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Go ahead, Janet. Kiss it. It's your choice—heads or tails—but you know I like head.

The Final Destination (2009; also known as Final Destination 4) is the fourth installment in the Final Destination series. After three years in the first three films, Death continues to hunt them. A man save his friends and other people from the disaster in the speedway, Death strikes back, in the plot of killing, in bizarre accidents.

Directed by David R. Ellis. Written by Eric Bress.
Rest in Pieces.(taglines)


  • [about the speedway] Hey, how old is this place?
  • [pointing to the crash when it predicted] That fucking crash! That's the crash I'm talking about!
  • [to Hunt when he leaves] Why do you gotta be a prick all the time? She saw somebody die right in front of her.
  • [about Death's plan] What if us being here right now was the plan from the beginning?


Janet: Tell me again why we chose this over seeing the movie.
Hunt: If these guys lose focus for even a millisecond, You have to scrape them off the fence with a shovel. A *shovel*!
Lori: You come here hoping to see a crash?
Hunt: No, I would like to see them compete... [guessed.] Of course it's to see a crash!
Janet: You're sick, Hunt!
Hunt: [yelling] Come on!

[Nick appears with a stash of snacks.]
Lori: Look, here comes Nick with our stuff.
Hunt: Hey, bud.
Janet: Yes.
Lori: Hi, babe.
Nick: Hey.
[Nick sits down as the bench suddenly cracks.]
Lori: [laughs] Oh, my God.
[Lori, Hunt & Janet laugh.]
Hunt: Uh, time to lay off the Funyuns, Ol' Nicky boy.
Nick: Oh, thanks, buddy.
[Each of them get his/her snack.]
Janet: Ah, great.
[Hunt drinks tequila in the binoculars.]
Hunt: [whoozes] Here. Want a drink?
Lori: Oh. Is that straight-up Jack?
Hunt: It's his buddy Jim.
Nick: Maybe later, yeah?
Andy: [to Hunt] Hey sport! Can my girl use your binoculars?
Hunt: Well, they're not really binoculars exactly. They're more--
[Nadia gets the tequila from Hunt and drinks it.]
Hunt: Drink as much as you like.

[Nick was unresponsive and accidentally pinches Lori.]
Lori: Ow. [Nick wakes up and sees Lori.] Hey. What the hell?
[Nick realized this.]
Lori: Are you okay?
[Nick doesn't respond.]
Lori: Nick, is there something wrong?
[Hunt whoozes hand his tecquila to Lori.; Nick realized this]
Lori: [turns to Hunt; disgusted] Oh, my God, is that straight-up Jack?
Hunt: No, no, it's---
Nick: [predicting] It's his buddy Jim.
[Hunt turns to Nick and realized this.]
Hunt: You have been in my stash. You snake.
Nick: A cowboy in a hat. He sits here.
[Jonathan appears and sits in his seat, Nick realized this.]
Jonathan: Excuse me. Pardon me.
[Janet laughs]
Hunt: Cowboy.
Nick: [points Samantha] Tampons. She gets tampons. She puts them in her kids' ears.
Janet: Who?
Nick: [points Samantha] Her, right there.
[Nick and his friends turn to Samantha, who hands some tampons to her sons.]
Samantha: Hey. Put these in your ears.
Elder Son: Aw Mom, not tampons.
Samantha: Put them in your ear.
[After Samantha puts the tampons to her sons' ears, she laughs]
Janet: Hey, how did you know she was gonna do that?
Hunt: That's a lot of tampons for one woman.
[Nick realized this.]
Lori: Nick?... Nick?
[Nick turns to Lori]
Lori: What's going on?
[Nick tried to predict on what Andy said.]
Nick: [predicting] "Down" something.... "Down...
[Hunt and Janet turn to Nick.]
Nick: [predicting] "Down in-- "Get down in front, asshole."
Andy: [to the couple who blocked their view.] Get down in front asshole!
[The couple turns to Andy & Nadia. They began to sit down.]
Carter: There goes the neighborhood.
[Nick turns to Carter & Cynthia. He notice Carter is still whistling "Dixie". George turns to Carter and Cynthia.]
George: [to Carter] Sir. I need you to move your foot.
[Nick turns back and look at the speedway.]
George: Thank you.

[At the speedway, the mechanics began fixing the car.]
Mechanic#1: Let's go.
Mechanic#2: Move it.
Mechanic#3: Go. Pick up the tire.
[While the mechanics were fixing the car, another car from the premonition began to drive down the speedway.]

