiques to his master, a magician by the name of "The Great Fetuccini"]
Fetuccini: [while building a cardhouse]: Hey! Close the door!
[Nicholas tries to, but the weight of the trunk makes him fall back down on the wooden floor. As a result, Fetuccini's house is ruined. Sighing, he stands up firmly and grumpily before his apprentice, who looks up on him]
Nicholas: I-I didn't mean it-
Fetuccini: never mean it, Nicholas! I bought that trunk, and maybe there's some junk in it I can use in my magic act. Now half of it's broken! [while Tenderheart Bear looks in] Oh...what am I going to do with you?! Every time I give you a simple thing to do, it's "boom" this and "crash" that!
Nicholas: I'm sorry, Mr. Fettuccini.
Fetuccini: Enough of your "sorries"! Check that new trunk and see if there's anything left I can use in my magic act. I have a show to put on! [getting back to sitting on desk] Perhaps one day I will teach you how an audience love you. But right now, you're next to hopeless.

[Nicholas is starting to put away the goods from the trunk, when he discovers an old book wrapped in blue and yellow, sealed in red wax that instantly melts the sooner he picks it up]
Nicholas: I wish...I'd give anything to find a way to get people to like me. [sighs]
Voice of the Spirit: [startling Nicholas]: Anything? [calls him by name, hauntingly] Nicholas?
Nicholas: Who's there? Who said that?
Voice of the Spirit: You did say..."anything"?
Nicholas: [taken aback by the voice; walking a few steps back, he falls down into the trunk] Whoa!! [sighs]
Tenderheart Bear: [looking through a hole at back of Fetuccini's desk; whispers to himself] Oh, gosh.

[Up in Care-a-lot, the Care Bears are testing their new invention]
Share Bear: With this Rainbow Rescue Beam, we can send a Care Bear anywhere in the whole a matter of seconds!
Birthday Bear: Or, bring them back again, in case of an emergency.
Share Bear: We'll be able to help people share their feelings...a lot quicker.
Grumpy Bear: We've got to get it working first, Share Bear, and then we still won't know what will happen until we give it another test! Oh...! How come I'm always the one fixing things around here?
Share Bear: Because you never complain, Grumpy Bear. [giggles]
Grumpy Bear: Uh-huh! I think I know why the first test didn't work... [grunting to remove bug] There! This little star got itself stuck in the gears!
Share Bear: Now that's what I call star-stuck, Grumpy Bear!
[Looking angrily at it, Grumpy lets the yellow star go free]

[Birthday, Share and Grumpy are helping Grams Bear look for her grandchildren, Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs. Without them noticing it, the infant duo slide down near the Beam]
Baby Hugs Bear: What's this thing, Tugs?
Baby Tugs Bear: It's not a thing, Hugs. It's, uh...a thingamabilly.
Baby Hugs Bear: [giggles and hugs her brother] You know everything, Tugs! What's it do?!
Baby Tugs Bear: Oh, it...huh...oh, it makes bubbles. Square bubbles!
Baby Hugs Bear: Square bubbles? Howee! Make square bubbles, Tugs!
Baby Tugs Bear: Any...special color?! [presses some keys at random on the Beam. Nothing happens on the monitor]
Baby Hugs Bear: No square bubbles, Tugs. Not even round ones. [as Beam starts to work] You broke the thing!
Grumpy Bear: Baby Hugs! Baby Tugs! What have you done?!
Birthday Bear: It's obvious, Grumpy Bear. They got the Rainbow Rescue Beam working.
Grumpy Bear: But we still don't know if it will transport anyone.

[Instead of the bubbles Hugs and Tugs wanted, the Beam brings in Kim, Jason, Secret Bear and Friend Bear back from Earth, much to the Bears' surprise]
Cheer Bear: Oh, my stars! You brought visitors! What are they doing here?!
Friend Bear: We didn't bring them. They just came along. Someone brought us here.
Grumpy Bear: I knew it! Baby bear mischief.
Bedtime Bear: What are we going to do about to all the children?
Bear 1: I don't know.
Bear 2: Well, it wouldn't...
Bear 1: This has never happened before.
Bear 2: ...try to be good...
Bear 3: Perhaps we can let them stay.
Jason: Hey! Could we say something? Where are we?
Funshine Bear: Oh! We're terribly sorry. Bears?
Care Bears: We're the Care Bears!
Kim and Jason: More friends?!
Funshine Bear: Welcome to Care-a-Lot!
Friend Bear: Come on. We'll give you a tour.
Jason: Okay. But we're not gonna like it.

Wish Bear: [spotted something from her star-o-scope, rushing to tell the kids] Jason, Kim! Wait 'til you hear about this.
[Before she can get there, Wish Bear trips, falls and lands face first into a cloud. Everyone laughs. Secret Bear and Friend Bear run up to the stuck bear]
Friend Bear: Look Secret Bear, Wish Bear's got her head stuck in the clouds again.
[Secret Bear sticks his thumb into his mouth and pulls it out with a popping sound. The bears then pull Wish Bear out of the cloud, secret Bear stand his head up and looking at her]
Wish Bear: Now where's my star-o-scope?
Grumpy Bear: [pops out of the cloud, the star-o-scope on his head] Looking for this?

[Last Lines (early draft)]
Mrs. Cherrywood: ...And a fine story that was, Mr. Cherrywood.
Mr. Cherrywood: My favorite, Mrs. Cherrywood. But they never stay awake long enough for the end. Now, they'll never know what eventually became of Nicholas. I guess all they need to know is that he also lived happily ever after...Happier than I ever thought I could be.
Mrs. Cherrywood: Nicholas, these children should have been in bed ages ago. What am I ever going to do with you?
Mr. Cherrywood: Care for me, Kim. Just care for me.


  • A movie that'll make the whole family care-a-lot.
  • What happens when the world stops caring?

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