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The Good Wife (2009–2016) is an American TV drama, airing on CBS, about a politician's wife who pursues her own career as a defense attorney after her husband is sent to jail on charges of political corruption. On May 2016, CBS ended the series after 7 seasons. The Good Fight premiered on February 2017 on Paramount+.

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

Diane: I want you to think of me as a mentor, Alicia. It's the closest thing we have to an old boy's network in this town. Women helping women, okay? When I was starting out I got one great piece of advice: men can be lazy, women can't... and I think that goes double for you. Not only are you coming back to the workplace fairly late but you have some very prominent baggage. [Points to a picture of her and Hillary Clinton] But, hey, if she can do it so can you.

Cary: I know we should be at each other's throats, but I just want to say I really respect what you're doing here. Raising a family and then jumping right back into this. My mom, she's thinking of doing the same thing.
Alicia: Great.

Cary: I'm sure it will be challenging, but at the end of the day, what have you really done? Saved a corporation a few billion dollars?
Alicia: You want to trade?
Cary: I would, but I guess they have other plans, so...

Alicia: Last time I was in court was 13 years ago.
Kalinda: Wow, I was 12.

Matan: I don't know how you do it, Alicia. I'd be huddled up in a ball somewhere.

Jennifer: Step in? For how long?
Alicia: For the retrial.
Jennifer: [hopeless] Oh my God.

Judge Cuesta: Mrs. Florrick? The wife of the esteemed Peter Florrick? Your husband and I never quite saw eye to eye, ma'am.
Alicia: Your Honor, I...
Judge Cuesta: Mrs. Florrick, don't talk. But if the prosecution thinks that this will in some way prejudice me against your client, he is sorely mistaken. Nice try, Matan.

Kalinda: You identify with too many clients, you burn out.
Alicia: Why don't you tell me when I do something right, okay?
Kalinda: Sure.

Alicia: You know the new associate, Cary?
Will: The one in the Brioni?
[Alicia looks at him]
Will: What? I'm observant.
Alicia: Yes, the one in the Brioni. He said to me "may the best man win". What exactly does he mean by that?
Will: What he means is something I thought we weren't making public.
Alicia: What?
Will: Look, we only have one associate position open. So we agreed to hire two applicants and, in six months, decide which one we retain.
Alicia: So this is a contest between me and Cary?
Will: It was either that or a cagematch. I'm just happy your pro bono is going well.

Peter: When I get out, it will all go back to normal.
Alicia: Nothing will ever go back to normal.

Grace: [about Jackie] I want her dead.
Alicia: Me too. Just not quite yet.

Alicia: ...but it isn't true--
Matan: Objection.
Judge Cuesta: Sustained. Keep trying, Mrs. Florrick. You'll hit on it.

Matan: Objection.
Judge Cuesta: On what grounds?
Matan: On the grounds that... relevance?
Judge Cuesta: Well, lets us see how relevant this becomes, shall we?

Diane: [about Alicia] It's not just teaching an old dog new tricks, it's teaching an entitled dog new tricks.

Alicia: Zac, I need the computer.
Zac: Mom, I just raised my wanted level.
Alicia: Yeah, I'm happy for you, honey.

Will: It's like old times. Evidentiary procedure. The mock trial.
Alicia: You remember that?
Will: How could I forget? Did we lose that one?
Alicia: Yeah!

Matan: Your honor, come on, this whole line of questioning is a smokescreen.
Judge Cuesta: Mr. Brody, why don't we wait for a whiff of smoke before we call it a screen, please? I'll allow.

Matan: Objection. Not in evidence.
Judge Cuesta: Sustained. And you might want to stay standing, Mr. Brody. I have a feeling we're nearing your smoke screen.

Childs: Don't make yourself collateral damage here, for your own sake.
Alicia: Mr. Childs, the day you leaked that sex tape to the press and forced me to shield my children from every cable news station that played it in a 24 hour rotation, that was the day I became collateral damage. If you're worried about my husband, Mr. Childs, you've obviously never made a woman angry before.

[Alicia and Kalinda are both with cups of tequila]
Alicia: You're not just making this up?
Kalinda: Come on, it's a Stern, Lockhart tradition. Your first jury trial... shot of tequila. Let's go.
[only Alicia drinks]
Kalinda: Yeah, I just made that up.

Kalinda: You know what I don't get? Why you stood by him. I would've stuck a knife in his heart.
Alicia: I always thought I would, too. When I heard about those other scandals, the other wives... I thought: how can you allow yourself to be used like that? And then it happened and I was... unprepared.

Judge Cuesta: So, our State's Attorney, in his radiant wisdom, has decided to withdraw the charges against you client and pursue a case against Mrs. Lewis's brother. Isn't that right, Mr. Brody?
[Matan starts to object]
Judge Cuesta: All I need is a 'yes' or 'no'.

Stripped [1.02]

Kalinda: Hey, ever heard the whole thing?
Alicia: No.
Kalinda: You're the only one who hasn't.

Diane: Ericcson?
Will: Right, [Diane rolls her eyes] William Ericcson. That's just what we need: two Wills.

Ericcson: I'm rooting for your husband. I know he has a lot of enemies in this town, but I always root for the underdog. [Will starts to laugh] Just ignore him. The only reason why someone is forced out of public office in America these days is sex.

Ericcson: Mr. Florrick, what would you say to someone bringing unsubstantiated sexual charges against a public figure just in order to gain an advantage?
Alicia: You want to know what I would say?
Ericcson: I would.
Alicia: I would say you're trying to change the subject from rape.