[While Nick is watching the speedway, he noticed the same car that started the accident.]
Nick: That's the car that's gonna crash, We have to get out of here.
Janet: Thank God, I don't--
Lori: What?
Hunt: What? No no, I've got five hundred dollars in that one, and I told you that--
Janet: No one cares about the money we have--
Nick: No, look! We got to get the fuck outta here! Okay? There's somethings gonna happen! We're all gonna die! Alright? Cause there's gonna be a crash!
Janet: What?
Andy: [turns to Nick] Hey, kid! That ain't "funny"!
Nick: No we gotta go, right now!
[Nick attempts to flee but Lori, Hunt & Janet tried to calm him down.]
Lori: Nick!, Calm down!
Hunt: Relax, Bro, Relax!
Lori: Nick!
Janet: Calm down!
[Jonathan walks back, as Nick falls onto Andy.]
Andy: [to Nick] What's your problem bro?! [Hunt tries to help Nick, but Andy shoves him off.] Get off of me man!
[Nick hits Andy, with a bag, and he runs off.; Andy enraged, tried to pick up a fight with Nick, but Hunt grabs hold him, as Nadia hit Hunt with her bag, which causes a scuffle.]
Nadia: Get off of him! Get off of him!
[Janet grabs her things.]
Janet: Wait! Lori, wait!
[Samantha's children run, as Samantha and her husband follow them.]
Samantha: Wait! Boys, wait!
[Nick, Lori, Janet & Hunt flee out of the speedway.]
Andy: [yelling to Nick] I'm gonna kick your little ass! You pussy!
[Andy chases after Nick and his friends, while Nadia following him.; Nick accidentally knock Carter's beer, all over his shirt and his wife Cynthia, enraging him.]
Carter: God damn it!
[Carter starts chasing after Nick and his friends, with Cynthia following. George tried to calm Nick down, but he runs though him, with his friends. Andy, Nadia, Carter, Cynthia & George follows Nick and his friends, out of the speedway.]
Nadia: Andy!
Carter: [turns to Cynthia] Stay there!
[Cynthia stops. Carter goes out of the speedway. As the disaster in the speedway starts to happen.]

[Everyone follows Nick and his friends, out of the speedway.]
Andy: Come back here kid!
Carter: You little prick!
[Everybody stops]
Andy: Are you out of your mind, man?!
Nick: [turns to everyone, while the others are complaining to George] Look, I saw the whole thing, There's going to be a huge crash!
Hunt: Of course there's a crash!, There's always a fucking crash!
George: [calming everybody down] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. [turns to Nick] What crash?
[Everyone hears a crash and people screaming & they turn around as they see the disaster happened in the speedway, just like in Nick's premonition.]
Nick: [pointing to the crash of the speedway] That fucking crash! That's the crash I'm talking about!
[Everyone panicked gets out of the speedway, screaming.]
Hunt: [enraged] Are you shitting me?! That's the whole reason I came for these stupid red-neck things. No offense.
[Carter realizes his wife is in the speedway as he goes back to save her, but George grabs hold of him.]
George: [to Carter] Sir, No, no, no, no.
Carter: No! my wife's in there, asshole!
George: No sir, She's not here.
Carter: Put me down! I've got to find her!
George: No you can't. Sir.
Carter: Get your!...You get your fucking hands off of me!
Hunt: [to Carter] Dude, relax.
Carter: [to Hunt] That's my wife, man!
Janet: I don't know what's going on?
Hunt: Me neither?
Janet: This is getting serious.
Carter: [to George] You get your hands off of me! I've got to find her!
George: No, Sir. She's not here.
Nadia: [losing her temper, screaming at everyone] Have you all lost your fucking minds!?!
[A tire flies out of the speedway and obliterates her head and the upper portion of her body, in front of Andy, George, Carter, Nick, Lori, Hunt & Janet].

[At the memoriam in the speedway, Samantha and her husband appear to Nick and Lori.]
Samantha: Hi, I was hoping you'd come. I wanted to thank you. You're a hero. Because of your warning, we're alive and our two sons are safe---
Nick: Look, I'm not a hero, okay? I- I didn't---
Samantha's Husband: You knew? How did you know it was gonna happen?
Nick: I'm not sure.
Lori: Look, we're just glad you all are okay. Take care.
Samantha: Thank you.
[Samantha and her husband leave.]
Nick: I'm glad you're safe.
Samantha: Thank you.
George: Excuse me? [introduces himself] I'm, the security guard. George.
Nick: [introduces himself] Nick. [shakes his hand to George]
Lori: [introduces herself] Lori. [shakes her hand to George]
George: [greets to Nick and Lori] Hi, Hi.
Nick: [points to the memoriam] I was pretty freaked out about that, back there.
George: I just wanted to ask you how you, uh---
[Carter appears.]
Carter: You killed my wife. [he turns to everyone] Uh..., I wanted to go in there after her, but... you..., uh?...
George: I'm sorry for your loss.
Carter: Well?..., nobody lives forever, nigger.
Nick: Hey, there's no need for that, man.
Carter: Back off, you fucking freak.
George: It's time for you to leave, sir.
Carter: Time? [he begins to leave, but turns to George] Your time's coming, chocolate.
[Carter goes to the memoriam.]

