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The Godfather: The Game is a 2006 video game based on the 1972 film of the same name.

Aldo Trapani[edit]

  • Anything for the family.
  • I'm interested. Whattayou thinking?
  • Everybody loses something.

Don Vito Corleone[edit]

  • [to young Aldo] Save your anger. Save it! When you're old enough and the time is right, you will take you're revenge.
  • There is nothing more important to a man than his Family. These men too, these, men of honour, they are also my Family. La Famiglia Corleone. I now invite you to be reborn, as one of our qualified men. Gli uomini qualificat. Please, introduce yourself to your brothers.
  • [to Michael] You know, it's a lot of foolishness about this Sollozzo business. It's so unfortunate, it's really unnecessary. Gave him my 'no' with common courtesy. I told him his business would not interfere with mine. And uh, he wouldn't take it right. I know the Tattaglia family has brought down misfortune on our own heads. Well, that's life. Everybody's got their own tale of sorrow.

Sonny Corleone[edit]

  • You know, trucks are good. I started by robbing trucks. I remember telling Pop I wanted to enter the Family Business, that I could, you know, learn to sell Olive Oil. He tells me, every man has one destiny. Well today, today, my destiny is all about the hell is inside of them trucks and what it does for me. You know what I mean?

Michael Corleone[edit]

  • We gotta cover the front entrance!
  • We have given you a nice home, and a good living. And now, it is time that I offer you more. My father suggested, and I have agreed, that you should stand at my right hand, as a caporegime.


  • Don Emilio Barzini: Sorry, Johnny, it's just business. Give it to him.
  • Monk Malone: NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Frankie!
  • Bruno Tattaglia: You got no chance. You're a dead man, my friend. I killed your girl. Hell, I enjoyed killing your girl.


Johnny Trapani: Don Corleone.
Don Vito Corleone: How are you?
Johnny Trapani: Here's your week's take.
Peter Clemenza: Nice. Good week, huh?
Johnny Trapani: Yeah, some high rollers. I'm gonna celebrate tonight, taking Sarafina to the Continental Club.

Aldo Trapani: Papa?
Don Vito Corleone: Look away. You know who I am? Save your anger. Save it! When you're old enough and the time is right, you will take your revenge.

Don Vito Corleone: Sarafina, it's been too long since you've come around. What's bothering you?
Sarafina Trapani: Godfather, my husband was always loyal to you. He died for that loyalty.
Don Vito Corleone: I have not forgotten about him, nor the loss that you have suffered. Have you ever wanted for anything? Haven't I always taken good care of you?
Sarafina Trapani: Padrino, forgive me. It's only that I'm so worried about my son. He's fallen in with some bad men. Fools. He's in trouble, and please. He needs your help, Godfather.

Luca Brasi: And I hope that their first child, be a masculine child.
Don Vito Corleone: Thank you, Luca, my most valued friend.
Luca Brasi: Don Corleone, I'm gonna leave you now because I know that you are busy.
Don Vito Corleone: Thank you. One more thing, my friend. I need you to find someone for me.

Joe Galtosino: Hey! This is my neighborhood! You and your paisan must honor me!
Aldo Trapani: Okay, okay, I don't want no more trouble.
Joe Galtosino: I don't like cheapskates, but I'll take what you got. Maybe we can see each other again some time, huh?

Sonny Corleone: Hey, Fredo, what the hell happened?
Fredo Corleone: Sonny! Sonny, I... I...
[Sonny slaps Fredo]
Sonny Corleone: Pop! Goddamn it! [seeing Aldo] What's this guy? Watching a movie? Get him outta here! Fredo, get your ass over here.

Peter Clemenza: Hey, kid, don't mind Sonny. It's just that seeing his Pop like that. So what happened out there?
Aldo Trapani: We got trapped on the bridge. Guy there said something about Sollozzo and your consigliere.
Peter Clemenza: Consigliere? Tom! What else did he say? This is important. What else?
Aldo Trapani: He said they were hiding in an old diner in Brooklyn.
Peter Clemenza: Christ! I hope Tom is okay. He's not the fighting type. We'll take it from here. Head on over to the Compound.

Michael Corleone: Who are you?
Aldo Trapani: Who are you?!
Michael Corleone: I'm Michael Corleone. Men are coming her tonight to kill my father.
Aldo Trapani: I'm here to help. Clemenza sent me. What happened to the Police? The guards?
Michael Corleone: I don't know. But I have an idea. I'm going to get the nurse to move my father to another room. Now, you better get your girl out of here. There's a way out through the basement. Go find Tom Hagen, tell him what's going on. And keep away from the front door. They may be out there already.

Tom Hagen: Hey, son, we'd like you to become an Associate to the Corleone Family. We can use a man of your abilities representing us on the streets. The point I want to stress to you, though, if you're going to be one of our Associates, is the power of negotiation, okay? Even with the way things now, especially in times like this, use your head. A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns.
Sonny Corleone: Hey, kid, listen. Believe me, if you ever have a hundred guys with guns on your side, whatever you do, don't trade 'em into some fuckin' lawyer. Haha.

Peter Clemenza: Christ! Rocco! I asked you to bring us a car, not the entire fuckin' Police force!
Rocco: They picked me up on the Bridge. I couldn't shake them!
Peter Clemenza: Christ! Let's get out of here. Kid, you drive.

Michael Corleone: We made it. I'm gonna be gone for a while so, so keep your head down, and, uh, thanks.
Aldo Trapani: You're safe.
Michael Corleone: I won't forget it. You can count on that. Sonny'll help you out until I return.