Alicia: I think you're looking for justice, Christy. And sometimes justice comes in a form we don't expect. If you take this money, the settlement will be know to the two people that matter most, you and him.
Christy: I'm sorry, no. He'll know how much it cost to rape somebody and get away with it, that's all. This is about him admitting that he did this to me.

Will: We just turned down a half million buck.
Diane: Feels good, doesn't it?

Kalinda: What else did you do there?
Christy: What do you mean?
Kalinda: I mean what else did you do there?

Alicia: So, what's your point? A call girl can't get raped?
Kalinda: Yes, that's my point, thanks. Look, she lied to us, why believe her now?
Alicia: Because she walked away of half a million dollars. And when did she ever lie to us?
Kalinda: You know, the more you bond with these clients, less helpful you are.

Will: Your stripper was hooking.
Diane: Why is she my stripper when she does something bad?

Childs: And you're telling me your husband had nothing to do with this?
Alicia: Mr. Childs, my law firm is bringing on a civil action, that's all.
Childs: Designed to embarrass my office and make it look like I don't care about a rape victim.
Alicia: A happy coincidence?

Childs: I understand the need to blame someone for your husband's downfall, but I didn't release that sex tape to hurt you or your family. I have kids, too. And you should know I was holding back. I had more to release about your husband, a lot more. Disturbing things, but out of compassion I held back.
Alicia: Mr. Childs, if you have something to show me, just do it, okay? Cause the one thing I don't have time for these days is empty threats.

Peter: There some good guys here. There's probably less backstabbing than the State's Attorney office.

Alicia: You thought it was a good idea to send me a hooker to represent?
Peter: No, I thought it was a good idea to send you a rape victim.

Will: Justice may be blind, but judges sure aren't.

Kalinda: Not that I mind it, but since when did you become me?
Alicia: You didn't believe her, I did.
Kalinda: Maybe she is telling the truth.

Will: What's up with your bud Abernathy? He's going out of his way to kill us.
Diane: You know how this works. Liberal judge gets on the bench, doesn't want to rule from his bias, so he bends over backwards the other way.

Diane: Are you suggesting I influence a sitting judge in some untoward fashion?
Will: No, just in a toward one. Come on, come to court, let him see your sad little liberal face '[Diane starts to laugh]' and contemplate a life without his friends.

Alicia: I don't understand.
Kalinda: You're in a good company.

Marlena: [after Will introduces her to Alicia in the hotel lobby] Ask for a view of the lake. It's beautiful at night. :[she walks away]
Alicia: She thinks we're getting a room.
Will: Yep.
Alicia: Now they all think we're getting a room.
Will: [he turns around to see Marlena's group of friends] You're worried?
Alicia: You?
Will: We could do worse.

Childs: Must be hard to lose, Mrs. Florrick.
Alicia: Not if it forces you to prosecute.
Childs: I'm coming out of this with a case I'll win, and you're coming out with a loss. Nice job.

Home [1.03]

Will: Legal trouble or 'my parents don't understand me' trouble?

Kenny: I remember you being way cooler than this.
Alicia: Oh, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Lauren: You didn't have to drive all the way out here. You could've called.
Alicia: I could've. But a boy I saw grow up asked for my help. And his mother used to be a friend.

Alicia: His mother was my first friend in Highland Park.
Kalinda: Oh, yeah?
Alicia: Well, and the first person to stop talking to me.

Will: When the connections are personal, it can get tricky.
Diane: Blurring the line between friendship and business usually is.

Alicia: Your son asked me to represent him.
Kenny's father: Without our consent.
Alicia: He doesn't need your consent, he's 18.
Kenny's father: And how do you think he's going to pay for it?
Alicia: I don't know, we'll work something out. And although I might not be as seasoned as Mr. Streiger is, I can guarantee you I care a lot more about your son than he does.

Will: You're here early.
Alicia: Ah, [points to Cary] but not the first.

Cary: Reminds me of my old high school.
Kalinda: Reminds me of the schools I used to vandalize.

[about Highland Park]
Kalinda: Think they've got enough manicured lawns here?
Alicia: Grass can't be more than two inches tall. Neighborhood association wields a mighty sword.
Kalinda: Pretty. Doesn't seem like a good fit though-- you living here. Was it?
Alicia: I did it for 10 years. I liked it at the time.
Kalinda: Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

Kalinda: The average teenage boy sprinting would likely be in the range of eight to ten miles per hour.
Alicia: How do you even know that?
Kalinda: Would you believe me if I told you I was a track coach in a previous life?
Alicia: No.
Kalinda: Okay.

[a car passes honking and screaming, and Kalinda shows her finger]
Kalinda: Ass!
Alicia: Nice, nice.
Kalinda: You oughta try it sometime.
Alicia: What, flipping someone off?
Kalinda: It's good for your soul.

Kalinda: You realize Cary's never been to trial before.
Alicia: How is that even possible?
Kalinda: Easy. By pleading out every court case that comes your way.

Cary: Just prepping for court.
Will: By reading case law, huh? You're better off watching experienced trial lawyers.
Cary: Yeah, well, new kid on the block. I don't get much opportunity to shadow seniors. Though I have learned a lot by watching Alicia. She's definitely got some serious skills.
Will: We suspect it's a Georgetown thing.
Cary: No doubt. No doubt. Yeah, that's a long time to stay friends. Since college and all. So, it's really commendable-- you championing her the way that you do.
Will: Yeah, know what's great about someone like Alicia? She's a natural. She doesn't have to try so hard.

Kenny's mother: I'll call you, okay?
Alicia: You're not going to call and we're not gonna have luch. And that's okay. It really is. Take care.

Kalinda: First plea bargain, a gin martini. It's another Stern, Lockhart tradition.

