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The Front is a 1976 film about a cashier who poses as a writer for blacklisted talents to submit their work through, but the injustice around him pushes him to take a stand.

Directed by Martin Ritt. Written by Walter Bernstein.
America's most unlikely hero.


Howard Prince: Where are you from?
Florence Barrett: Connecticut.
Howard Prince: That's very ritzy.
Florence Barrett: It's very proper anyway. I was very well bred - the kind of family where the biggest sin was to raise your voice.
Howard Prince: Oh yeah? In my family the biggest sin was to pay retail.

Florence Barrett: A writer looks for trouble.
Howard Prince: No, wrong. A lunatic looks for trouble.

Sam: This friend of yours, Alfred Miller...
Howard Prince: We went to school together.
Sam: And you had no idea that he was a Communist?
Howard Prince: He was only 12.

Howard's Attorney: And we would like to thank this committee for allowing Mr. Prince to appear and voice his approval of the great work that you're doing for our country. Communist subversion is a real and present danger, and you can rest assured that it will never be tolerated on the network that both Mr. Prince and I have the honor to represent. Thank you.
The Committee: Thank you very much.
Committee Chairman: Thank you, sir. And this committee is here to help keep America just as pure as we can possibly make it.
Howard's Attorney: Well, I can't think of anything more important. And, well I would like to commend this committee on the job that they're doing.
Committee Chairman: Thank you.
Howard's Attorney: Thank you.

Committee Counselor: Just a few questions, Mr. Prince. We know you're a busy man. Mr. Prince, do you happen to know an Alfred Miller?
Howard Prince: Who?
Committee Counselor: Alfred Miller.
Howard Prince: Why?
Committee Counselor: If you just tell the committee.
Howard Prince: So, I - I can't know why?
Committee Chairman: Mr. Prince, you don't have to worry. Anyone who comes here and tells the truth has got nothing to worry about.

Howard Prince: Hey, are you guys aware of the fact that every week, busloads of Communists are coming in over the border? I mean, is anybody doing anything about that or -
Committee Chairman: We are not concerned at this time with anything other than the Communist conspiracy in the entertainment world.
Howard Prince: B-But how come? W-Why aren't we doing something about it? I mean, why isn't everybody armed? You know, we should learn how to use a gun, I think. I think it's a big mistake that anyone goes to military school is only you send them there when they're bad.
Committee Chairman: Mr. Prince, this committee is just as concerned about the threat of Communism as you are.

Howard's Attorney: [whispering] They're willing to make a deal.
Howard Prince: Give names, right?
Howard's Attorney: Look, they're being very reasonable. You don't have to give them more than one.
Howard Prince: Which one?
Howard's Attorney: Well, it's up to you. Look, they put you over a barrel, you can go to jail. What's one name? If it bothers you, give 'em Hecky Brown.
Howard Prince: Hecky?
Howard's Attorney: He's dead anyway. What difference does it make? A token's all. They want something to show your cooperation, that's all.

Committee Counselor: Mr. Prince, I ask you for the record, did you know Herschel Brownstein -
Howard's Attorney: [whispers] Howard, you'll go to jail.
Committee Counselor: - also known as Hecky Brown?
Howard's Attorney: [whispers] Be practical.
Committee Counselor: Did you know this man as either Brown or Brownstein?
Committee Chairman: Either name will do, Mr. Prince.
Howard's Attorney: [whispers] Tell them.
Committee Counselor: Brown or Brownstein?
Committee Chairman: Just the name.
Committee Counselor: Are you refusing to answer?
Howard's Attorney: [whispers] Will you talk?
Howard Prince: Fellas, I don't recognize the right of this committee to ask me these kinda questions. And furthermore, you can all go fuck yourselves.


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