The Further Adventures of Superted

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The Further Adventures of Superted is a popular 1989 series produced by Hanna-Barbera.

Quotes from Ruse of the Raja Superted: Your higness, We've been looking for rajeash all morning. We can't find him anywhere Prince Pyjamarama: Ah, Well, Um, He cannot see you, and Because of our busy scadrial, I'm afraid you'll have to leave the country today. Superted: I can't believe he wouldn't even say goodbye. The Royal Herald: It is done, Your higness. I told the people that The White Tiger has stolen the little raja. Superted: The White Tiger? Why didn't you tell us? Prince Pyjamarama: Um, Because it is hopeless. In all of our history, No one has ever escaped The White Tiger. [Prince Pyjamarama blows a raspberry] Prince Pyjamarama: That's it. Superted: Well history's about to be rewriten. We'll help you save him, Won't we, Spotty? Prince Pyjamarama: Curses!

Quotes from Phantom of the Grand Ol' Opry Superted: Give up, Texas Pete! I know who i am again and The world knows who you are as well! Texas Pete: We'll see about that! Superted: Ahhhh!

Quotes from The Further Adventures of Superted Opening Superted: After them, Spotty! [Superted and Spotty race to the rocket door and Superted opens the rocket door where Texas Pete is in] Superted: Hold it, Texas Pete!

Quotes from Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere Texas Pete: Don't mention it, Superted. Sorry if folks know, but you're going back to jail where you belong. And so is your puppy friend. [Texas Pete blows raspberries at Sparky in the bubble.]