Fixed [1.04]

Daniel Golden: I need to ask another favor... regarding the videotape that you gave me.
Alicia: Okay.
Daniel Golden: On the tape was a present... a bracelet. I need you to look for the receipt.
Alicia: Why?
Daniel Golden: I want to use the videotape to try to get Peter a new trial. I think it's very effective. But I'm afraid that the prosecution will suggest that the present wasn't paid for by Peter.
Alicia: Why would they suggest that?
Daniel Golden: Mrs. Florrick, as you know, technically, I don't represent you. I represent your husband. And so, as much as I would like to be completely forthcoming, in these circumstances, I don't believe I can.
Alicia: So Kozko gave Peter things, and you believe Peter regifted these things... this bracelet... to me?
Daniel Golden: I can say this: it would be helpful if we could find the receipt.

Alicia: [to Daniel Golden after he sent a package full of gifts to her home] Don't you ever try to bribe me. And don't you ever try to buy my kids.

Daniel Golden: Who first told you about your husband's infidelity, Mrs. Florrick?
Alicia: CNBC.
Daniel Golden: [he chuckles] I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Alicia: I was at the cleaner's. I was waiting in line. CNBC was playing on the TV. I saw it on the crawl at the bottom of the screen.

Crash [1.05]

Peter: Mom tells me you're working on a hard case.
Alicia: Yep.
Peter: I guess you're putting in a lot of hours with Will. (she gives him an interrogative look) A lot of time to think about things in here.
Alicia: A lot of time out there, too.
Peter: He's not what he seems, Alicia.
Alicia: Peter, if it's one thing I'm learning... nobody is.
Peter: Gardner acts like he's this good guy and he's everybody's best friend, but I could tell you a few things about him. [she laughs softly] What?
Alicia: Can we... Can we at least acknowledge how ironic this conversation is? [he laughs]

Kalinda: [after making her report about Malcolm Overby] Are you sure that's what you're looking for?
Diane: I... don't know. Should I be looking for something else?
Kalinda: Well, that's like asking the dentist whether you should brush.

Judge Parks: Mr. Gardner, how long would it take to depose these witnesses?
Will: To properly prepare and depose, I would say one month.
Judge Parks: You have three days.
Will: Three? But, Your Honor, that isn't...
Judge Parks: Now you have two days. Want to try for one?
Will: No, thank you, Your Honor.
Patti Nyholm: Your Honor, if I could just interject here. These executives are very busy people. Even two hours out of their work day...
Judge Parks: Ms. Nyholm, you just gave Mr. Gardner back his third day. Would you like to give him a fourth?
Patti Nyholm: No, Your Honor. I'll stop.
Judge Parks: Good.

Kalinda: Do you know how much you pay jury consultants?
Diane: No.
Kalinda: A hundred thousand dollars for three months work.
Diane: That sounds about right.
Kalinda: Do you know how much I make?
Diane: I have a feeling I'm finding out.
Kalinda: A fourth of that.
Diane: That sounds outrageous.
Kalinda: Yeah, it does, doesn't it?

Alicia: You don't supervise my kids spontaneously. You don't take them to prison. You don't just try and phone me. You phone me. You respect me as a mother or you leave!
Jackie: I am doing the best I can.
Alicia: Well, join the club!

Conjugal [1.06]

Kalinda: We'll split the interviews.
Cary: How long you been working at Stern and Lockhart?
Kalinda: No.
Cary: What?
Kalinda: Ask them about the M.O., the Bulls sweatshirt, anything that's remotely similar to Clarence.
Cary: What did I do?
Kalinda: Uninterested.
Cary: You're uninterested in talking?
Kalinda: How much would you imagine we'd have in common?
Cary: I don't like talking to people I have a lot in common with.
Kalinda: Okay, I have a proposition for you. Find this person, I'll tell you whatever you want to know.
Cary: Whatever I want to know?
Kalinda: And more.
Cary: Okay, you just saved Clarence Wilcox's life.

Kalinda: You know what I like about you? You're three months into a ten-year sentence, and you're plotting your political comeback.
Peter: Politics is just a game of Chutes and Ladders. Right now, I'm at square one.

Alicia: I've got to get this to Will. It's enough for evidentiary appeal.
Kalinda: Probably, but if you're going to go all the way with this, you're going to have to talk to your husband.
Alicia: My husband? Why?
Kalinda: He knows where the bodies are buried.

Cary: [after agreeing to do pro bono work] What? It's a good cause.
Alicia: I'm just trying to fit this into the fuller Cary picture.
Cary: Hey, there aren't that many generations left. You've taken the greatest generation, the lost generation, the Pepsi generation, so what do we have left? The surprise generation? So, surprise.

Alicia: [running as a team to make their point to Will's office] This is odd.
Cary: Yeah, we can compete tomorrow.

Unorthodox [1.07]

Will: Nothing here is pure, and nothing here is simple.

Will: You have a lifeboat that holds 15 people or one person... who do you put in it?
Diane: Is one a priest and one a rabbi?

Will: It's not like law school, is it?
Alicia: It's better. I always felt unsure in law school.
Will: Really? Could have fooled me.
Alicia: I did fool you.

Ryan: [about the firm's offices] A lot of glass here.
Alicia: Yes, every time we sell a piece of our souls, we buy glass.

Alicia: Does anyone ever surprise you?
Kalinda: No.
Alicia: Even me?
Kalinda: Especially you.

Unprepared [1.08]

Daniel Golden: If you don't mind me saying, there is some... ambivalence inherent in your position, Alicia. And ambivalence could hurt Peter's chances.
Alicia: I'm not going to lie on the stand, Daniel.
Daniel Golden: That's not what I'm saying. The truth is the truth but it can often sound... truer.

