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The Croods is a 2013 American 3D computer-animated adventure comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film is set in the prehistoric era, when a man's position as a "Leader of the Hunt" is threatened by the arrival of a prehistoric genius who comes up with revolutionary new inventions like fire as they trek through a dangerous but exotic land in search of a new home.

The Croods was written and directed by Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, and produced by Kristine Belson and Jane Hartwell.

Are you better off now than you were 4 million years ago? (taglines)


  • [during the hunting] Release the baby!
  • [while chasing Guy] I am a caveman!
  • [while preparing to ride on his "Ride"] Try to keep up!
  • Okay, smart Guy. Now, what?
  • Just think, our whole family packed together on a long slow trip across country. We'll tell stories, we'll laugh, [laughs] We'll become closer as a family!
  • [To the others who are arguing] You want me to turn this family around? Do you?! 'Cause I will turn this family around so fast...
  • I have an idea!
  • [About Guy, who's escaping; gasps] He's loose!
  • I am a caveman!


  • My name is Eep, and this is my family, the Croods.
  • [repeated line] You really need to see this.
  • [After her family destroys her shell] What is wrong with you?!
  • [lovingly to Guy, who wakes up from his run-in with Grug] Hi!
  • [about her family] They're not so scary once you get to know them.
  • [catches Guy, who's running away] Going somewhere?
  • [hugs Grug] I love you, too!
  • [from trailer; voice-over] My family has always survived by living by my dad's one rule; never leave the cave. We never had the chance to explore the outside world, but what we didn't know is that our world was about to change.


  • I'm Guy and this is Belt. Cook, conversationalist, navigator, also, keeps my pants up.
  • I can help you. But we're gonna have to make a few changes. The log ride is over. Drop the log! [Grug drops the log] Now, kick it away. [Grug kicks it one feet away] Farther! [Grug angrily kicks it far away] Really?
  • Everything falls in.
  • [repeated; to Eep] Come with me.
  • [gives Eep a shell horn] If you survive... call me.
  • [while running from Grug] Belt, counter-measures! [Belt activates two fruit bombs and throws them at Grug, blinding him.]
  • [about Eep, who's battling a giant Chicken begins to swoon over Eep.] She's awesome!


Eep: [lying in the heat of the sun] Oh, we've been in a cave forever!
Grug: Three days is not forever.
Eep: It is with this family.

Ugga: Mom, we're ready to leave. [pause] Mom?
Gran: [in a singsong voice] Still alive!
Grug: It's still early.
Gran: And you're still fat!

[from trailer]
Eep: [voice-over] We never had the chance to explore the outside world, because of my dad's one rule.
Grug: New is always bad! Never not be afraid.
[Eep moans]

Guy: Who are you?
Eep: Oh, uh... Eep.
Guy: Let me clarify, Eep: the world is ending.
Eep: What?
Guy: I'm calling it "the end".
Belt: Dun-dun-dunnnnnn!

Thunk: [about the fire Guy is holding] The Sun is in his hands!
Eep: No, no. It's "Fire".
Ugga: Where did it come from?
Eep: [lovingly] He made it.
Grug: [catches Guy and holds him firmly] Make some for me!
Eep: It doesn't come out of him.
Grug: [not listening] Make! MAKE IT!! [accidentally crunches Guy's back and drops him]
Guy: [weakly] You know, you're a lot like your daughter!
Eep: Oh, great! Now he's broken!

Eep: Hey, do you have a minute? How did the tiger fly?
Guy: [unhappily] I only share when I'm outside the log; I'm funny that way.
Eep: [cracks her knuckles] Leave that to me. [Guy and Belt share worried looks]
Eep: Hey, Thunk? You have a spider on your face!
Thunk: AHH!
[Eep slams him into Grug, making him drop Guy a far distance away. Grug glares at Eep.]
Eep: [nonchalantly] Oops.
[Grug turns around and sees Guy trying to get away.]
Grug: He's loose!

Eep: So, how did the tiger fly?
Guy: She jumped on the Sun, and rode it to Tomorrow.

Grug: It's too far.
Gran: I'll never live long enough to get there.
Grug: Let's do it.

Guy: Okay, now you can look. I call them shoes.
[Eep looks down to see that she's wearing shoes]
Eep: [screams] I love them! Where are my feet?!
Guy: They're still there!
Eep: Oh! Okay... [struggles to walk and lands on Guy]
Guy: [strained while holding on to Eep] You're really heavy!
Eep: Really? [lovingly] Thank you!
[Guy loses balance and they both fall down; Grug notices]
Grug: Hey! Whoa, wait a minute! Whoa! [separates Guy and Eep] Whoa!

