The Endless Summer

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The Endless Summer is a 1966 film following two surfers as they travel around the world in search of surf destinations. It is famous for helping give birth to the "surf-and-travel" culture and for introducing the sport to a broader audience.

Directed by Bruce Brown.
The Search for the Perfect Wave (taglines)


  • This is a girl. And for those of you who are mal-adjusted, this is a Malibu Outrigger.
  • As Phil Edwards says of Miki, "his style is so advanced, most surfers don't even understand what he's trying to do."
  • When Corky does something strange everybody for 50 yards knows all about it. "Hey did you guys see that El Rollo, boy it was a beauty!" Yeah big deal Corky.


  • [Describing the contents of Mike and Robert's suitcase] Six pairs of trunks, two boxes of wax, some modern sounds and in case of injury, one bandaid.
  • The rates here were unbelievable; thirty dollars a day each. As you walked through the front door they stamped 'sucker' on your forehead.
  • It's just like riding waves back in the U.S.A., except you aren't. You're in Africa. They couldn't get over being in Africa. Mike would pull out of a wave, paddle over to Robert and say, "Robert, guess what? We're in Africa!" I don't know what it was, but it was really hard to accept.
  • It was so expensive in Senegal they decided to leave. A cup of coffee costed the equivalent of one American dollar in Senegalese Francs.


  • They couldn't speak English and Mike couldn't speak their language. They paddled by and said something like "Om Gowa Mungie Wung Ow." Mike smiled and said, "yeah man, hang ten." They thought that was great; they went stroking out saying "hang ten, hang ten." The only English word they know is "hang ten."
  • The kids in the village really got excited about surfing. They got so excited they started ripping down their houses.


  • The Search for the Perfect Wave
  • A true motion picture about surfing. Filmed in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii and California.

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