Peter: I'm a flawed human being. And, uh... and I have paid a heavy price. I'm not complaining. That's just the truth. But I've looked in the mirror, and what I've seen, I don't like. And I'm gonna change it. That said, I do think it's time to turn the page, look to the future.

Diane: You're never handed the perfect witness. You make the perfect witness.

Alicia: I had a brief consultation with a divorce attorney. A few days after the allegations against my husband surfaced, in order to weigh my options.
Nathan Landry: Are you saying you ruled out the possibility of divorce?
Alicia: I-- I have no plans to divorce.
Nathan Landry: But you haven't ruled it out?
Alicia: I haven't ruled out running for president. Probably won't happen, but I haven't ruled it out.

Alicia: What's your goal here, Mr. Landry?
Nathan Landry: Mrs. Florrick...
Alicia: To do your boss's bidding? To embarrass me? Embarrass my husband? To goad me into some emotional public renunciation of him? The relevant question here is whether Peter has a suitable place to go home to. And I am stating, under oath, that he does. Any further questions?

Threesome [1.09]

Peter: [to Amber] You phone my wife. You threaten my family. You go on a talk show, humiliate, and slander my wife and children. To protect my family, you have no idea what I'm capable of.

Alicia: I don't know what's right or wrong anymore. I don't know what's a lie or what's the truth. I just... I can't take this.
Peter: Hold on. [he reaches for her]
Alicia: No. I want it to stop. This is your family. [she breaks into tears] I don't care about libel laws. You make it stop. Make her stop.

Kya: Are you okay?
Peter: No.
Kya: That's good. The genuine is important right now.
Peter: Kya, unless you can get me in touch with my wife, I think you should shut up.

Lifeguard [1.10]

Jackie: [talking about Grace's new friend] Her father's in prison, you know.
Alicia: Jackie, your son's in prison.
Jackie: Well, yes, but he's not in statesville.

Kalinda: You want to make people mysterious. People aren't mysterious.
Cary: Okay, then the same thing goes for you. You're not mysterious. By the same logic, you're completely knowable.
Kalinda: Sure.
Cary: Okay, so then hit me. I want to know. Go ahead.
Kalinda: Cary, you and I have nothing in common. 'cause you and I are from different worlds. And it's not just Mars and Venus. It's spaghetti and hydrogen. We're different categories. I'm knowable, but just not to you.

Infamy [1.11]

Alicia: So you're using me for leverage.
Carla Browning: Yes. Does that make you uncomfortable?
Alicia: It makes me mistrustful.
Carla Browning: So use me back.

Alicia: I'm working on a divorce case, Peter, and I just see... I see how easily people fall back into old habits.
Peter: But that won't happen to us.
Alicia: Why won't we?
Peter: Because we see the problem. And we'll know how to avoid it.

Emily Tartan: The network doesn't want a long, drawn out trial. We would like to move on.
Diane: You mean from Cheryl Willen's suicide or the loss of ten sponsors?
Emily Tartan: You don't need to sell it anymore; we're here.
Diane: That wasn't selling; that was rubbing it in.

Alicia: I'm tired of being the one who has to hand-hold the clients. You know, they send me off to get a client to agree to do something I- I'm not even involved with, because they send me off to hand-hold the client.
Kalinda: You're babbling.
Alicia: I know. Thank you.
Kalinda: Look, it's not a conspiracy. You're good at it.
Alicia: That's what my brother used to say to get me to do chores:"Alicia's good at it". I've worked two months on this Duke case, and now that they're settling, I'm off on some divorce case, and Cary gets all the glory.
Kalinda: Yeah. Life stinks.

Detective Frank: It's an ongoing investigation!
Kalinda: The Lindbergh Baby is an ongoing investigation.

Painkiller [1.12]

Glenn Childs: I don't think you understand how exposed you are from your past work with the state's attorney's office. Subpoenas stopped at Florrick only because I wanted them stopped at Florrick.
Kalinda: You're trying to tie me to his scandal.
Glenn Childs: You are tied to his scandal. I am offering to keep the record sealed if you give me what I want, that's all.

Alicia: You can't be talking with the mother right now.
Dr. Wesley: Why not?
Alicia: Your patient overdosed from pills you prescribed. And there is some question about the dosage. Even a simple expression of sympathy could be construed as an admission of guilt.
Dr. Wesley: Then it's an admission. That's my patient. I'm their family doctor.
Alicia: And I'm your lawyer. If I was sick right now, I would do exactly as you told me to do. But you're in trouble. And I need you to do exactly as I tell you.

Peter: Childs tapped my home. We don't want to subpoena those tapes unless we can preview them.
Kalinda: Without him knowing.
Peter: Mm-hmm. So, I think you should accept Childs' job offer. Work for him. And for us. That should be a familiar feeling for you.
Kalinda: I always did like you.

Cary: Are you seeing someone?
Kalinda: [she stays focused on the people they are watching] Okay, when they go into the locker room, don't approach them. Just watch the exchange and I'll make the approach later.
Cary: I'm sorry, did you hear my question? Do you have a boyfriend?
Kalinda: Do I have a boyfriend?
Cary: Yeah.
Kalinda: No.

Alicia: I wanted his problems out of the office. What does that say about me?
Kalinda: It says you're becoming a lawyer.

Bad [1.13]

Colin Sweeney: Mrs. Florrick. A pleasure to meet you. [they shake hands] Don't worry. I killed her with my other hand. [she withdraws her hand quickly] Joking. Sorry. I've developed a perverse sense of the comic over the last year.

