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The Cocoanuts is a 1929 film about four men who run a hotel, auction off some land, thwart a jewel robbery during the Florida land boom.

Directed by Robert Florey. Written by Morrie Ryskind.
Paramount's All Talking-Singing Musical Comedy Hit!  (taglines)


  • Three years ago I came to Florida without a nickel in my pocket. Now I've got a nickel in my pocket.
  • [to Chico] Now this is our cemetery. I've got a list of a hundred people just dying to get in. But I like you and I'm going to shove you in ahead of all of them. I'm going to get you a steady position. And if I can arrange it, it'll be horizontal.


Hammer: All along the river, those are all levees.
Chico: That's the Jewish neighborhood?
Hammer: Well, we'll pass over that.

Hammer: Hey, do you know your suitcase is empty?
Chico: Don't worry, we fill it up before we leave.

Chico: We no got one cent.
Hammer: How you gonna pay for your room?
Chico: That's your lookout!
Hammer: Oh, I see! You're just an idle roomer!

Mrs. Potter: I don't think you'd love me if I were poor.
Hammer: I might, but I'd keep my mouth shut.

Bob Adams: Oh Mr. Hammer, there's a man outside wants to see you with a black mustache.
Hammer: Tell him I've got one.

Hammer: And now, friends, in view of the fact that Miss Potter's engagement is being celebrated here tonight, so to speak, I think a few words from her mother would be revolting! I now take great pleasure in presenting to you the well-preserved and partially pickled, Mrs. Potter.
Mrs. Potter: My good, good friends. If I could only tell you how rosy-hued everything seems to me tonight. As I look into your faces, they're all lit with gay laughter. The whole world and everything in it is bathed in a soft, glowing luminous haze...
Hammer: The old gal is stewed to the eyebrows.


  • Paramount's All Talking-Singing Musical Comedy Hit!


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