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The Crusades was directed by Cecil DeMille in 1935. The chief character of this film is Richard I of England who is trying to re-capture Jerusalem after its fall to the Saracens in 1187.

See 3rd Crusade for pertinent historical material.

The Hermit[edit]

  • The host of our Lord shall fall upon a mighty wave of the sea.
    • The Hermit speaking to Salah ad-Din about the 6th minute into the movie.
  • Will ye fight over your petty kingdoms here? There is but one kingdom, the kingdom of God.

Richard the Lionheart[edit]

  • Why should I fear and pray for what I don't understand?

Saladin, Sultan of Islam[edit]

  • I offer peace to you, foes of Islam.
  • Islam does not accept a Christian marriage.
  • You shall see the foes of Islam swept like dust before the might of Allah.
  • He [Richard I] is the tempest that has shaken Islam.

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