Colin Sweeney: You think I killed my wife?
Alicia: Of course.
Will: Look, you pay us to represent your interests...
Colin Sweeney: Even though her body was never found?
Alicia: I'm sure you found ways to dispose of it.
Colin Sweeney: Chopped her up and buried her in a landfill somewhere?
Alicia: Or in Lake Michigan.
Colin Sweeney: And my alibi?
Alicia: That you were driving from St. Louis to Chicago at the time?
Colin Sweeney: So you have no problem representing a murderer?
Alicia: Oh, I have a great problem with it.
Colin Sweeney: But you'll do it anyway?
Alicia: Unless you'd like to exclude me.
Colin Sweeney: Oh, not for the world.

Kalinda: When you pick up a gun, you shoot to kill. Or you don't pick up a gun at all.

Will: So, are they going to go with electronic monitoring?
Alicia: For Peter? Yes, if he wins the appeal.
Will: Kids are excited?
Alicia: Yeah... but nervous.
Will: And you?
Alicia: Same.
Will: It's going to be weird, huh?
Alicia: What do you mean?
Will: I don't know what I mean. [awkward silence] We said we'd have dinner, didn't we?
Alicia: Yes. We should.

Peter: [after Alicia told him he'll be staying in the spare bedroom] Do you ever want to be together again?
Alicia: Peter... I've been hurt, deeply. I imagine I will heal someday, but for now... we need a plan, okay?
Peter: Okay.

Hi [1.14]

Peter: So, you know the offer you made?
Glenn Childs: What offer would that be?
Peter: Freedom today if I don't fight the conviction. Stay disbarred, can't run again.
Glenn Childs: Yes, that offer. Smart move would be to take it.
Peter: Mm.
Glenn Childs: So I have to imagine you're going to tell me to go to hell.
Peter: You want the longer version?
Glenn Childs: Can't wait.
Peter: I wouldn't get too comfortable in that office of yours.

Kalinda: [after being subpoenaed to Peter's appeal] I'm not testifying.
Glenn Childs: Then you're going to jail.
Kalinda: Look, I've got nothing to offer.
Glenn Childs: You have everything to offer. You know you do. Peter Florrick lied on the witness stand. Tell the truth, he spends the next nine years in prison.
Kalinda: Glenn.
Glenn: What?
Kalinda: Don't do this.
Glenn Childs: Come on, Kalinda. What do you care? You're out for yourself. You've always been out for yourself. And either way, you're going to tell the truth.
Kalinda: You don't know that.
Glenn Childs: I know that the sun is coming up tomorrow, and that you are going to tell the truth on the stand. And Peter Florrick is going back to prison. End of story.

Alicia: [Cary is afraid Alicia told Will about his being high] Cary, I didn't tell him.
Cary: Why didn't you? With the contest, you know, why-why didn't you tell him?
Alicia: I... There are so many people lined up against us, I just don't want one more.
Cary: I don't want you to lose.
Alicia: I know. I don't want you to lose, either.
Cary: I kind of like you.
Alicia: I'm surprised, but I kind of like you, too.

Will: I don't understand marriage.
Diane: It's a mysterious institution.
Will: You never wanted it?
Diane: Is that a proposal?
Will: [ironically] Yes. I've been watching you from afar. [she chuckles]

Bang [1.15]

Will: Nice work on Broussard today.
Diane: Thanks.
Will: Look, I know we're going through a lot of turmoil here over the direction of the firm, with Stern gone and all, but wherever we end up... I respect you, Diane.
Diane: Didn't they say that to Secretariat before they put him down?
Will: I don't think they said "Diane".

Alicia: I'm better than Cary. On the Broussard homicide. On the eyewitness cross. I've been working on this for three months, intensely, and Cary is just coming on.
Diane: I agree.
Alicia: You... Well, then, why? Why... why was I pulled off it?
Diane: I don't know. It wasn't my idea.
Alicia: Whose?
Diane: Will's.

Kalinda: [about Will and Alicia] You two do have a complicated relationship. You know, an unrequited thing.
Alicia: What does that even mean? An unrequited thing?
Kalinda: Look, I don't really deal well with all this high school stuff.
Alicia: And wouldn't that make him want me on the case, not off it?
Kalinda: I don't know. Alicia, complicated relationships are a breeding ground for misinterpreted action.

Eli Gold: You know, you and I are going to be the best of friends, Mrs. Florrick. And you know why?
Alicia: I have no idea.
Eli Gold: Because you're cautious, and so am I. Your husband isn't.

Alicia: I checked with Diane. Why I'm no longer on the Broussard homicide. She said it was your decision.
Will: Yes.
Alicia: I just wanted to make sure I hadn't done anything wrong.
Will: No, no, no, no. Of course not.
Alicia: Then I don't get it.
Will: Maybe it was a mistake. I... I've been feeling guilty lately about pulling you away from the Rucker defense and the Memorial North suit. I just thought that... I just thought with Peter coming home... your life's complicated enough. I should give you a break.
Alicia: But I don't want a break. I want to be here. I want to be doing a good job.
Will: You are doing a good job.
Alicia: Then use me. Peter can take care of himself. He's irrelevant to this. I want to be here.
Will: I want you to be here.
Alicia: Then... then I'm here.
Will: Okay.

Fleas [1.16]

Will: We represent murderers. We get them off.
Diane: No. We keep the courts honest.
Will: And why shouldn't the courts be kept honest about Bishop? Everybody deserves representation. Does that stop suddenly when it comes to--
Diane: A criminal organization whose sole purpose is to sell drugs and to murder to control territory?
Will: Sure. Put it any way you want, it's still a true statement.
Diane: We're doing this for the money.
Will: Of course we are. We're not a charity! We do this or we lay off half of Acquisitions. That's ten lawyers and ten families.
Diane: Not to mention your season tickets.

