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The Country Bears is a 2002 American family musical film, directed by Peter Hastings, produced by Walt Disney Pictures, and based on the Disney attraction Country Bear Jamboree. It was released on July 26, 2002.

They're legends. Bearly.(taglines)

Dexter Barrington[edit]

  • [holding up a baby picture] Okay, This is my baby picture, [holds up another picture of a park ranger holding a bear] and uh... this is yours.
  • See this? This is my birth certificate. Here's yours. The Rangers used this to track you.
  • Forget it. That? That's the day Mom and Dad got you.
  • I mean, picked you up, man. You were left alone. They brought you home They showed you a bunch of Barney videos and they pretended you were their son. You don't belong here.

Beary Barrington[edit]

  • Mom? Am I adopted?
  • I don't know. Sometimes I feel... different. Like Dex and me. We don't look the same. Our eyes are different colors and he has freckles, and I don't. I think.

Fred Bedderhead[edit]

  • I guess I miss the old days at Country Bear Hall. We was kinda... different, you see? And, uh, at Country Bear Hall you could be different and still fit in. Yup. Different. Mm-hmm.
  • Aw, Beary left his stuff. Hmm... [reading] "My Hero," by Beary Barrington, fourth grade. "My hero is really heroes and my heroes are the Country Bears. Whenever I'm sad I play one of their songs and I forget why I was even sad at all. And if you'd met my brother you'd know why I was always sad. I can't really say Zeb is my hero, or Fred, or Ted or even Tennessee. But as the Country Bears, what they can do together Makes them my heroes. I'd like to meet them someday. That would be cool." It says here "a+, but is everything about the Country Bears?"


  • Yeah, well, don't arrest anybody. Yeah, this place would fill up every weekend night.
  • I tell you, a lot of great music was on that stage. There's Flat and Scruggs, Liver Lips McGraw, Gomer. Jimi Hendrix opened here for Vanilla Fudge. But nobody, but nobody was like the Country Bears. Huh! Place would be packed... people sitting everywhere even up in the rafters. You know, sometimes I'd up there just to hear the notes.
  • The music. The millions of notes that floated up there... Some of the best darn notes ever.
  • Why? $20,000, that's why. You don't got it, I don't got it. Good-bye, Country Bear Hall.

Ted Bedderhead[edit]

  • What, what, what, what makes you think I'd get back together with you guys?!
  • Look, that's where i started out. I'm not going back. When I said I was finished, I meant it.
  • That was a long time ago, Kid. Things change. Frankly, your little nostalgic field trip you know, is Kind of pathetic
  • People are waiting for me. You found your way in. You can find your way out.
  • You, uh, left you stuff on the bus.
  • Um, look, I, uh... mmm... I hope you know how lucky you are. It only took you three days to understand something that took me ten years to figure out.
  • Mr. Chicken is a girl.
  • Really, I want to tell you that I'm sorry. I was mad... not at you... and I'm sorry. And that thing you wrote in your journal about us being great when we're together. It's true.
  • Nah we're not doing the show. Not without you.

Reed Thimple[edit]

  • [after destroying a model of Country Bear Hall] Oh no, Country Bear Hall has been crushed!
  • Do you like the sound of crunching wood? I do.
  • This is not over! Bears!
  • And since that day, I've been plotting my revenge waiting for the day I'd destroy the place that brought me misery. Well, that TONIGHT!!! [laughs]


  • Have you seen my chicken?
  • I'm sorry, Big Al.
  • All right, it's time to lose those guys.
  • How about a little thing I call "Hiding in the car wash".
  • We hide in the car wash.
  • That guy's turned into a real... (interrupt-ed by Mr. Chicken's clucking to avoid insulting Ted for refusing to join the Band again) I'm going to go get the bus.

Norbert Barrington[edit]

  • You know um... last week it was "casual Friday" at the office and I guess I forgot and I wore a tie.
  • The point is that it's not unusual to feel different and... those differences always lead us to our higher purpose.
  • Just remember, son the people who love you no matter what... that's your family.


Officer Hamm: Does he have any distinguishing marks something that we can recognize him by?
Norma Barrington: [thinking] I-I...
Dex: Yeah. He's got thick brown hair; ALL OVER HIS BODY!
Norbert Barrington: Uh, you know, I think I may have a recent photograph of him if-if that would help you out. [pick up the Beary's Photograph]
Officer Cheets: Oh... he looks like a... Fourth Grader?
Norma Barrington: That's right.
Officer Cheets: Yeah.
Officer Hamm: Cutie Pie.

