The End of Mr. Y

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The End of Mr. Y (2006) by Scarlett Thomas; a cursed novel.


  • Thought experiments or, in German, gedankenexperiments, are experiments that, for whatever reason, cannot be physically carried out, but must instead be conducted internally, via logic and reasoning, in the mind.
    • p. 95
  • (I am translating as I go, here, and 'family' is the closest I can get to this sense memory of togetherness and connectedness)
    • p. 184 (while being inside the mind of a mouse)
  • [...] big guy who gave me a tiny little pipe and feeling something I'd never felt before: complete contentment, something similar to how you feel just after an orgasm, but more - where the whole world is a big, soft duvet and you're just about to go to sleep, and you feel as if nothing is will ever hurt you again. And lastly fuck you whore.
    • p. 189

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