The ClueFinders 6th Grade Adventures: Empire of the Plant People

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The ClueFinders 6th grade Adventures: The Empire of the Plant People is a personal computer game in The ClueFinders series of educational software.

The ClueFinders[edit]

Joni: Not bad, Santiago, but let me show you how to really throw this thing. (she tosses it close to fence, and Owen catches it)
Owen: Whoa! Hey, Joni, chill out!
Ms. Rose: And what are you youngsters up to today?
Owen: Yo, Ms. Rose!
Leslie: We're exploring the aerodynamics of this projectile.
Owen: She means we're tossing a Frisbee. How 'bout you?
Ms. Rose: Oh, I'm taking care of my children.
Owen and Leslie: Children?
Ms. Rose: My plants; my dear, sweet plants. They need a lot of, well, care, especially on a hot day like this. See you darlings later.
Owen and Leslie: Bye.
Leslie: What an endearing neighbor personality.
Owen: Yeah, she reminds me of my grandma.
Joni: Okay, Santiago, I'll show you to add a little zip to this.
Santiago: Take it easy, Joni. The yard isn't that big.
Joni: Oh yeah? Watch this! '[tosses the Frisbee over Ms. Rose's fence]
Owen: A little too much zip, eh, Jonsi? (Joni's mouth hangs open)
Santiago: Come on, Joni; we'd better go get it. I hope it didn't hurt anything. [while walking through Ms. Rose's yard] Whoa, this is creepy!
Joni: I wonder what she feeds these plants?
Santiago: Maybe we should ask Ms. Rose before we look anymore.
Joni: Oh come on, Santiago. They're just a bunch of plants. What's there to be afriad of?(pointing to the frisbee) There it is!
Santiago: Alright! Let's grab it and get out of here! (he and Joni fall into the hole beneath them, screaming)

Leslie: [after hearing Santiago and Joni's screams] What could have that been?
Owen: (peering over Ms. Rose's fence) Santiago? Joni? Where'd you dudes go? (seeing the Frisbee still inside) Hey, the Frisbee's still there! What's going on?
Leslie: It's as if they dematerialize, vanished! Maybe we establish communication with them on the red video phone.
LapTrap: (carrying a pitcher of pink lemonade) Ah, it's so quiet around here. No bothersome adventures! Hey, everyone! The lemonade is on me! Heh heh heh heh! What? Great, something's happened. I knew it! I go away for two minutes and-
Leslie: (in Ms. Rose's yard) LapTrap, over here!
Owen: Hey, like, where are you guys?
Joni: (on the phone) I don't know. We fell through a hole next to the Frisbee. I think we're in some kind of chamber. It's dark and musty down here, but we're okay.
Leslie: If we can reach you electronically, we can reach you physically.
Owen: Don't worry, we'll find you wherever you are, and you're coming with us, dude.
LapTrap: (sarcastically) Oh great. An underground rescue mission. Just what I needed!
Joni: If you can't figure what to do, use Owen's red video phone and call us.
Leslie: Check. We'll use my backpack to collect any clues.
LapTrap: This maybe dangerous, but I'll help, too.I'll keep track of your progress and locations.
Owen: Alright! Let's jam; we got a problem to fix!

Owen and Leslie: Whoa! (discovering the Plant People Empire)
Leslie: This is incredible!
Plant soldier: Humans! Seize them!
Owen: Let's get out of here!
Leslie: Which way? (Ficus sneaks up and muffles their cries) Hey!
Owen: (muffled) Help, it's got me!
Ficus: Shh! Don't say a word; I'm on your side.
Owen: Who are you, dude?
Ficus: My name is Ficus, I live here.
Leslie: An underground civilization of intelligent plants. Phenomenal!
Ficus: We've been down for centuries, and no humans have ever known about us... until now. Something's gone wrong; our soldiers are acting crazy. They've taken human captives, and are preparing to attack the town!
Owen: Whoa!
Ficus: My friends and I have been trying to talk some sense into everyone, but no one will listen. You gotta help us! Please?
Leslie: Absolutely, but our companions have disappeared down here. Do you know where they are?
Ficus: I don't, but our leader will. You got to get through the Throne Room, but you can't go through the front gate; the guards will capture you! You have to go the back way, and means building bridges across the Bottomless Pits.
Owen: Bottomless Pits?
Ficus: Don't worry. If you use the Petrified Wood Planks, the bridge will hold, but the planks are scattered all over the kingdom, and some of them are even guarded by soldiers.
Leslie: We'll overcome anything. Where do we begin?
Ficus: Look around. Now I gotta get out of here before they notice I'm gone.