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The Expanse is an American science fiction television series based on the series of novels by James S. A. Corey. Set in a future where humanity has colonized the Solar System, it follows United Nations executive Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo), police detective Miller (Thomas Jane), and ship's officer Jim Holden (Steven Strait) and his crew as they unravel a conspiracy that threatens peace across the System and the survival of humanity.

Season 1[edit]

Dulcinea [1.01][edit]

Executive Officer: You know what I just can't figure out? We make it all this way, so far out into the darkness. Why couldn't we have brought more light?

Joe Miller: [after almost suffocating Vargas] Air is good, don't you think? Air is nice. Keep those filters clean, asshole.

The Big Empty [1.02][edit]

Jim Holden: Hey, what's the deal with you and Naomi? You two an item or something?
Amos Burton: An item?
Jim Holden: Hey, it's none of my business, but -
Amos Burton: You must think I'm pretty stupid, don't you? I mean, you're right. I can take a core apart and put it back together with my eyes closed. But ask me whether or not I should rip your helmet off and kick you off this bucket, and I couldn't give you a reason why I should or shouldn't. Except Naomi wouldn't like it.

Remember the Cant [1.03][edit]

Lopez: You were a problem in the Navy. Eight years ago. Aboard the UNN Zheng Fei. You assaulted a superior officer.
Jim Holden: Not technically, he ducked my punch. I broke my hand on a bulkhead.
Lopez: You were dishonorably discharged.
Jim Holden: He ordered me to fire on a Belter ship.
Lopez: It was a smuggler -
Jim Holden: Who was smuggling people!
Lopez: You had no way of knowing that at the time.
Jim Holden: But I was right! Earth and Mars have been stepping on the necks of the Belters out here for over 100 years and I didn't want to be the boot.
Lopez: So you decided to switch sides.
Jim Holden: I stopped playing.

Anderson Dawes: Give the Martians their water! Milowda na animals. You have every right to be angry. You should be angry. But if we act like animals, we only justify their belief that we are. Gif im fo imalowda xitim. Treat them the way they should treat us.

Anderson Dawes: How much are they paying you to find her? I'm not judging, I'm just curious to know what your rate is, in case I need you to suit up for a different side.
Joe Miller: What side would that be?
Anderson Dawes: An Earth Corp may pay your salary, but you were born here. Lived your whole life on Ceres. I think that under that ridiculous hat there's a Belter yearning to find his way home.
Joe Miller: Patron saint of lost causes. I'm all choked up.
Anderson Dawes: Have I answered all your questions, Detective?
Joe Miller: You haven't answered any of my questions. You took a young, naive, rich girl - with daddy issues -
Anderson Dawes: - stop -
Joe Miller: - and got inside her head -
Anderson Dawes: Stop. Now I'm getting choked up.

Franklin Degraaf: You know what I love most about Mars? They still dream. We gave up. They're an entire culture dedicated to a common goal, working together as one to turn a lifeless rock into a garden. We had a garden and we paved it.
Chrisjen Avasarala: They couldn't do any of that without the knowledge of centuries from Earth. Earth must come first.
Franklin Degraaf: I have no choice about that now. My diplomatic credentials have been revoked. I've been banned from Mars for life. Apparently I'm an alarmist who caused the MCRN to expose classified stealth technology hubs. Craig called the realtor about selling our house this morning.
Chrisjen Avasarala: We may have stopped a war. For a while, anyway. If you like, we can drink it now.
Franklin Degraaf: I was looking forward to drinking our wine, watching the sunset over the Mariner Valley. Do you remember You were very young, a couple of us played cards at your house?
Chrisjen Avasarala: I remember I didn't like to be excluded.
Franklin Degraaf: Well, you always lurked on the side, quiet, obedient but watching. Finally one night, you demanded to play, and, well, we'd had a few and You were I don't know... [holds up hand] However old that is. We let you in. You didn't take any hands, but you clearly understood the fundamentals. When the deal came to you, you called your game.
Chrisjen Avasarala: Tennessee Three Finger Hold 'Em.
Franklin Degraaf: Your father took it very seriously. He asked you how to play. You said, "We each get five cards." You dealt them out, then you pointed to the far end of the yard and you said, - now - "Whoever gets to the tree first, wins." You dropped your cards and were halfway there before anyone else realized what was happening. I've never seen your father more proud. See, here's the thing. I was terrified for you, I didn't know why. And now I do. You will do anything to win. Just like your father. That's what got him killed. I won't play with you, ever again.

