The Christmas Raccoons

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The Christmas Raccoons is the first of four television specials before the main animated television series succeeding it, The Raccoons, took place. It was first broadcast in syndication on December 17, 1980. The story takes place in the Evergreen Forest, home of the forest ranger Dan, his children Tommy and Julie, and their pet sheepdog, Schaeffer.


Bert: How do we know there's not down there?
Melissa: No smoke!
Bert: It could be a small fire...

Bert: Ehhhhh, he doesn't scare me!
Ralph: If you want to keep it that way, don't wake him up! Melissa, the stockings!
Bert: Oh ho! I wonder what he's nnat hiding under here...
Ralph: Bert! Let the sleeping dog lie!
Bert: Ehhhh, he can't lay a paw on me!

Bert: Oh no! My ears! I think they're broken! I can't get them to stop ringing!
Schaeffer: Mine too!
Bert: The beast talks!

Cyril: Save yourself!

Cedric: Pop, we should have stopped at our quota! I told you so!
Cyril: You ungrateful ingrate! Why do you think I slaved away to make money all these years?
Cedric: Greed?
Cyril: Greed? Never! I did it all for you! For you and you precious college education!
[Bert is moved by this and starts to cry]
Ralph: Are you kidding?!
Cyril: I ask you, is it wrong for a father to want to give his son the good life? And after all, what are a few trees?
Ralph: "A few trees?!" A forest is more than "a few trees!"
Cyril: Who's counting?
Cedric: Actually Pop, the exact number you chopped down was...
Cyril: Shut up, you fool!

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