The Fly (1958 film)

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The Fly is a 1958 film about a scientist experimenting with teleportation, who mutates into a human fly.

Directed by Kurt Neumann. Written by James Clavell.
Once it was human... even as you and I!  (taglines)

The Fly[edit]

  • Help mee! Help mee!

Francois Delambre[edit]

  • No, Helene and Andre believed in the sacredness of life. They wouldn't harm anything... not even a fly.
  • You've committed murder just as much as Helene did. You killed a fly with a human head. She killed a human with a fly head.


Helene Delambre: André wants to show you something.
François Delambre: In the lab? Well, what is it? Flat screen?
Helene Delambre: It's better. No more questions. Come on.

Philippe Delambre: Why did he die?
Francois Delambre: Well, Philippe, he died because of his work. He was like an explorer in a wild country, where no one had ever been before. He was searching for the truth. He almost found a great truth, but for one instant he was careless.


  • The monster created by atoms gone wild
  • She had to kill the thing her husband had become—But could she?
  • If she looked upon the horror her husband had become... she would scream for the rest of her life!


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