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The Fate of the Furious also known as F8 is a 2017 American action film about Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) going against his team, when he is forced to by a mysterious cyber terrorist named Cipher (Charlize Theron).

Directed by F. Gary Gray. Written By Chris Morgan.
Family no More (Taglines)

Dominic Toretto

  • You've heard me say, that you never turn your back on family. And I wanna thank you all for never turning your back on me. You wanna meet them? All right. Everyone... Meet Brian.


Deckard: Is that all those bloated up muscles will give you? All show and no go!
Luke: Oh, I got plenty of go!
Deckard: You must've misplaced that, when I kicked your arse up and down that office of yours!
Luke: Just like you Brits... rewritin' history, huh?
Deckard: All I know is, it wasn't me that was thrown out of a fourth-story window!
Luke: Jumped. I JUMPED out a fourth-story window saving my partner's life! 'Cause where I'm from, we don't settle fights by throwing bombs!
Deckard: Oh, that's funny! 'Cause where I'M from, we don't need women to run to our rescue! I mean, do you really believe you can stand in front of me, and beat me in a straight-up, old-fashioned fistfight?!
Luke: Let me tell you something: Me and you, One-on-one, No one else around. I will beat your ass... like a Cherokee drum!
Deckard: Maybe one day we'll find out.
Luke: Oh, you better hope that day never comes.
Luke: You all right?
Letty: I don't know what's she's got on him, but that wasn't Dom.
Roman: Brian would know what to do.
Letty: No. We can't bring Brian and Mia into this. We agreed on that.

Cipher: Have you heard of choice theory, Dom? There are a lot of axioms, but only two you really need to concern yourself with. One: the only person's behavior we can control is our own. And two: the only true thing we can give another person is information. So let me give you some. You see these cameras in here? The moment you make a move, highly paid men with weapons will make their way into this room with one very specific instruction: it's not to save me, it's to kill your son. Now that's a lot of bullets. And it only takes one for you to lose everything, so I have to ask you because, I know family is so important to you. Is that really a choice you want to make? Because I'm ready if you are.
Dom: If I pull this trigger, and God knows I want to, if I killed everyone on this plane, I still couldn't get in there, 'cause of your two-man fail safe system. Since I'm ALONE! I GOT NO CHOICE!
Cipher: I didn't think so.
Dom: You want to see the old Dom? Watch.

Luke: He's gotta have about 2,000 horsepower in that thing.
Tej: Try 3,000.
[Dom's wheels spontaneously catch fire]
Deckard: Try five.

[Cipher calls out Dom over letting Letty escape, as she cradles Dom and Elena's son while Elena is gagged and tied to a chair]
Dom: Look, Cipher, I did exactly what you asked me to do. [begging] Don't do this.
Cipher: This is your doing.
[Rhodes is silent; Cipher stares at Dom with a startled look, and sees little Brian, on the little finger.]
Dom: Please don't hurt him. I'm begging you.
Cipher: I don't want you to beg. I want you to learn.
Cipher: I understand why you did what you did, I really do. But it was the wrong choice. This is the consequence for that.
Elena: [with tape over her mouth] No... [Rhodes readies the gun] No! NO!
Dom: Wait, wait, wait, wait. W-Wait. [Elena screams as Rhodes is holding the loaded gun]
Elena: SAVE YOUR SON! [Rhodes points the gun at Elena's face]
Dom: No! NO!! [Rhodes shoots Elena in the head and leaving Dom saddened]

Rhodes: You made me miss my shot. What you think you're doing?
Dom: Looking at you dead in the eye. [Dom punches Rhodes in the face and the two struggle in a fight, until Dom lifts Rhodes up and flips him onto the hood of a car. Rhodes lets out a final yell before Dom throws a punch at his head, breaking his neck] That was for Elena.

Cipher: You lose, Dom.
Dom: I destroyed two of your teams. I killed your red-headed boyfriend and I put two killers on your untraceable plane. You lost the minute you interrupted my honeymoon. Now guess who I'm coming for.
Cipher: Put a heat-seeker on him now. [The technician looks at Cipher for a minute] NOW!!! FIRE!!!
Luke: That’s a goddamn heat-seeker coming at us!
Dom: Peel off! Head to the shore! All right, come and get it.
[Dom makes missile follow him, leading it back around to the sub]:
Dom: This... This is for my son.
[Missile hits sub, engulfing Dom's car in the initial explosion]:
Letty: Dom!

[Tej and Roman continue to bicker over courting Ramsey and Tej asks her to choose]
Ramsey: To be honest, I like both of you. [Tej and Roman grumble approval] But before we get into all of that, let me ask you just one question.
Tej: You can ask me anything.
Roman: Anything.
Ramsey: What's my last name? [the guys are speechless] When you guys figure that out then, you can let me know. [leaves]
Tej: It's gonna be a Parker. That's all that really matters.
Roman: Jones, Miss Parker.
Tej: [smiles smugly] Hey, Miss Parker.

[Mr. Nobody talks to Hobbs about getting his job back]
Mr. Nobody: Cipher's still on the loose. There's been some reports she's in Athens. But she won't be nuking any city anytime soon. Thanks to you guys. So, I got you a parting favor.
Luke: [Sam gives a gift to him] This can't be good.
Mr. Nobody: Your record's been cleared. Full reinstatement. You got your job back.
Little Nobody: That is, if you want it.
Luke: If I want? [chuckles; looks at his daughter] You know, after 16 years, I figured it's time for a little break.
Mr. Nobody: [enthusiastic] Wow!
Luke: Daddy's staying home. [chuckles at Sam embraces her father and he kisses her, shakes to Mr. Nobody] Nobody.
Mr. Nobody: [shakes to Luke] Keep in touch. [leave for Little Nobody] Ah, hang on a second. This could be interesting.


  • Family no more.
  • Family will be broken.


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