[Norma Barrington sobbing]

Dex: Okay, you know what? I'm going to go to my room now and, uh, I'm going to stay there till I'm 18. [going upstairs]
Officer Hamm: Okay, we're all done here.
Norma Barrington: Are you going to find him?
Officer Cheets: Ma'am, we're going to do more than that.
Officer Hamm: How are we going to do more than that?
Officer Cheets: Huh?
Officer Hamm: What are we going to do, find him twice?
Officer Cheets: All right.
Officer Hamm: Let's get mobile. [Officers Hamm and Cheets going to find Beary]

[coming out of the car wash, Officer Hamm's hair looks like doo-wop style hair]

Officer Cheets: Your hair. Your hair looks ridiculous.

[Officer Cheets turns to find that his hair is longer]

Officer Hamm: My hair? Your... mustache.
Officer Cheets: What about it?
Officer Hamm: It was a fake?!

Man 1: Hey, Fred.
Fred Bedderhead: Morning.
Man 2: How's it going, Fred?
Fred Bedderhead: Okay.
Krystal: Excuse me.
Fred Bedderhead: Sorry, got to be part of the video shoot.
Krystal: I Kind of am the video shoot.
Fred Bedderhead: Hmmm? Oh, Krystal, hey, sorry.
Krystal: I am so happy to see you.
Fred Bedderhead: Uh, really?
Krystal: Could you help me get my stuff?
Fred Bedderhead: Yeah.

[they walk in studio]

Krystal: What you been up to?
Fred Bedderhead: Uh, not much. Playing my harmonica.
Krystal: Really? You play?
Fred Bedderhead: Oh, yeah. I was a Country. [throw harmonica on a ground] Bear.
Krystal: [pick up the harmonica] The "Fred"? Wait, wait, you're Fred Bedderhead? Fred from the Country Bears?
Fred Bedderhead: Yeah.
Krystal: And didn't you invent the stage dive?
Fred Bedderhead: Oh, yeah, but I'm too old for that now. [laughing]
Krystal: You're not too old. You should play with us.
Fred Bedderhead: Huh?
Krystal: Come on, Fred. Come on. Show us what you got.
Fred Bedderhead: Well... all right, I suppose.

[Beary and Big Al puts the Billboard here]

Big Al: If you're going to stand there you might as well give me a hand.
Beary Barrington: What's that?
Big Al: A sign.
Beary Barrington: Yeah, but..."Destory"?
Big Al: Right. Well... they're going to tear down Country Bear Hall.
Beary Barrington': Tear down Country Bear Hall?
Big Al: Yeah.
Beary Barrington: Tear down Country Bear Hall?!
Big Al: Uh... [pause] yeah.

[Big Al bang the hammer harder]

Reed Thimple: What's that?
Big Al: That there's a sign.
Reed Thimple: I'm aware of that. [read] "Reunion Benefit Concert"
Big Al: Uh, watch the grass.
Reed Thimple: [step off the grass] Where's Henry?
Big Al: In the Bears bus, picking up the band.
Reed Thimple: [laughs] You mean, he's... He's not actually serious.
Big Al: Oh, yeah. Even got Rip Holland to promote it.
Reed Thimple: Rip Holland? Really?
Big Al: You bet. Uh, come here. [he come close] You see, Henry says we do this here concert, and we raise that $20,000 we could tell that little weasel banker to, uh...

[Reed Thimple look at Big Al]

Big Al: Oops.
Reed Thimple: Tell the weasel what?
Big Al: Uh... Uh, [points to himself] over yonder.. a monkey.

[Reed Thimple look at the trees while Big Al going to the Country Bear Hall]

Big Al: Hey. I'm chubby, but I'm quick. [walks away]
Reed Thimple: Rip Holland...

[Big Al bangs the hammer]

Officer Cheets: What is that?
Big Al: [throws hammer down] That's a SIGN!
Officer Cheets: No, not that. Is that Kentucky fescue?
Big Al: Oh. Sure is.
Officer Cheets: Mmm. Beautiful.
Officer Hamm: Have you seen this boy?

[holds up a picture of Beary]

Big Al: Hmm. Yup. Only in real life, he's a lot bigger and not all tiny and flat like that!
Officer Cheets: That's true.
Officer Hamm: Where is he?
Big Al: Henry took him.
Officer Hamm: Henry took him?
Big Al: In the bus with Roadie.
Officer Hamm: Now, where can we find you?
Big Al : Right here. Or maybe over there in a little while. Sometimes I'm by that... tree.

