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The Clique is a 2008 teen comedy film starring Ellen Marlow, Elizabeth McLaughlin and Bridgit Mendler.

The only thing harder than getting in, is staying in.

Massie Block[edit]

  • Wait... I lost an earring. NOBODY MOVE!
  • Loser loser, double loser, whatever, as if, get the picture. DUH!
  • Relax Claire, this isn't Epcot!
  • Somebody call the fashion police, i'm making this citizens arrest!
  • Uh, conversation between the taco and burrito, nacho!
  • Even worse, you left me for Kuh-Laire!

Claire Lyons[edit]

  • It looks like Jenna's lips got a boob job!


Massie Block: I'm sorry I don't speak loser.
Layne Abeley: No hablas bitch.

Massie Block: I choose A too.
Claire Lyons: What's A?
Massie Block: I'd rather be a friendless loser than have a bunch of friends that secretly hate me.

Massie Block: Seriously Kris, when does your mom won't let you what you wanna wear?
Kristen Gregory: My question first, one: why does it smell first class airline food?
Dylan Marvil: I started circle diet today, sorry.
Kristen Gregory: And two: who's the stowaway?
Alicia Rivers: Oh my god! Has she been in here in the whole time?
Massie Block: She's Claire.
Kristen Gregory: Do we like her?
Massie Block: No.

Claire Lyons: Gummi Feet?
Dylan Marvil: Thanks, but I don't eat sugar.
Massie Block: And I don't eat feet.

Massie Block: God Claire, you scare me! You should not sneak up people like that!
Claire Lyons: Sorry.
Massie Block: Oh it's fine, do you mind seating in the back we gotta pick up some more.
Claire Lyons: Oh, sure!

Claire Lyons: Did you see her shoes, her clothes and her hair? I swear, she looks straight out of magazine!
Judy Lyons: She is pretty cute.
Claire Lyons: Can I go shopping tomorrow, for the first day of school?
Judy Lyons: What about the clothes before we left Florida?
Claire Lyons: T.J. Max doesn't cut in here mom, it's like designer everything, please I wanted her to like me.
Judy Lyons: Honey she's gonna like you because you're you not what you wear.

Massie Block: Oh Vintage Ralph Lauren, 9!
Alicia Rivers: You're 10 - you look ah-mazing.

Claire Lyons: Hi! My parents told me all about you.
Massie Block: Hmm, mine barely mention you. Except to say how fun and cool you are.

Massie Block: Claire! You don't have to go.
Claire Lyons: I have to? I wanted to.
Massie Block: Fine. Whatever.


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