The Ghost and Molly McGee

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The Ghost and Molly McGee is an American animated series that premiered on Disney Channel on October 1, 2021.

Theme Song Lyrics[edit]

  • Scratch: Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
  • Molly: I can't believe you're all mine!
  • Scratch: Uh, what?
  • Molly: You and me for all time!
  • Scratch: Ughh!
  • Molly: I'm never, ever, EVER gonna be alone again!
  • Scratch: Oh, boy!
  • Molly: The dream team, you and me!
  • Scratch: For all eternity?!
  • Molly: For all eternity!
  • Both: It's a ghost

It's a ghost And Molly McGee

  • Scratch: I've been cursed

It's the worst! Molly: Now you're stuck with me!

  • Both: We're never gonna be apart
  • Scratch: Is there a way to hit restart?
  • Molly: Nope!
  • Both: We're the ghost

Ghost and Molly McGee

  • Molly: That's me!
  • Scratch: Well, that's she
  • Both: The Ghost and Molly McGee!

Season 1[edit]

The Curse [101a][edit]

First Day Frights [101b][edit]

Howlin' Harriet [102a][edit]

The (Un)natural [102b][edit]

Getting the Band(shell) Back Together [103a][edit]

The Greatest Concert Ever [103b][edit]

Mama's Gotta Hustle [104a][edit]

Hooray For Mollywood! [104b][edit]

Not So Honest Abe [105a][edit]

The Best of Nin-tentions [105b][edit]

Mazel Tov, Libby! [106a][edit]

No Good Deed [106b][edit]

The Turnip Twist [107a][edit]

All Systems No [107b][edit]

Monumental Disaster [108a][edit]

Talent Show [108b][edit]

Scratch the Surface [109a][edit]

Friend-Off [109b][edit]

Festival of Lights [110a][edit]

Saving Christmas [110b][edit]

Ice Princess [111a][edit]

Ready, Set, Snow! [111b][edit]

Game Night [112a][edit]

The Don't-Gooder [112b][edit]

Innocent Until Proven Ghostly [113a][edit]

Twin Trouble [113b][edit]

Goat Your Own Way [114a][edit]

A Very Hungry Ghost [114b][edit]

Scare Tactics [115a][edit]

Bad Boy Bobby Daniels [115b][edit]

Citizen McGee [116a][edit]

The Internship [116b][edit]

The Lucky Penny [117a][edit]

Lock, Stock, and Peril [117b][edit]

Out of House and Home [118a][edit]

Home is Where the Haunt Is [118b][edit]

Scaring is Caring [119a][edit]

All Night Plight [119b][edit]

The Jig is Up [120a][edit]

Molly vs. The Ghost World [120b][edit]


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