Monk Malone: What the fuck were you doing?!
Aldo Trapani: They came after me. She ran out, tried to get away. There were too many of them. I lost her. We'll get her back, Monk. Come on.
Monk Malone: She's not part of this, for God's sake!
Aldo Trapani: She'll make it.

Sonny Corleone: Hey! That's enough, Kid, we can't dance around here all night. We're done. Let's get you cleaned up. Okay, c'mon. Listen, I really gotta thank you, you know for being so cooperative with us.
Tattaglia Capo: I die before I speak. I have said nothing.
Sonny Corleone: No, no, no, my friend, you've been very helpful. You're my key in the door.
Tattaglia Capo: What? What key?! I told you nothing!
[Tattaglia Capo opens the door to a ledge and Sonny kicks him, falling to his death.]
Sonny Corleone: The Tattaglia's are going to cremate that son of a bitch at their funeral home. Bruno will be there.

Sonny Corleone: Hey, kid, listen up. We need some work done, capiche?
Aldo Trapani: I'm interested. Whattayou thinking?
Sonny Corleone: Sollozo's dead. Bruno Tattaglia is dead. But still, the Tattaglias, they keep attacking us, shooting us on sight. They must have a, I don't know, have some secrets they're keeping from us. Whatever the hell it is, they must want it really bad.
Aldo Trapani: What does the family want me to do now?
Sonny Corleone: Meet me by, a, Lucy Mancini's Apartment tomorrow. You'll probably see some of my Crew hanging around. I get a little business, you know? Okay.

Sonny Corleone: The Cuneos hit two of our guys right as they were havin' a nice meal. These fuckin' animals, they hit 'em before they even had their soup.
Aldo Trapani: What's the plan?
Sonny Corleone: We're gonna hit this bar that Cuneo's got. We're gonna drive by and we're gonna shoot the place up real good bada-bing. Then, we're gonna have ourselves a nice little bonfire.

Racket Boss: Wait. I'm a business man, is all. I don't want no more trouble.
Sonny Corleone: You should have thought of that before you set your goons on us.
Racket Boss: I'll tell you what you want to know. We get supplied from Midtown. Midtown, they're in charge.
Sonny Corleone: Who's in charge? You got General Patton selling you tanks?!
Racket Boss: You're not far wrong. Guns, lots of guns. Hell's Kitchen, an old wharf.
Sonny Corleone: Holy Hallelujah! It's Christmas.
Racket Boss: There's more. Artie Manzarano, he is your pope down there.
Sonny Corleone: Ohh, look at this big time Artie "The Moose" Manzarano! Hey, that's big time for us fellows! Didn't you always pulling some Cuneo strings.
Racket Boss: So now you let me go, huh? It's business, only business.
Sonny Corleone: Oh, sure, sure. You're absolutely right. Time to get out of the business, my friend.

Sonny Corleone: Alright, another day, another dollar and half. Gotta follow the river, see? You follow the shit upstream to see where it's coming from.
Aldo Trapani: Stepped in plenty of shit, boss.
Sonny Corleone: Oh, I'm glad you're on my side.
Aldo Trapani: I learned from the best.

FBI Agent: What the fuck are you doing? We have a deal, Malone!
Monk Malone: Stinking traitor rat! [kills the FBI Agent]
Aldo Trapani: Jesus Christ, Monk, who is this guy?
Monk Malone: He's the snitch. He's the one.
Jimmy: Monk.
Aldo Trapani: Put your guns down! Both of ya!
Monk Malone: Jimmy, what the fuck are you doing here?
Jimmy: Michael sent me. To help you guys out.
Monk Malone: What are you fuckin' kiddin' me? We don't need no babysitter, Jimmy! This was our job.
Jimmy: Oh yeah? Who pulled the trigger?
Monk Malone: Come on, Jimmy. This ain't no quiz show. What's done is done, alright?!
Jimmy: Who killed the agent? Was it you?
Aldo Trapani: Nah, it was Monk. What do you mean, "agent"? I thought this guy was an informant?
Jimmy: He's a fed. Michael, yeah, yeah it's me. I'm here. You were right. It was Malone. There's a dead FBI agent here. Yeah, yeah he pulled the trigger. He's here. Hold on. It's Michael, he wants to talk to you.
Aldo Trapani: Michael, what the hell is going on?
Michael Corleone: Monk's dirty. He just killed the agent that was running him. He was desperate to cover his tracks because we were smoking him out.
Aldo Trapani: So, what? You played some kind of game with me to set up Monk?! I was the bait?!
Michael Corleone: No, a suspect. We had to be sure. Now it's settled. But you'll have to kill him for the family.

Aldo Trapani: Monk, what happened to you? What happened to you?!
Monk Malone: What do I owe the family? Huh? I mean, I was never gonna be on the inside! I was never gonna be made, not like you! And for what? Because of who my father is? Lemme tell you something. When you killed Frankie, when they killed Frankie, I just didn't care anymore.
Aldo Trapani: But you turned your back on the Family!
Monk Malone: You're gonna let me go, or you're gonna die tryin' to stop me. So help me.

Michael Corleone: Are you ready for today? Because today we'll set a course for all our futures.
Aldo Trapani: What do I need to do?
Michael Corleone: Clemenza is waiting at the flower shop in Midtown. He will help you with what you need to do.
Aldo Trapani: I won't fail you.
Michael Corleone: It's our destiny. I know you won't fail.

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