Peter: I found condoms in your bedside table. I was looking for your letter opener. I thought maybe they belonged to Zach. You know, you found them in his room. But then I thought you wouldn't take them. You'd have a sensible conversation with him about responsibility. So then, I thought they were yours. But that didn't make sense because you have an IUD.
Alicia: I had it removed.
Peter: Oh, really? So condoms do make sense?
Alicia: They do.
Peter: For who? [she snorts and empties her handbag on the bed]
Alicia: Check it, Peter.
Peter: I said I was looking for your letter opener.
Alicia: I have other drawers, too. Did you check these ones? [she opens the wardrobe]
Peter: I said that I was looking...
Alicia: How about over here? Did you check this drawer?
Peter: What is it you need to hear from me? I will never touch another woman again.
Alicia: What do you want, a prize, Peter? It seems to be the minimum prerequisite.
Peter: For both of us.

Diane: Didn't we agree to not take this?
Will: No, we agreed to cut the flowers and the paper cups. The least I can do is take the cases I want.
Diane: You sure this isn't pride?
Will: Of course, it's pride. What's wrong with pride? Pride built the pyramids.
Diane: And Watergate.

Will: I would like a ruling on my objection.
Judge: You are trying my patience...
Will: I understand that, Your Honor, but we both know if you don't use the proper form of 'sustained' or 'overruled', the matter can't later be appealed. And I was surprised in reviewing your past court cases, how often you encouraged lawyers to move on without actually ruling, therefore avoided having your non rulings overturned on appeal. [he pauses] In my opinion.
Judge: Mr. Gardner, I have never been quite so offended in all my years on the bench.
Will: I understand that, Your Honor, but I still want a ruling. A ruling I can appeal.

Will: [about having a third partner] You're okay with giving up a third?
Diane: Of what, a sinking ship? Sure. We'll kill each other if we don't find a referee.
Will: A third partner? Someone neutral, someone we both agree on? [she nods and they clink glasses] An optimism fills the void.
Diane: I think that's alcohol.
Will: Just as good.

AUSA Rivers: What the hell was that?
Will: Do you have a map?
AUSA Rivers: A what?
Will: A map, so I can show you were you live. That, my friend, was a Chicago defense. Get used to it.

Heart [1.17]

Eli Gold: Religion is like a drug, in small doses it's curative, in large, it's addictive.

Will: [after losing his case] Let's make a deal.
Patti Nyholm: You just lost at craps, Will. You don't make a deal with the croupier; you just go home.

Will: We can't drop our class action.
Alicia: I know.
Will: There are 68 other couples just like them. [she gives him a look] Yes, it's about the firm, too. But we can't drop the class action.
Alicia: I understand.
Will: Don't you like this? Being a lawyer? Isn't it fun?
Alicia: It has its moments.

Will: Please, tell me you have something good.
Kalinda: Well, I'm not sure what it is. And my method for obtaining it is not exactly legitimate.
Will: Illegitimate as in "I can't use it in court", or... we can go to jail?
Kalinda: I downloaded firmware and cloned Patti Nyholm's phone, in order to intercept her text messages. [he chuckles] What? You wanted something. I got you something.

Will: You came into my office. Last night, after you left, you came back to my office-- why?
Alicia: Will... help me out, please? I mean, we had... We had... whatever we had at Georgetown, and I just...
Will: But you came back.
Alicia: I know. It was wrong.
Will: Because you're married? [she remains silent] Okay, I have a suggestion.
Alicia: I like work. I like working here. I don't want everywhere I go to be a mess.
Will: We're not going to talk about this. We're not going to say any more, okay?
Alicia: Good.
Will: We're going to go to dinner in one week's time and we'll talk then.
Alicia: Please don't end up hating me. I need this job. I mean, I'm... I-I, I mean that... I'm sorry.
Will: [softly] Alicia. It's fine. We have bad timing. [he starts to walk away] We've always had bad timing.

Doubt [1.18]

Coach: [about Kalinda who wants to open a locker] Don't you need a warrant or something?
Kalinda: Yeah, if I were a cop. I can't get bolt cutters in here, but it'd be easier if you just opened it.
Coach: So you're not a cop?
Kalinda: No.
Coach: And you're not with campus police?
Kalinda: Mm-mmm.
Coach: So who are you?
Kalinda: Kalinda.

Detective Burton: So, you enjoy tarnishing my reputation?
Kalinda: Best part of my day.

Will: Sometimes I think justice would be better served with a coin flip.

Will: [over the phone] We're in a weird place, I know.
Alicia: It's okay.
Will: No. I don't like being in a weird place.
Alicia: I know. Me neither.
Will: When I look at you during the day, I want to know what you're thinking.
Alicia: Sometimes I don't even know what I'm thinking. Will...
Will: Yeah?
Alicia: If it had been differently... at Georgetown, if... if it had been us and not Peter, we would've lasted a week.
Will: No, we wouldn't have.
Alicia: We would have. It's romantic because it didn't happen. If it had happened, it would have just... been life.

