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The Golden Blaze is an animated direct-to-video film released in 2005 written by Archie Gips and directed by Bryon E. Carson. The feature, starring the voices of Blair Underwood and Michael Clarke Duncan, had a limited theatrical run making it the second flash animation ever to be theatrically released, after Mexico's Magos y Gigantes in 2003, and the first in the United States. The film is animated and stylized like a comic book. It also took top honors at the prestigious 2005 Giffoni International Film Festival.

Directed by Bryon E. Carson. Written by Archie Gips.


Quake: Your son got you wearing the tights too, huh?
The Golden Blaze: I got the powers. Guess I might as well wear the costume.
Quake: Does the spandex ride up on you, too? It's giving me one heck of a rash.


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