CQB [1.04][edit]

Lopez: Can I ask you a question? Do you miss Earth?
Holden: If I did, I'd go back.
Lopez: My great uncle emigrated from Earth. He missed it terribly. He used to tell me stories when I was a little boy about these... endless blue skies, free air everywhere, open water all the way to the horizon. He told me that someday we would make Mars just like that. When you spend your whole life living under a dome, even the idea of an ocean seems impossible to imagine. I could never understand your people. Why, when the universe has bestowed so much upon you, you seem to care so little for it?
Holden: Wrecking things is what Earthers do best. Martians too, by the look of your ship.
Lopez: We are nothing like you. The only thing Earthers care about is government handouts. Free food, free water, free drugs so you can forget the aimless lives you lead. You're short-sighted, selfish... and it will destroy you. Earth is over, Mr. Holden. My only hope is that we can bring Mars to life before you destroy that, too.

Back to the Butcher [1.05][edit]

Rock Bottom [1.06][edit]

Jim Holden: I'm just the messenger, I have half a platoon of pissed-off Martian marines who are just itching for some payback.
Fred Johnson: Huh. That's a corvette-class Martian frigate that typically crews thirty. I only see two of you. That tells me that you're trying hard to hide your numbers. Tactically, if there were more, as a show of force you would've brought them out. I'm guessing there are two to four people left on your ship. And I'm confident that there's no Martian Navy on board. If they were, they'd be out here speaking with me now. You walked off that ship, because you're in charge. At least you think you are. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have broadcast your transponder and your position to the entire system. Coming here was your only option. But it was also your best option. Now, you want to continue to play games, or shall we talk about how to help each other?

Joe Miller: You took an innocent kid and you forced her to do your dirty work.
Anderson Dawes: No! She came to me. Asked me to help her. She knew what she was doing. She was willing to make a sacrifice for us. It's more than you.
Joe Miller: She trusted you, she put herself in your hands 'cause she couldn't see the blood on 'em. Just like your sister. Isn't that right? Wasn't she like 15 when you let her die out on the Belt? Sure. It's part of the legend you like to leave out.

Anderson Dawes: Would you like me to tell you the real story?
Joe Miller: I'm sure you've told so many lies about it you don't even remember what happened.
Anderson Dawes': My sister Athena was touched by the hand of God. The most beautiful child in all the Belt, the smartest. But she was fragile. Her bones were like chalk from spending a lifetime in zero-g. She was never going to recover. An impossible burden for a dirt-poor family of rock-hoppers. And when she became too ill even to travel? I had three other sisters to think about. Our family was starving.
Joe Miller: So, you killed her.
Anderson Dawes: And that makes me a monster. There was no scrip to bury her, so I laid her to rest in a beautiful bauxite tunnel that we discovered together. Do you know it is possible to cry so hard that your tears turn to blood? And living with this pain, I came to realize that I have millions of brothers and sisters in the Belt. I even count you among them. As I did Julie, an Earther.
Joe Miller: So, everybody dies for the cause, except for you.
Anderson Dawes: Now I'll tell you the truth about Julie.
Joe Miller: Just tell me if she's alive.
Anderson Dawes: If she was here right now, she'd spit in your face. You're everything she despised. A Belter who preys on his own kind. Welwala... Die as you lived.

Windmills [1.07][edit]

Salvage [1.08][edit]

Critical Mass [1.09][edit]

Leviathan Wakes [1.10][edit]

Season 2[edit]

Safe / Doors & Corners [2.01 / 2.02][edit]

Sutton: I know that you and your team did a rotation on the Donnie. I knew people on that ship too. Captain Yao was a friend. But still, nobody knows what really happened.
Bobbie Draper: We know those stealths were Earth-built.
Sutton: So says Fred Johnson, mouthpiece for OPA terrorists. And now Earth is accusing him. We will not be led into war on anyone's leash. I was a private during the Vesta blockade. Half the Earth's fleet was headed to Mars, to annihilate its former colony. If they couldn't have what we built, they were going to pound it back into dust. We went to bed every night thinking that we would wake in nuclear fire. Luckily for everyone, cooler heads prevailed.
Bobbie Draper: We all grew up with that story.
Sutton: Because it was a warning. We've managed to avoid a shooting war with Earth up till now. That's our job. To make sure that that war never happens.
Bobbie Draper: And because of Vesta, we pushed back the terraforming project. Fifty years and 50 more. All those resources to the military. Now, none of us will live to see an atmosphere over Mars.
Sutton: That was the price.
Bobbie Draper: But it's still worth fighting for.

