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The Crazies is a 2010 horror film about the town of Ogden Marsh, whose town water supply becomes contaminated with a experimental virus dubbed "Trixie". Over a period of 48 hours after consumption of the contaminated water, the virus gradually transforms the mental state of the once docile residents of the town into violent lunatics and murderers. The film is a remake of The Crazies, the 1973 George A. Romero film of the same name.

Directed by Breck Eisner. Written by Scott Kosar and Ray Wright (screenplay).
Fear Thy Neighbor. (taglines)

Russell Clank[edit]

  • [to Travis out in Hopman Bog] You're full of shit. [to David] He's full of shit.
  • Hoo-fuckin'-yah. [repeated line]
  • [Last words] Fuck you for what you did.
  • I'm not right, am I?
  • Come on, chief, I'm done. I'm gonna die here no matter what, so let it mean something. Let it mean that you two make it out, give me that.
  • [After Curt Hamill] Just making sure.
  • [To Judy, after Becca's coughing fit] I'm just saying, if she's sick, we don't want to be in the fucking car with her.
  • [To Travis, regards to the crashed plane] You said it sounded like a plane, Trav? Shit, big plane, little plane? What? Come on now.
  • [To David, threatening him with his gun] One. Two. Three. That's how many times I saved your life.
  • A funny thing happened on the way to Cedar Rapids. Bastards spiked my tires.
  • I hope you're right chief. I'm no world beater, but I had plans.

David Dutten[edit]

  • I don't care what the calendar says. Opening day. That's the first day of spring.
  • [to Judy, after evading the helicopter and driving into the car wash] What road can they not see? Tell me, what magic road can they not see? Tell me and I'll fucking go!
  • Do you wanna give up? You wanna sit here and die? Tell me and I will sit here and die with you.
  • [To Travis] Travis you ask about that again and I will throw you out off the fucking boat.
  • [To Russell, in reference to Bill Farnum] The same look Rory gave me. The same goddamn look.
  • Did we or did we not request a transfer for him this morning?
  • Tell you what Kevin, don't ask me why I can't leave without my wife and I won't ask you why you can.


Becca: Uh, Dr. Dutten, my aunt's in town.
Judy: Uh-huh.
Becca: And she's sick too.
Judy: I'm gonna need you to stay late tonight.
Becca: Oh, you are?
Judy: You know, you should probably text your aunt Scotty and tell him you can't make it to the baseball game today.
Becca: Okay, wait a second, how--? [pauses] Okay, look, Scotty and I were not--
Judy: Oh, come on Becca, it's the worst kept secret in town. Now that is saying a lot. Go on, get outta here. Go have some fun.
Becca: Thanks, Dr. Dutten.

Judy: How you feelin' Bill? Any pain or discomfort? Bill?
Bill Farnum: She worries too much. I'm fine. Just a little tired.
Judy: You got any plans this weekend?
Bill: She worries too much. I'm fine. Just a little tired.

David: Tom, they get out?
Tom: Not Deardra and Nicholas. Just Bill.
Judy: Oh, my God.
Tom: ...When we got here, there was a empty gas can sitting out front. And Bill? Well, he was mowing the goddamn lawn.

David: Russ, you get in touch with sheriff Burns in Cedar Rapids? Russ?
Russell: Uh, yeah. State troopers are coming in this afternoon to pick him up for transfer. How long has he been playing a statue?
David: Couple hours now. Same look Rory gave me. The same goddamn look.

David: Well, we got us a pilot. Where's the plane?
Russell: You know, last week, Travis Quinn was going around saying he heard something crash out by hopman bog. I didn't think nothing of it--
David: On account of him being full of shit?
Russell: As a general rule.
David: Well, maybe there's an exception.
Russell: Maybe.

David: A plane that size goes down, nothing about it in the paper? Nothing in the news. Make any sense to you?
Russell: [offhandedly] Depends on what the payload is.
David: Exactly what I'm thinking.
Russell: Which is what?
David: Hopman bog? What's that drain into?
Russell: Dwyer Creek.
David: Which drains into?
Russell: Black pond. Hey, you remember that monster Catfish---
David: Russell, where do you think we get our drinking water from?

[After discovering Bill on the ground in the jail cell, unmoving]
Russell: Well, is he dead?
David: Well, if he is, he won't mind waiting.

David: You know what?
Russell: What?
David: We're in trouble.

Judy: Becca? Becca! Becca, sweetheart, are you alright, honey? Are you hurt?
Becca: [in shock] Is this really happening?
Judy: It's gonna be alright, sweetheart. Everything's gonna be okay.
Becca: You don't really believe that do you?

Old Lady: [repeatedly] Did Peter call?
Russell: That's gonna be me.
David: Russ, we got enough problems without you inventing them.
Russell: That's easy for you to say. Your at the end of the pipeline, I'm a half-mile from the Farnum's.
David: Who's the sheriff?
Russell: What?
David: Who's the sheriff of Pierce County?
Russell: You are.
David: I am. Who's the deputy?
Russell: Well, that would be me.
David: You are. Deputy does what the sheriff tells him. That's the balance of power. And I'm telling you, your not getting sick. You understand me?
[Russell nods, appreciatively. David walks away to get Judy and Becca]
Russell: I hope your right chief. I'm no world leader, but I had plans.

Becca: [panicked] Why aren't we moving?!
Russell: Why the fuck aren't we moving, chief?!
David: Because I can't get any fucking traction, that's why.


  • Fear Thy Neighbor.
  • Welcome to Ogden Marsh, the friendliest place on earth.
  • Insanity is infectious. (UK tagline)


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