[Samantha parked her car, as her sons get out and run to the salon.; The elder son stops, and picks up a rock.]
Elder Son: Hey look! Come here! [The young son stops and go to his brother.; The elder son pointing the sign] Bet you can't hit that sign with a rock.
Young Son: Okay! [The boys starts throwing rocks at the sign, which misses. While Carl the groundskeeper, refilling gasoline at his lawnmower.]
Elder Son: [while throwing rocks.] Ha!, ha!, Yeah!
[Samantha gets out of her car, and closes the car door.]
Samantha: [stopping the boys, while they are throwing rocks.] Okay, okay. Knock it off.
[The elder son finally hits the sign with a rock.]
Elder Son: Yes!
Samantha: Hey!
Young Son: Nice one.
[Carl turns to the boys and Samantha.]
Carl: What are you kids, stupid or something?, Get out of here!
Samantha: [turns to her sons.] Okay come here, guys-- Um?... [gives each of her sons a look.; She starts giving money to her sons.] You know what?, I want you to go play video games and come back in an hour. Okay?
Elder Son: Alright!
[The boys run to the arcade, in excitement.]
Samantha: [to her sons] Your welcome!
Elder Son: Thanks!
Young Son: Thanks, Mom!
[Carl continues working on the lawnmower.]
Young Son: I'm first on "Atomic Destroyer"!
Elder Son: No, I am!
[Samantha gets inside the salon.]
Samantha: Hi Cheyenne, I'm sorry I'm late. I had a 5:00 with Richard.
Cheyenne: Oh, you didn't get our message? Richard's out today.
Samantha: What?
Cheyenne: Someone got killed on his block. Dragged down the street, on fire. Isn't that terrible?
Samantha: That's awful. [starts smiling.] So... my appointment? Is there something thing else that can see me?
Cheyenne: [smiles and checks at her computer.] Um?... It's 10 to 6, and we close at 6, So... [laughs]
Samantha: I understand, but the soccer game ran late and it's girls' night out tonight, first time in months, and I'm so looking forward to this [begging] Please?, Please? Um... [shows her messy hair.] Look at this.
Cheyenne: [in a look] You're killing me.
Samantha: [sprightly] Thank You! Ah thank you so much! [rushes to the salon]
[Cheyenne gives Samantha a finger.]

[Dee Dee prepares to put the barber cape on Samantha and tightens it.]
Samantha: [gags.] Excuse me. That's, that's-- [chuckes and laughed] That is a little-- That's a little tight.
[Dee Dee losens the barber cape and closes it.]
Dee Dee: Sorry.
Samantha: That, That's okay.
[Dee Dee begins to adjust the chair's height.]
Samantha: So, Dee Dee, thank you for staying late. How long have you been cutting hair?
[Dee Dee locks the chair lever.]
Dee Dee: Long enough.
[The barber chair falls. Dee Dee begins adjusting the chair's height again.]
Dee Dee: [sighs] Goddamn chair. I've only told them to fix it like a million times.
[Samantha and Dee Dee laugh]

[After the incident in the salon, Samantha began to leave as her sons are arguing while Dee Dee cleans the mess.]
Elder Son: Ow! Come on. Cut it out!
Samantha: Thanks Dee Dee!
Dee Dee: Your welcome. Hope you had fun.
[Samantha began to give her payment to Cheyenne.]
Elder Son: Ow! Stop!
Samantha: [to her sons] Okay guys, Knock it off! [turns to Cheyenne] I am so sorry about this. These guys aren't gonna leave my sight until I ship them to college.
Cheyenne: Maybe military school
Samantha: [sighs] Yeah, maybe.
[Samantha walks to the door.]
Samantha: All right, boys, come on.
[Her children doesn't respond as she turn to them.]
Samantha: Let's go! Get in the car!
[Samantha's children walk further.]
Samantha: I've got my eye on you two.
[While he was lawn mowing, Carl unknowingly ran right over one of the stones, that her sons had thrown before, through the exhaust pipe which propelled through Samantha's direction. As Samantha leaves, the stone penetrated though her head. Her body collapses on the floor, dead as the staff began to scream.]
Young Son: [crying] Mom!, Mom!
Elder Son: [crying] Mom!
Cheyenne: Oh, my God!
Young Son: [crying] Mom!
Elder Son: [crying] Mom!

[After Nick sees the omens around him.]
Lori: [to Nick] What do you think, babe?
[Nick doesn't respond.]
Lori: [to Nick] Hey, uh, space cadet, you wanna come back down to Earth? [She and Janet laugh.]
Nick: What if we didn't change anything?
Janet: What are you talking about?
[The scaffold falls on the road, causing the truck to swerve to the cafe.]
Nick: What if us being here right now was the plan from the beginning?
[They turn around as the truck breaks through the cafe and kills them.]


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  • Rest in Pieces


Bobby Campo - Nick
Shantel VanSanten - Lori
Nick Zano - Hunt
Haley Webb - Janet
Mykelti Williamson - George
Krista Allen - Samantha
Andrew Fiscella - Andy
Justin Welborn - Carter

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