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The Fearless Four (German: Die furchtlosen Vier) is a 1997 animated film about four funny animals that all have one thing in common: they want to sing, but can't for various reasons. Production began in March 1995 when the studio was founded. It combined traditional animation with computer animation. The film was produced by Munich Animation and released by Warner Bros. Pictures under the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment label. The film won a Bavarian Film Award for outstanding achievement in Germany.

Directed by Michael Coldewey, Eberhard Junkersdorf, Jürgen Richter and Wolfgang Urchs. Produced by Eberhard Junkersdorf. Written by Bert Henry, Dagmar Kekulé, Georg Reichel and Markus Urchs.


  • I swear by Aunt Wanda, we'll pay them back.
  • Fear may be contagious, but so is courage, my friends.


  • [after electrocuting two men and two dogs] Even the most gentle dog has his limits.


Gwendolen: ♪ You left today, without a goodbye, big girls never cry. ♪
Background singer: ♪ Big girls never cry. ♪
Gwendolen: ♪ Out of the blue, wait and tell me where and why, big girls never cry. ♪
Background singer: ♪ Big girls never cry. ♪

Bee: Oh dear me! You look like you're really in trouble.
Fred: All my life I've been hauling flowersacks - thousands! Day in and day out - and now this? I don't even want to think about it.
Bee: Maybe I can help? Pull yourself together, all right?
Fred: You're the one to talk - what do you know? You can just buzz off when things get rough.

[The machine makes animals out of sausages]
Mouse: It's the only way out.
Buster: Through the machine? [to Tortellini] You be our scout - you go first.
Tortellini: Why me?
Gwendolen: Didn't I hear you say you're our leader?

Voice cast[edit]

English version[edit]

German version[edit]

  • Sandra Schwarzhaupt as Gwendolyn the she-cat.
  • Bernd Schramm as Buster the dog.
  • Mario Adorf as Fred the donkey.
  • Joachim Kemmer as Tortellini the rooster.
  • Peer Augustinski as Dr. Greed.
  • Hans-Werner Bussinger as Platini.
  • Tobias Meister as The Manager.
  • Hans-Werner Bussinger as Dr. Sevenbrains.
  • Ranja Helmy as Mozart the Mouse.
  • Ranja Helmy as The Bee.
  • Dagmar Altrichter as The Owl.
  • Frank Zander as Powertool.

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