Sadavir Errinwright: We need to talk about Eros. Mars and Earth may be busy pointing guns at each other, but those quarantine beacons won't keep people away from Eros forever. There's already a lot more do-gooders than we expected. Next will be the looters.
Jules-Pierre Mao: Then get rid of them.
Sadavir Errinwright: Yes. Of course. I'll sacrifice what's left of my credibility for a few short-term trinkets.
Jules-Pierre Mao: [chuckles] Sadavir! You're witnessing a discovery that could rewrite the story of humankind, but your imagination takes you as far as putting the boot heel to your former colony. [chuckles] This was Julie's spot. Far from the house, where no one could find her. Where she could find her adventures. She taught herself to shoot a bow and arrow at this tree. Nine years old. Just woke up one morning, and taught herself. My Julie. Even losing her was worth it. She's a sacred part of it now. So don't talk to me about sacrifice ever again.

Static [2.03][edit]

Godspeed [2.04][edit]

Home [2.05][edit]

Paradigm Shift [2.06][edit]

The Seventh Man [2.07][edit]

Dawes: Assistant Director of Operations. You've come a long way since the loading docks on Ceres. Eh, Mali?
Drummer: You don't get to call me that anymore, Pampaw.
Dawes: From what people tell me, you're the one really running things around here. We need you back home. It's hard to find good people.
Drummer: I prefer it here.
Dawes: This floating tin can? I don't know if it's the aching bones or the constipation I miss more.
Drummer: You been on Ceres too long, eh? You forget how to be a good rock hopper. You're constipated, you stuck a stone to get thing moving. If it's the other problem, you shove that rock up your ass.


Dawes: Do you know how old you are?
Diogo: Nineteen, I think. Earther years.
Dawes: Even our sense of time comes from them. The time it takes the Earth to spin on its axis... The Earth to go once around the Sun. On Jupiter, you'd be celebrating your first birthday. It's hard to feel we matter out here, isn't it? The distances are so vast. It's hard to believe that we can make a difference.

Pyre [2.08][edit]

James Holden: Who's in charge of security at this goddamn station?
Drummer: That would be me.
James Holden: Interesting.
Drummer: Say what you mean.
James Holden: Either you're doing an incredibly shitty job or you're no longer in control of the people who work for you.

Anderson Dawes: Fred Johnson. We have traveled far together, my beratna, but this is where we must part ways. Ever since I found you, broken, looking for redemption under a Belter knife, I have tried to teach you the Belter way. I have failed. You told us that when you destroyed Protogen, the Earth corp responsible for killing so many of our brothers and sisters on Eros, that you destroyed all its secrets as well. There was nothing left for us to fear. But instead, you preserved what you could of this terrible new weapon, and took it back to Tycho with you, keeping those secrets for yourself, no doubt believing that when the time comes, as it surely must, you and you alone, would decide when to use the weapon to defend the Belt. Now, I believe you have the Belt ere kori. And we have taken to you as a brother. But this? This is the Earther in you still. We do not want to live under anyone's boot, Fred Johnson, asilik towchu! Even a friendly one, afraid that if we disobey, we will have our air cut off, our water rationed, be spaced, or be herded into chambers to be used like animals. This is the way it has been until now. No more. I have stolen your secret, Fred Johnson. And I am giving it to the Belt.

The Weeping Somnambulist [2.09][edit]

Cascade [2.10][edit]

Here There Be Dragons [2.11][edit]

The Monster and the Rocket [2.12][edit]

Jefferson Errinwright: You okay, Dad?
Sadavir Errinwright: I never really did tell you that I was sorry that I had to leave your mother. You know, you're at an age now when time is just gonna... You're just going to put your head down and "Whoosh." And all the old farts like me, we're all going to be telling you this is how you do it and this is the path you take. We're all going to be experts on how you should grow up. But there's only one thing that I need to tell you. And it's the simplest thing. But it's the hardest thing to remember. Listen to your heart. No matter what. It'll always be the right call.

Alex Kamal: When I first saw that thing outside, for a split second I thought I was hallucinating. But after hearing what went down in that lab, now I wish I kinda had been.
Jim Holden: When the European tall-ships first arrived on the American continent, the natives couldn't see them. The sight was so completely outside of their experience, they just couldn't compute. So they didn't see.
Alex Kamal: Those natives all got wiped out in the end, didn't they? If that thing out there really is some sort of human-protocrap hybrid, then we're yesterday's model. Obsolete.

Caliban's War [2.13][edit]


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