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The Finder is an American procedural drama television series, airing on Fox, about a military-trained guy who finds people no one else can in the Florida Keys. It is a spin-off of another Fox television series, Bones, with the backdoor pilot having aired as part of its sixth season.

Season 1[edit]

An Orphan Walks Into a Bar [1.1][edit]

Walter Sherman: She works really hard for crap pay. Why? She wants Leo to like her. So Willa wanting someone to like her, by definition, means she's not a sociopath.
Leo Knox: So, she's redeemable.
Walter Sherman: Like a coupon.

Cooper: I'm sorry, sir, I-I can't seem to find my wallet.
[Leo glares at Willa, who produces the wallet]
Cooper: You stole my wallet?
Leo: You probably just dropped it and Willa was kind enough to pick it up for you.

[Walter is being chased by a criminal with a gun]
Walter: Shoot him, Isabel!
Isabel: Why? He dropped his weapon.
Walter: He killed my robot!

Bullets [1.2][edit]

Leo Knox: After twenty years, like looking for a needle in a hay stack. I don't like it.
Walter Sherman: Like two needles in a hay stack. Twice as easy.

Lance Sweets: Does your mind play tricks on you?
[Leo Knox shakes his head "No"]
Walter Sherman: My lawyer says, "No".

Lance Sweets: Have you ever contemplated suicide?
Walter Sherman: Hell, I can think of at least ten people I'd kill before I'd kill myself.
Leo Knox: I'd write that as a "no".

Lance Sweets: Do you ever speak to inanimate objects?
Walter Sherman: Yes, and they hardly ever answer. Rude.

Lance Sweets: Do you enjoy setting fire to things?
Walter Sherman: Yes. Candles, bonfires, barbecues, lanterns and cats.

[Willa walks in while Walter, Isabella, Leo and Sweets are talking]
Willa: Attention, boring old people, I got invited to a beach party, can I go?
Leo Knox: Anyone I know?
Willa: The Montgomerys at Farrow Point.
Leo Knox: Rich folks.
Willa: Their son Kevin asked me, I told him the truth that I am on probation.
Walter Sherman: Ahh I bet that got him exited, found himself a bad girl.
Willa: Don't make it like that, he was cool.
Walter Sherman: Was he "cool" or was he a target?
Leo Knox: Walter, didn't we agree to give Willa the benefit of the doubt?
Isabella: Shouldn't you take advantage that there is a shrink on the house? [points to Sweets] He could tell us if Willa is a sociopath.
Lance Sweets: I'm sorry, who is this? [points to Willa]
Walter Sherman: Willa works and lives here while she is on probation.
Leo Knox: [fatherly] Should we have a talk about boys and beach parties?
Willa: Ewww!
Isabella: [awkwardly] It's not like... you know... you... being around...?
Willa: [to Isabella] Thanks, Mom! [to Leo] Thanks, Dad! [to Walter] Thanks, creepy older brother! [to Lance Sweets] Thanks, eavesdropping shrink!

A Cinderella Story [1.3][edit]

Ira Messing: Zero effort produces zero outcome.

Walter Sherman: In the future, when trying to impress women, "Saving the Earth" should be your opening line.

Leo Knox: Sometimes when a woman loses a man in a bar, it's because she suddenly remembers she met him in a bar.

Johnny: I don't understand what you're saying 'cause you're making good things sound bad.

Ira Messing: It's not in the least surprising that she knew me. I'm very famous in certain circles.
Walter Sherman: Very small circles. Like dots.

Swing and a Miss [1.4][edit]

Isabel Zambada: Holy moley! When you said, "Your place or mine?" I definitely made the right decision.
Frank Heywood: Holy moley?
Isabel Zambada: I'm on my best behavior.
Frank Heywood: I'm sorry to hear that.
Isabel Zambada: Did you know that a U.S. marshal makes less than 50 grand a year, and you being a baseball pitcher, you'd make --
Frank Heywood: -- more than that.
Isabel Zambada: So you really think you can impress me with your fancy car, fancy house and fancy looks?
Frank Heywood: I don't know. Depends on what you mean by "Holy moley".

Walter Sherman: [pointing to Frank Heywood] Have you seen his fastball?
Isabel Zambada: I was hoping to, but we got interrupted by a robber.

Isabel Zambada: Did you say "no" to Frank because of "Paragraph C"?
Walter Sherman: I said "no" because Frank is a lying liar face. That's a technical term.

