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The ClueFinders Math Adventures is a computer game created by the Learning Company.


Apprentice: The treasures are gone...and you know who took them!
Elder: Who could have one such a thing?
Apprentice: The rumors are true. Look, the Yeti has returned and it has stolen the treasures. Here is your proof!
Elder: One giant footprint in the snow is hardly proof. No. Not all is as it appears. There are many footprints in the snow and there is great confusion in our village.
Apprentice: But no one can fight the Yeti. It is hopeless!
Elder: A great mystery, yes, but Perhaps it is time we summon my young friends from the West. Perhaps it is time we call...(dramatic pause)...the ClueFinders.
(gong sounds)

Santiago: Boy, are we late.
Owen: Bummer, Santiago, but how was I supposed to know they don't let you bring hamburgers over the border.

Santiago: I know the villagers think the treasures are valuable, but are they really worth anything?
Leslie: I've done some research and found the full collection would be worth millions to an outside art collector.
Owen: That's a lot of pizzas.

LapTrap: So, these are books. Kind of files.
Santiago: Sort of...except they don't talk.
LapTrap: Oh. [sarcastic] And who might you be referring to?

(in the Village Shop)
Joni: Time to help take some orders!
Santiago: All I ever hear *you* do is give orders.
Joni: Oh... sorry.

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