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The Falcon is the nickname of a fictional adventurer and troubleshooter character, who appeared in novels, magazines, feature films and radio. There is controversy over who created the character. The radio show (the last of his incarnations) credited Drexel Drake (the pseudonym of Charles H. Huff) as the character's creator. Drake had written three novels and a short story in the late 1930s based on a character called The Falcon. The novels were titled: The Falcon's Prey (1936), The Falcon Cuts In (1937), and The Falcon Meets a Lady (1938). In these original stories, the characters real name was Michael Waring. In 1940, Michael Arlen wrote a short story titled "Gay Falcon", whose main character's nickname was also The Falcon, although the main character was now named Gay Stanhope Falcon. When RKO Pictures created a series of films based on the character, they credited Arlen with its creation, although they changed the character's name to Gay Lawrence.

The Falcon appeared in 16 feature films during the 1940s. Originally portrayed by George Sanders as Gay Lawrence in the first three films, in 1942's The Falcon's Brother, George's real life brother Tom Conway, played Gay's on-screen brother, Tom Lawrence. After this film, the moniker of The Falcon was transferred to Tom Lawrence for the next nine films between 1942 and 1946. Another three films were made in 1948-49, starring John Calvert, but returning to the original character name of Michael Waring.

Tom Lawrence[edit]

  • Lesson Number One in how to catch a murderer... never accept the obvious. (from The Falcon Strikes Back)


The Gay Falcon[edit]

  • Detective Mike Waldeck: Look, Goldie, yuh know me. I got a heart.
    John "Goldie" Locke: Yeah, Michael, I know yuh have, and I only wish you had a brain to go with it.

  • Manuel Retana: (Holding a gun on Lawrence) Now, can you think of one good reason why I shouldn't kill you?
    Gay Lawrence: I shall most assuredly try.

The Falcon Strikes Back[edit]

  • Tom Lawrence: I'm a man whose done many things; a soldier, gambler, war correspondent. I have no rheumatism, no patience and no money. For further information apply to the police.
    Gwynne Gregory: No money? Well how do you earn your living?
    Tom Lawrence: I engage in dangerous enterprises.

  • Tom Lawrence: You're only a frightened minnow, beautiful. I want to catch the shark. Are you going to help me?
    Gwynne Gregory: I can't. I can't tell you why, but you've got to believe in me.
    Tom Lawrence: I may believe in you, but I certainly won't trust you.

  • Marcia Brooks: I don't know one good reason why I should trust you.
    Tom Lawrence: I do. (They kiss)

  • John "Goldie" Locke: (finding Mia lying on the bed) Now, Boss, you know what happens with dames.
    Tom Lawrence: Yes, Goldie, isn't it wonderful?

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