Will: [about Diane sleeping with McVeigh] Did it even occur to you to tell me?
Diane: Not, it didn't. I was under the mistaken impression that it was my life.
Will: It's your life when it doesn't impact our clients.
Diane: It didn't impact our clients.
Will: Diane, the jury ate it up. It was sex. It wasn't GSR or ballistics; it was sex.
Diane: I'm going home.
Will: If you had just told me. If you had just given me a sign!
Diane: Come on! Don't be a hypocrite.
Will: A hypocrite? How am I a hypocrite?
Diane: Alicia.
Will: [he pauses] That's supposed to what, make me quake, make me humble?
Diane: Make you honest.
Will: There's nothing going on with Alicia.
Diane: That's not true.
Will: It is true.
Diane: Will... I have two eyes.
Will: Then use them. Watch me. Watch us. There's nothing going on with Alicia. [she chuckles]

Boom [1.19]

Jackie: [to Peter] You are a good man. You want to blame yourself. But you apologized. You apologized again, and again. Anybody who wants another apology from you only wants you to be weak. So stop this. Stop this now. My son will not be made weak.

Kalinda: The fact is, you know something about Stern no one else knows.
Alicia: I can't use it, Kalinda.
Kalinda: You can't not use it.
Alicia: It violates attorney-client privilege.
Kalinda: Only if you tell someone. So don't tell someone.

Alicia: It's over.
Peter: What is?
Alicia: Us. Me caring. Me actually thinking that you're changing.
Peter: I am changing.
Alicia: No, you're not. You want to think you are so you can go back to what you did before.
Peter: Then, help me. Help me. If you're right, help me.
Alicia: No.

Pastor Isaiah: I have respected the way you've stood by your husband. It's a lesson in forbearance.
Alicia: Well, it's a lesson in something.

Diane: This isn't about Mrs. Sanborn, Jonas. This is about us.
Stern: Of course it's about us. I'm going to destroy your firm. And Mrs. Sanborn understands that, don't you dear?
Mrs. Sanborn: I do.

Mock [1.20]

Peter: Everybody has friends; everybody has enemies. I did things for Kozko as a friend.
Alicia: That were illegal?
Peter: No, but... the line gets fuzzy.
Alicia: [she shows him a bracelet] Who paid for this?
Peter: I did.
Alicia: Then why isn't the receipt in your name? I went to the store, Peter.
Peter: I wanted to get you something nice... I didn't have the money. Kozko lent me the money.
Alicia: And that was illegal.
Peter: That was... fuzzy.

Grace: Who's Will?
Alicia: Will Gardner-- my boss.
Grace: I heard you talking to him on the phone. A week ago. You were whispering. At night.
Alicia: He's my boss... and we used to know each other in college. And we thought that we were attracted to each other, but it's over.
Grace: What's over?
Alicia: Thinking that we were attracted to each other.
Grace: But he's still your boss?
Alicia: Yes.
Zach: So what happened?
Alicia: Actually, that's all I intend to share right now. Your father and I are agreeing to make this work and I have agreed to trust you again, so good night.

Will: Everything is all right.
Alicia: You sure? Because... I'm sorry.
Will: Alicia, you don't have any reason to be sorry. I was pushing a situation that was wrong to push.
Alicia: You weren't.
Will: I was.
Will: Don't worry. We're good. We're going to be good.

Kalinda: [to Alicia] That's the problem with good deeds... they multiply.

Kalinda: You're such a pushover.
Alicia: I am not. I'm responsible. [Kalinda gives her a look] No, I mean, I'm responsible for the Feds questioning him.
Kalinda: You're not responsible for everything bad in the world, Alicia.
Alicia: [she pauses] Where would they put her, the mom?
Kalinda: Broadview, McHenry detention, General population at Cook County. They make it a shell game.
Alicia: But you could find her?
Kalinda: So you're the pushover, I'm the one who actually does the work?

Unplugged [1.21]

Kalinda: You have until Friday.
Alicia: I have...? No. I have two weeks.
Kalinda: Diane and Will are deciding between you and Cary on Friday.
Alicia: Where did you hear that?
Kalinda: Cary was going door to door with equity partners, lining up support. He heard it from your assistant. My guess is he's phoning in on accounts, loading up on receivables. How are you with Will?
Alicia: I don't know.
Kalinda: What happened?
Alicia: I don't know.
Kalinda: You do know. You just don't want to say. Did you sleep with him?
Alicia: No.
Kalinda: So that's the problem: you didn't sleep with him?
Alicia: No. We talked. We had... a moment.
Kalinda: And you shut it down?
Alicia: He did, too.
Kalinda: Okay. You have three problems. Cary's a good finisher. He got a head start. And Will is gonna work overtime to appear objective. Unfairly objective.
Alicia: I'm... I'm just so tired of this.
Kalinda: I know, but that's what people like Cary count on.

Alicia: I heard you were deciding on Friday.
Will: That really wasn't supposed to be circulated.
Alicia: I know. I just... I'm really proud of the work I've done here.
Will: As you should be.
Alicia: And I wanted to make sure that you saw that.
Will: Look, Alicia, I don't know what you're hearing, but that's all we'll be looking at.
Alicia: Okay, good.
Will: You have my word. When we decide, nothing else will enter the picture other than your work.

[Alicia and Cary have just been informed they have been called up by Diane and Will]
Cary: It's weird, huh?
Alicia: It's like a date with the executioner.
Cary: Nice working with you.
Alicia: You too. You're a good lawyer.

Cary: I hear it's always the first one called in, they're the ones who get fired.
Alicia: I really didn't need to know that.
Cary: Sorry.

Alicia: I don't know what to do. I've worked hard. You say that's not enough, so I'll work harder. You tell me Cary can work harder still. So what do you want? Tell me what you want, because I can't lose this job.
Diane: You're not Cary. You can never be Cary. But you don't have to be.
Alicia: I don't understand.
Diane: Your name, your connections... You've been reluctant to... use them.
Alicia: You want me to use my connections?
Diane: I want you to want the job.

