The Diamond Arm

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The Diamond Arm is a Soviet crime comedy film made by Mosfilm and first released in 1969.

Semyon Semyonovich Gorbunkov[edit]

  • You know...! Ah!!! Ah! Gesha...! <...> Gesha!!
  • Why didn't the captain warn them? What should I do now?
  • It's a great thing he's not a smuggler. Nice guy... Why did I get so drunk, eh?
  • How could you think that?! You, my wife, mother of my children. Oh God! Oh, woe to me...!

Gennadiy Kozodoyev[edit]

  • These cretins said he was unconscious. So this dope doesn't know anything. Excellent...
  • Come on, puppy, get out of my way! Get out of here!
  • Fedya, another hundred and fifty champagne, and that's it.
  • [Gena and Lyolik are with the chief] [psychically] Chief, it's all over! It is all over!! The cast is going to be removed! The client is leaving! Hahaha! He, he... I'll kill him! I will...! [Lyolik covers Gena's face with his beret] Mmmm... [bites Lyolik's finger] Eh! Eh! Eh! [Lyolik: Ah!!] Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!


Semyon: ...Also I love the song about hares.
Gena: About whom...?
Semyon: ...About hares.
Gena: Senya, about hares... is not relevant! "Island of Bad Luck"!

[Smugglers speak a foreign/fictional language]
Smuggler №1: Inkes? Ki oro per? [Now, where is he?]
Smuggler №2: Nuor burritto, yes of cos. [Easy, he has to come!]
Smuggler №1: Purgen laste, shyort pobery? [Old password: "Dang it!"?]
Smuggler №2: Shyort pobery. ["Dang it!"]
Smuggler №1: Shyort pobery... Re nen ranto chusy Mykhail Svetloff? ["Dang it..." And is he exactly from the ship "Mikhail Svetlov"?]
Smuggler №2: Ankate tasibo to fanche fa. [We were told that...]
Smuggler №1: Dele dios prek moment trezi! [Will the ship leave in an hour?!]
Smuggler №2: ...Ayte cupadon! Misen tak-not pinto! Bastujo nek-nem trulyalya!!! Net chachacha, trukadello vit!!! [Shut up!!]
Smuggler №1: Porco madonna, dium pesto per baco castello! Dene brano hemare, inches arvestih, tsham durala! [Sorry, I overreacted!]

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