[From trailer]
Grug: Tonight, we'll hear the story of Crispy Bear. A long time ago, this little bear was alive. She was alive, because she listened to her father, so she was happy. [Eep sighs] But Crispy had one terrible problem, she was filled with... curiosity! [everyone gasps] Yes! And one day, she saw something new and died!
Thunk: Just like that?
Grug: Yes!
Gran: Same ending as everyday.
Thunk: I get it, Dad. I will never do anything new or different.
Grug: Good man, Thunk.
[Eep groans]

[The Croods and Guy explore a lake]
Grug: [pulling Eep away from the water] Eep, it looks dangerous.
Eep: [groans] Dad, you say that about everything! [about to touch the water]
Guy: [stops Eep] Careful.
Eep: Oh! Really? [lovingly] Okay. [Grug sighs in exasperation]

Ugga: [to Grug, who's wearing a wig] Honey, what's that on your head?
Gran: It's called desperation.
Grug: I call it a "Rug". Rhymes with Grug. [points to a boulder near him] And this is a "Ride". Also rhymes with Grug.
Guy: Uh, that doesn't rhyme.

Grug: [paints Thunk's face] Painting is a thing of the past. [picks up a smooth stone] I call this a "Snapshot"! [whacks Thunk in the head with it, revealing Thunk's painted face on the stone]
Thunk: [dizzy] Oh, let's do it again; I think I blinked. [falls down]
[a Later scene]
Grug: [Puts glasses shaped rock in his eyes] I call them "Shades"!
Thunk: [wearing his "Shades"] The Sun doesn't hurt my eyes anymore! Where do you get these great ideas?
Grug: Since I don't have a brain, they come into my stomach, down deep below, and then up again into my mind. [falls down a cliff] Aah!
Guy: [exasperated] GRUG! We have to keep moving!

Eep: No?!
[Everyone except Grug refuses to go in a cave]
Ugga: No more caves, Grug.
Grug: [stunned] What?
Gran: We are gonna jump on the Sun and ride it to Tomorrow with Guy!
Grug: Wait, wait? So you're really gonna go through with this? [everybody stares at him, which means "Yes"] Thunk?
Thunk: Sorry, Dad.
[Grug is on the verge of tears]
Eep: Dad, you have to stop worrying about us.
Grug: But it's my job to worry! It's my job to follow the rules.
Eep: The rules don't work out here.
Grug: They kept us alive.
Eep: That wasn't living! That was just.... "Not Dying"! There's a difference.
Grug: Ugga, everyone, you have to listen to me.
Eep: We would be DEAD if we listened to you! Not aliveness. [Grug is now in tears] We have to follow Guy now.
[Everyone turns to Guy, who has no idea on what just happened]
Grug: [reaches full anger] GUY!
Ugga: [realizes Grug's anger; to Guy] Guy... run!
Grug: [starts chasing Guy] Rawr!
Guy: [runs away] Agh!

[Guy and Grug are trapped in a tar pit]
Grug: What is this stuff that saves you from my punches?
Guy: Tar.
Grug: No!
Guy: Please...
Grug: [struggles to get out] I have to get back to them!
Guy: You have to stop struggling.
Grug: No!
Guy: Grug, stop! [Grug stops struggling.] No one gets out of this. Believe me... I know.
Grug: [pause as he realizes] Your...
Guy: Family. Yeah.
Grug: [pauses, then sympathetic] Sorry.
Guy: I was little when it happened. The last thing my parents told me was "Don't hide. Live. Follow the sun; you'll make it to Tomorrow."
Grug: You followed the light. My daughter's a lot like you.
Guy: No, she's like you. She loves you, but always forgets to say it... Just like you forget to tell her.
Grug: I guess I was just so busy keeping them all alive.
Guy: It's okay. That's what dads do.
Grug: You're right. But we can't do that from here. We need one of your ideas. [Guy smiles] Come on, you can do it.
Guy: Belt, Emergency Idea Generator, activate!
[Belt hits Guy over the head with a small rock]
Guy: OW! [gets an idea] Ohh, I've got it!

Eep: [Grug hugs her] This is good... What do you call this?
Grug: I was thinking about calling it... a "hug", because it rhymes with Grug. But you can always change it if you want.
Eep: [squeezes Grug tight] No... I like "hug".
Grug: I love you.


  • Are you better off now than you were 4 million years ago?
  • Meet the first modern family.
  • The Journey Begins
  • Everything Begins


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