Walter Sherman: It's a no brainer. There's nothing more anti-American than the designated hitter.
Leo Knox: Al-Quaeda is more anti-American than anything.
Walter Sherman: This country was founded on a celebration of our individual freedoms. The designated hitter puts the team's collective success over that of the individual. Can't bat? Don't worry. We'll send somebody to do that part of your job for you so we can all win together. There's a name for that, Leo. It's Communism.
Leo Knox: You can't get any more anti-American than actually trying to destroy America.
Walter Sherman: Al-Quaeda's doomed to failure. Hiding in caves. Designated hitters walk among us as heroes. It's subversive.

The Great Escape [1.5][edit]

Walter Sherman: What'd you lose? Your bag of tricks? Your wand? Your sleight? Your hand? Your rabbit? Your false bottomed hat?
Preston Miller: My career. My reputation. My good standing in the fellowship of magic. My prestige. My eclat.
Leo Knox: You never looked for "eclat" before.
Walter Sherman: Finding someone's "eclat" would be a nice feather in my cap.

Preston Miller: Will you help me?
Walter Sherman: We'll start first thing in the morning at the crime scene.
Leo Knox: Nobody said anything about a crime, Walter.
Walter Sherman: The man just admitted there's no such thing as magic. What's that leave? Skulduggery and monkey business. Trust me. There's a crime.

Little Green Men [1.6][edit]

Willa Monday: Do you believe that ultimate fulfillment can only be found in the arms of a "significant other"?
Leo Knox: There are an infinite number of paths to fulfillment. The soul is neither man nor woman. What are you reading?
Willa Monday: Some ladies magazine from the 80's.

Walter Sherman: Rocketeers all look at the sky the way some men look at women. Dead give away.

Pope: Finding things is all well and good when indeed those things have been lost. Mr. Sherman, you should concentrate on what I'm saying. Not everything that is missing is lost. Some things have been hidden. And some of those things are not to be found. They shouldn't even be looked for. I'm the person that hides those things.
Walter Sherman: You're my opposite.

Pope: Walter, I hide things, and I hide them very well. The thing about well hidden things is that you never actually know if they're gone. It's very painful. I want you to remember that.
Walter Sherman: Remember this - I found you.

Jack Hodgins: How many fingers am I holding up?
Walter Sherman: All of them.

Jack Hodgins: These people - Who do they think they are? For centuries, they have been hiding the truth and for centuries brave men and women have defied them. Merlin. Jesus. Galileo.
Willa Monday: Tom Hanks.

[Leo walks up to Willa as she works on the computer]
Leo Knox: How's it going?
Willa Monday: There's an internet behind the internet made up of cached information. It's been archived and erased, but not destroyed.
Leo Knox: There's a difference between erase and destroy?
Willa Monday: Oh yeah. It's like chasing a ghost through a hall of mirrors.
Leo Knox: Where'd you learn to do this?
Willa Monday: I used to be the ghost.

Isabel Zambada [to Hodgins and Walter]: You both talk like the other is wack-a-doodle. Sadly, you're both right.

Leo Knox: Secrecy is the element of all goodness - even virtue, even beauty is mysterious.

Eye of the Storm [1.7][edit]

Leo Knox: You're way ahead of the game this time.
Walter Sherman: 256 miles southeast of this very location, warm tropical ocean waters are colliding with a combo platter of thunderstorms and upper level winds to create what the Mayan refer to as the God of Evil, Hurakan, and what the National Weather Service refers to as hurricane Catherine.
Leo Knox: Sure, but Catherine isn't expected to make landfall till this evening. We're only gonna catch the edge.
Walter Sherman: Oh, I know better than that. I used to date a Catherine. Knowing her, she's gonna swerve from Alabama just to hit me.
[Leo laughs]

Walter Sherman: There's a little girl out in the hurricane and they aren't looking for her in the right place. Yeah, I'm serious.

Leo Knox: You once claimed that Willa was a sociopath. Now she's trying to help Walter save a girl.
Cristina Farrel: Believing that a diorama made out of food products can help find a missing girl is the work of an unstable mind.

Willa Monday: A windowless van with a snake painted on it. Wouldn't it be simpler to just write "Rape mobile" instead?

Walter Sherman: I need to call Isabel.
Cristina Farrel: Wait. Uh, you don't have a phone.
Walter Sherman: I got a ham radio.
Cristina Farrel: And how are you gonna power it?
Leo Knox: Walter has his toast generator.
Timo: Where?
Willa Monday: At his place. It's 5 minutes away.
Cristina Farrel: Yeah, through 140 mile-an-hour wind.
Walter Sherman: That's why I'm puttin' on my windbreaker.

