The Creature Walks Among Us

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The Creature Walks Among Us is a 1956 film about a scientist who captures the Gill-man and turns him into an air-breather, only for him to escape and start killing.

Directed by John Sherwood. Written by William Alland.
Half monster... Half man - A clutching claw at the heart of civilization. (taglines)

Dr. William Barton[edit]

  • What are you shooting at, you fool? I want him alive!

Dr. Thomas Morgan[edit]

  • ...because we all stand between the jungle and the stars, at a crossroads. I think we better decide what brings out the best in humankind, and what brings out the worst, because it's the stars or the jungle.


Dr. William Barton: We are turning a sea creature into a land creature.
Dr. Thomas Morgan: We only use what nature offered. The lungs were there, we don't make them.
Dr. William Barton: You'll see Dr. Morgan
Dr. Thomas Morgan: Just don't move too fast trying to change him.
Dr. William Barton: Are you afraid of unknown things?
Dr. Thomas Morgan: I'm only afraid of misusing what I do know.


  • Beauty and the Man-Beast from a lost world!
  • The second sequel to The Creature from the Black Lagoon!


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