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The Chase is a 1994 adventure-comedy film starring Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson. Released a few months before the real-life O. J. Simpson chase that also took place in California, the film includes Henry Rollins as a police officer and features cameos from Ron Jeremy and both Anthony Kiedis and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It references Apocalypse Now (after the ending credits) and Convoy, and inspired the song "Charlie Sheen Vs. Henry Rollins" by Alexisonfire.

It's fast, it's wild, hot & funny.(taglines)


Jack: Chew some gum! Your breath smells like my grandmother's feet.

Natalie: You kidnapped me with a candy bar?
Jack: It makes a handy weapon in a pinch.

Jack: That's the question on the minds of all your viewers? Whether I run out of gas or not? Tell you what, Jer. You let your viewers know that I hope Miss Voss' fear and my desperation are entertainment enough for them. After all, that is what this is all about, isn't it? The story. As it breaks. Live. Coming to you from the bad guy himself. I mean we wouldn't want your viewers to CHANGE THE FUCKING CHANNEL, NOW WOULD WE?

Dobbs: For me, it's the respect and power that the position commands. I don't know whether to be busting bad guys or signing autographs. It's kind of like being a star.

Jack: There's no rule that says that when you're kidnapping, you can't be cordial and nice.

Jack: There's a difference between being violent and being driven to violence. I am NOT a violent man!

Jack: I said kick it over to me, Pelé!

Natalie: You are a gun-wielding, cop-shooting, maniac kidnapper, now that is violent.

Uncredited Clown: [after ending credits] You smell that? Do you smell that? Nothing else in the world smells like that, son. I love the smell of napalm in the morning! You know, one day we had a hell bomb. And when I walked out, we didn't find one of them, not one stinking dink body. But that smell, that gasoline smell... the whole hill, it smelled like... victory.

Figus: You're confused! He's confused you! It's very confusing!

Dale: Time to be heroes!
[swerves the truck and attempts to knock Jack and Natalie into the guard rail]


  • It's fast, it's wild, hot & funny
  • Getting there is twice the fun.


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