Life After Death [1.8][edit]

Walter Sherman: Wow. You really hate urban beats.

Willa Monday [to Athena, the Dragon Lady Lawyer, after Walter raps]: On behalf of white people everywhere, I apologize for that.

Walter Sherman: I once found a white cat in a snowstorm. You look for eyes and a butt. It's child's play.

Walter Sherman: [On the phone to Isabel Zimbada] Isabel, I need a federal law enforcement officer to uphold justice in a cruel world. .

Walter Sherman: What gang was J-Stryke affiliated with?
Isabel Zimbada: He wasn't.
Walter Sherman: Well, did he knuckle up with some other wrapper who was gangbanging?
Isabel Zimbada: J-Stryke's lyrics were mostly inspirational.
Walter Sherman: Did J-Stryke gank his lines from another rapper or G his woman?
Isabel Zimbada: Walter, don't talk hip-hop. It harms both you and hip-hop.

Walter Sherman: If you don't tell us the truth, I'm gonna tell on you to your mother.

Leo Knox: I choose my own life. How I live isn't your fault.

Athena (Dragon Lady Lawyer): Come on, Leo. Be the man you once were. Give me the hard drive.
Walter Sherman: Psst. Watch out. She's trying to Darth Vader you.
Leo Knox: If redemption was reversible, it wouldn't be redemption.
Walter Sherman: Oh, snap! You just got Skywalkered, lady.

The Last Meal [1.9][edit]

Leo Knox: Laws are like cobwebs which catch small flies but let wasps and hornets break through.

Joe: I do a lot of work at a law firm. Last year a prenup went missing under suspicious circumstances, and you were the guy they hired to find it.
Walter Sherman: Oh yeah, that was a funny case.
Joe: Someone ended up dead, I think. Is that the same case?
Walter Sherman: Same case.

Leo Knox: It says the property is still owned by the same blind LLC that owned it 3 years ago.
Walter Sherman: It’s like The Chocolate Factory
Leo Knox: I wouldn’t say that’s true.
Walter Sherman: It’s closed down. They never sold it. It’s just sitting there. Waiting.
Leo Knox: For what?
Walter Sherman: Someone special. Wonka. Gene Wilder Wonka. Not Johnny Depp Wonka.

Isabel Zambada (to Walter): Talking to you is like playing the bagpipes in a ukulele band.

Walter Sherman: You don’t write like a woman.
Food Critic: Excuse me.
Walter Sherman: Not like a woman. You write like a man writing like a woman. But not like a woman. There’s a difference, you know. It’s the pronouns. Women use more than men. There’s a whole study. I won’t bore you.

Walter: Nothing random. All connected. Patterns.

The Conversation [1.10][edit]

Walter Sherman: That guy looks like he built himself up from the ground floor. The American Way. You gotta love that.

Gail McHottie: (Pointing gun) Can I see your ID please? (Walter pulls out his wallet and hands her a card.) A library card?
Walter Sherman: Perfect return record. Can I see your ID please? (She flashes FBI credentials on her waist) McHottie? Agent McHottie? Seriously?
Gail McHottie: Yeah, well, I got through high school with that name. FBI's a snap.
Walter Sherman: Imagine what it'd been like for a homely girl.
Gail McHottie: Well, thank you.

Leo Knox: Buddha said "Do not dwell on the past. Do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment."
Walter Sherman: There you go. The Buddha. He's a pretty smart guy, and also, like you, an over-eater.

The Inheritance [1.11][edit]

Walter: So what is all this stuff?
Willa: I pretended I was you and made a big mess.

Short Guy: Against this. [starts hitting Leo]
Leo: No viper so little but hath its poison.
Short Guy: Ahhh! [Charging, in response Leo slaps him]
Leo: I'm not proud of that.
Walter: He's no bigger than a child.
Joyce: He gave you no choice.
Willa: You should have just stepped on him.
Walter: I never thought I'd see the day that you were a bully.

Voodoo Undo [1.12][edit]

Javier Obispo: Do you guarantee client confidentiality?
Walter Sherman: What? Like a lawyer? Nah.

Javier Obispo: What if I tell you this? You find it in a week or I kill everybody.
Walter Sherman: You do that, I find it in a day and burn it. No hard feelings.

Leo Knox: The lesser of two evils is still evil.

The Boy With the Bucket [1.13][edit]

Langston Sherman: It seems like your head's full of niggles and worms.

Leo Knox: Where are you going?
Willa Monday: Gotta go meet up with my sour faced, pucker lips, frowny frown probation officer.

Walter Sherman: Shot's only when the bullet stays inside of you.


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