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The Chase is a 1966 American drama film about a series of events set into motion by a prison break. Since one of the two escapees is Charlie "Bubber" Reeves (played by a then-unknown Robert Redford), the escape causes a stir in a nearby town where Bubber is a well-known figure.

Directed by Arthur Penn. Written by Lillian Hellman, based on the 1956 novel and 1962 play by Horton Foote.
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Sheriff Calder[edit]

  • The best thing about turning over a new leaf on Saturday night is that it disappears with a Sunday morning hangover.

Emily Stewart[edit]

  • Shoot a man for sleeping with someone's wife? That's silly. Half the town'd be wiped out.


Damon Fuller: Well now, Sheriff. It's nice to know that you're out here on patrol.
Sheriff Calder: No, no. I'm not on patrol. Just looking for an ice cream cone, that's all.

Lem Brewster: The taxes in this town pay your salary to protect the place.
Sheriff Calder: Well, if anything happens to you, Lem, we'll give you a refund.

Emily Stewart: Hey, Calder. Why don't you stick around and help us protect him. All you need to come to my party is a pistol, and you got one.
Sheriff Calder: Well, with all the pistols you got there, Emily, I don't believe there'd be room for mine.

Val Rogers: Why aren't you out looking for him instead of sending my son?.
Sheriff Calder: Because this damn county's 200 miles long and 40 miles wide, and they know where he is, and I don't! And I don't have to answer those questions.
Val Rogers: You do! You are my friend. And I have been good to you, and I would've been better, and I will...
Sheriff Calder: [Interrupts]. Hold on! Hold on. Hold it right there, Val. Go on home. You go home, and I promise you I'm gonna sit in this chair and ask myself what the hell I ever did to get so many people to believe they could buy me off.

Val Rogers: Bubber, let Jake walk forward. And if he's all right, I'll give you my car and see that you get out of here without anyone bothering you.
Bubber Reeves: He can do that?
Jake Rogers: Yeah. He can do that.
Bubber Reeves: Huh! What a world.

Bubber Reeves: Lester, I'm in trouble.
Lester Johnson: When you ain't been?


  • The chase is on!
  • A breathless explosive story of today!


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