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The Country Bears is a 2002 American family musical film, directed by Peter Hastings, produced by Walt Disney Pictures, and based on the Disney attraction Country Bear Jamboree. It was released on July 26, 2002.

They're legends. Bearly.(taglines)

Dexter Barrington[edit]

  • [holding up a baby picture] This is my baby picture, [holds up another picture of a park ranger holding a bear] and this is yours.

Reed Thimple[edit]

  • [after destroying a model of Country Bear Hall] Oh no, Country Bear Hall has been crushed!
  • Do you like the sound of crunching wood? I do.
  • This is not over! Bears!
  • And since that day, I've been plotting my revenge waiting for the day I'd destroy the place that brought me misery. Well, that TONIGHT!!! [laughs]


Officer Hamm: Give me a description of the child?
Dex: Oh! He has brown hair; ALL OVER HIS BODY!

[coming out of the car wash, Officer Hamm's hair looks like doo-wop style hair]

Officer Cheets: Your hair looks ridiculous.

[Officer Cheets turns to find that his hair is longer]

Officer Hamm: My hair?

Officer Hamm: Have you seen this boy?

[holds up a picture of Beary]

Big Al: Yep, only in real life he's a lot bigger, and not all teeny and flat like that!

Beary Barrington: What's that?
Big Al: A sign.

Reed Thimple: What is that?
Big Al: That there's a sign.

Officer Cheets: What is that?
Big Al: [throws hammer down] That's a SIGN!

Henry: Get the band back together?
Big Al: You could do that.
Henry: For a show, you need equipment, and tickets, and *people*, and everything.
Big Al: I could do that.
Henry: Oh, Al. Let's face it, in a week, some teenager's gonna be teaching us how to operate a deep-fryer.


Big Al: We could do that.

Fred Bedderhead: You... You're A Wedding Singer
Ted Bedderhead: Yeah.
Fred Bedderhead:This... this ain't your party?
Ted Bedderhead: No.
Fred Bedderhead: So, you're not rich?
Ted Bedderhead: Yeah.
Fred Bedderhead: And you still won't play with us?
Ted Bedderhead: No. I'm not goin'.
Fred Bedderhead: Aw, Ted, you don't gotta lie to us. You're family. And you're going.


  • They're legends. Bearly.
  • It's A Bear Getting The Family Together!




  • John Alexander - Big Al (suit performer)
  • Julianne Buescher - Tennessee O'Neal (puppeteer)
  • Alice Dinnean - Beary Barrington (puppeteer)
  • Tom Fisher - Henry Dixon Taylor (suit performer)
  • Terri Hardin - Trixie St. Claire (puppeteer), Big Al (puppeteer)
  • John Kennedy - Zeb Zoober (puppeteer)
  • Bruce Lanoil - Henry Dixon Taylor (puppeteer)
  • Jody St. Michael - Tenessee O'Neal (suit performer)
  • Denise Cheshire - Trixie St. Claire (suit performer)
  • Tony Sabin Prince - Zeb Zoober (suit performer)
  • Brian La Rosa - Ted Bedderhead (suit performer)
  • Misty Rosas - Beary Barrington (suit performer)
  • Kaepan Shaw - Fred Bedderhead (suit performer)
  • Michelan Sisti - Ted Bedderhead (puppeteer)
  • Allan Trautman - Fred Bedderhead (puppeteer)

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