The Fall (TV Series)

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Tag lines

  • Go back to Europa, Stella.
  • I don't want the two murders linked.
  • that's the one, yes.
    • Jim Burns



Dark Descent [S1.E1]

Gibson: That'd be Detective Superintendent Gibson?
Driver: - Yes, ma'am.
Stella: - Then that would be me.
Barns: Stella. Nice to see you.
Stella: Armoured car, Jim?
Jim: Welcome to Belfast.

Paul: Men and women express grief differently, Liz. Try not to make comparisons.
Jimmy: My wife says it comforts her to think of our dead son giving life to others.
Paul: And how does it make you feel?
Jimmy: How does it make me feel? His heart beating in some else's chest? It makes me feel sick!
Jimmy: [with a threatening tone] I've done things bad things, in the past. Really bad things. And my son has paid the price.
Paul: [calmly] Your son had bacterial meningitis, Jimmy. An illness. That's all.
Jimmy: [with a disgusted tone] You don't believe a son has to pay for the sins of his father?
Paul: No, I don't.