[Officers look at itself]

Officer Cheets: Well, thank you very much.
Big Al: You Bet.
Officer Cheets: So what do you think, Kidnapping?
Officer Hamm: Yep. Let's get mobile.
Officer Cheets: You know, would it Kill you just once to say, "Let's get going partner"? Mix it up a little bit?
Big Al: [to grass] They like you.

Henry: Dumb kid. Stupid idea. Get the band back together?
Big Al: You could do that.
Henry: Oh look, even if we found them, uh... a concert? Yeah you need equipment and tickets and promotion and... everything. I don't know.
Big Al: I could do that.
Henry: Oh, Al. Look, Let's face it, in a week, some teenager's gonna be teaching us how to operate a deep-fryer.


Big Al: We could do that.

[Zeb send a coin and rubs in wood]

Henry: Hey, there, Zeb.
Zeb Zoober: [open his eyes] Henry? Fred? Is that you?
Henry: Now, come on, Zeb, what do you say? You give up the honey and come with us, hmmm?
Zeb Zoober: Guys, even if i wanted to leave town, I couldn't. I owe Cha-Cha over there a lot of money.
Fred Bedderhead: I'm hungry. Want to split an order of salmon fingers?
Henry: Oh, Fred.
Fred Bedderhead: How about twigs and berries?
Beary Barrington: [to Cha-Cha] Excuse me, ma'am.
Zeb Zoober: What's that boy doing?
Henry: I don't know.
Cha-Cha: Okay, It's a deal. [Beary and Cha-Cha are shake hands]
Beary Barrington: You're Zeb Zoober.
Zeb Zoober: Yeah, well, that may be true but, I-I... [to Henry] Who is this guy?
Henry: Well, that's Beary.
Cha-Cha: Uh, ladies and gentleman can i have your attention here for a minute? Now, as most of you know Zeb Zoober owes me a whole heap of money. But his little friend there has proposed a wager. My house band versus Zeb's fiddle in a little musical duel. Now, if he wins, he owes me nothing but if he loses, the Country Bear tour bus.
Zeb Zoober: What?
Cha-Cha: This should be good.
Henry: Son, that bus is our only means of transportation.
Roadie: Not to mention that's where I raised my Kids.
Zeb Zoober: Plus, I don't think you've all seen the house band.

Tina Tamina: I'm tired! I've been with the baby all day.
Tom Tamina: Look, I work all day. I get a lot of stress from my boss. I come home, I just want to relax. Is that too much to ask? I mean, What do you think?
Tennessee O'Neal: What do I think? I think you two are so dang lucky to have each other. Oh, I'm sure you might fight over the dishes but at the end of the day... [when starts crying] at least you're going to be together. Not like me. [bang in the table] Not like me and Trixie! Oh, I lost her! [yelling] Trixie! Oh, Sweetheart! Oh, baby! [stop crying] I'm okay. Oh... [continues crying]
Tina Tamina: I feel better.
Tom Tamina: He's good.
Tennessee O'Neal: Oh, Trixie! Oh, come in. [then stops crying] Huh?! Don't tell me you're getting the band back together.
Henry: Tennessee... we're getting the band back together.

Fred Bedderhead: You... You're a Wedding Singer?
Ted Bedderhead: Yeah.
Fred Bedderhead: This... this ain't your party?
Ted Bedderhead: No.
Fred Bedderhead: So, you're not rich?
Ted Bedderhead: Yeah.
Fred Bedderhead: And you still won't play with us?
Ted Bedderhead: No. I'm not goin'.
Fred Bedderhead: Aw, Ted, you don't gotta lie to us. You're family. And you're going.


  • They're legends. Bearly.
  • It's A Bear Getting The Family Together!




  • John Alexander - Big Al (suit performer)
  • Julianne Buescher - Tennessee O'Neal (puppeteer)
  • Alice Dinnean - Beary Barrington (puppeteer)
  • Tom Fisher - Henry Dixon Taylor (suit performer)
  • Terri Hardin - Trixie St. Claire (puppeteer), Big Al (puppeteer)
  • John Kennedy - Zeb Zoober (puppeteer)
  • Bruce Lanoil - Henry Dixon Taylor (puppeteer)
  • Jody St. Michael - Tennessee O'Neal (suit performer)
  • Denise Cheshire - Trixie St. Claire (suit performer)
  • Tony Sabin Prince - Zeb Zoober (suit performer)
  • Brian La Rosa - Ted Bedderhead (suit performer)
  • Misty Rosas - Beary Barrington (suit performer)
  • Kaepan Shaw - Fred Bedderhead (suit performer)
  • Michelan Sisti - Ted Bedderhead (puppeteer)
  • Allan Trautman - Fred Bedderhead (puppeteer)

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