The Early Bird Dood It!

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The Early Bird Dood It! is a 1942 MGM cartoon directed by Tex Avery and produced by Fred Quimby. The composer of this cartoon was Scott Bradley.

Directed by Tex Avery. Produced by Fred Quimby.


[They pause their chase in front of a poster for the M-G-M cartoon "The Early Bird Dood It!"]
Bird: Say, I, uh, hear that's a pretty funny cartoon.
Worm: Well, I hope it's funnier than this one.
[The Worm whistles and the chase resumes]

[after the Worm thought the cat is dead]
Worm: [last words before his death] Well, that poor old dopey cat. [goes back to his hole] Oh, well. But, at least I finally got rid of that darn old early bird. [whistles]

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