Hybristophilia [1.22]

Jackie: [about Peter] He couldn't have done it without you.
Alicia: Oh, that's not true.
Jackie: It is. We women stay in the shadows, we smile, we comfort, we nurse, but we're always there. You are a good woman, Alicia.

Alicia: Are you gay? [Kalinda doesn't answer] Oh, come on. We are talking about every single little detail of my life. It's a simple question.
Kalinda: I'm... I'm private.
Alicia: Ugh. Come on.
Kalinda: What does it matter?
Alicia: It doesn't.
Kalinda: Then why'd you want to know?
Alicia: Because I do. And how is this fair? I talk about everything.
Kalinda: I didn't say it was. You like to talk about your life. I don't like to talk about mine.

Alicia: I just wanted to say I am sorry.
Cary: Sorry you got the job, or sorry for what you did to get the job?
Alicia: Sorry we both didn't get the job.
Cary: Alicia, here's the thing... you like to think you're a good person, and maybe at one time you were, but we both know you'll do whatever it takes. Sleeping with the boss? Check.
Alicia: Cary, if it makes you feel better to think that, then think it, but...
Cary: I don't have a name. Alicia, I don't have a fairy godmother I can phone up or the whole Chicago political machine. I had to work, I had to sweat, I had to make money for this firm and that's just not enough.

Glenn Childs: I want you to join us, I want you to...
Cary: Yes.
Glenn Childs: I'll need your help with Alicia Florrick. She and her husband...
Cary: Yes.
Glenn Childs: Good. See you tomorrow.

Kalinda: I phone Will, I tell him we're in a bar and that you're too drunk to go home. So you're getting a hotel room upstairs. Alicia, one night... no repercussions.
Alicia: And tomorrow?
Kalinda: Tomorrow you wake up.
Alicia: That's just not me, Kalinda.
Kalinda: Everything is you. Everything you want to be you is you.

Running [1.23]

Jackie: Who do you think you are? You think you know people? You just use the same words for everyone. You just say 'God' and you think you can make people feel bad about themselves.
Pastor Isaiah: Mrs. Florrick, your son approached me. He asked advice from me. I will continue to offer that advice.
Jackie: And I will do everything in my power to stop you. You don't know my son. This is a phase. You are a phase.
Pastor Isaiah: Then, we'll see.
Jackie: No, you'll see. He's running, this year. He's my blood; and I don't know what your God does, but it doesn't match that.

Giada: I ran into Alicia Florrick.
Will: Uh-huh. Where?
Giada: At the office. She seems nice.
Will: Yes, and a very talented lawyer.
Giada: I'm sure. I felt like I was intruding.
Will: You felt like you were intruding? I don't understand that.
Giada: I felt like I was getting checked out by someone who had skin in the game.

Will: [on the phone] Okay, I just need to say it. We've been up and down, back and forth, and I look at you, Alicia and I think that...
Alicia: Will...
Will: No, I just need to say this.
Alicia: No! Show me the plan.
Will: The what?
Alicia: The plan. I get the romance. I need a plan.
Will: Not everything needs a plan.
Alicia: Everything that matters does. I have two kids that mean the world to me. I have the press. They're just waiting for a whiff of a new scandal. And I have a husband. So if you want to cut through all that noise, then show me a plan. Poetry is easy. It's the parent-teacher conferences that are hard.

Alicia: So is it always gonna be this way between us?
Will: I want to say yes, but I want to know what you mean.
Alicia: Just... talking. Being casual and...
Will: Blunt? [she nods] I like myself around you, Alicia. I don't like myself around a lot of people.
Alicia: You do.
Will: It's an act. It's perfected over a millennium.

Cary: You know what I would do if I were you, Alicia? I'd prepare for a season of losing.

Season 2


Taking Control [2.01]

Will: (in a voicemail to Alicia) No, you know what? I'm not just dropping this. You wanna know my plan? My plan is I love you, okay? I've probably loved you ever since Georgetown. So phone me. I'll meet you anywhere, and we will make a plan. If none of this makes sense to you, just ignore it. No embarrassment, nothing. We'll just go back to how things stood.

Will: Are we being played in some way?
Diane: I don't see how.
Will: I don't either. It's making me suspicious.

Double Jeopardy [2.02]

Diane: What do you know about Derrick Bond?
Kalinda: What do I know? Well, I did the due diligence. Everything I found, you have.
Diane: What about Derrick Bond and Will?
Kalinda: Sorry?
Diane: As far as I knew, there was no connection between them. I was the connection to Derrick.
Kalinda: You're suggesting there's a link that you don't know about.
Diane: I'm suggesting I'd like to be disabused of that notion.
Kalinda: Then, I'll get to disabusing.

Breaking Fast [2.03]

Alicia: Don’t put me in the middle of your thing.
Blake: My-my thing? I-what’s that?
Alicia: I don’t know. But whatever games you’re playing you play with her [Kalinda]. I’m too busy. Okay?

Owen: Afraid of the Alicia stare.
Alicia: The what?
Owen: You know. (makes a glacial glare)
Alicia: When have I ever done that?
Owen: When someone doesn’t live up to your standards.
Alicia: You make me sound like such a bitch!
Owen: Noooo. Proper.
Alicia: Ow!
Owen: Are you going to leave him?
Alicia: Owen, please don’t.
Owen: He’s two-faced.
Alicia: Everyone’s two-faced.
Owen: You’re not.
Alicia: Yes, I am.
Owen: Then you’ve changed.
Alicia: No. Issues got more complex. And I grew up.

Cleaning House [2.04]

Cary: (to Alicia and Will, before taking Alicia's deposition) This is funny, isn't it? All these connections. My old workplace, my old boss, my old coworker... and my new boss competing with your husband. And then there's you two and... your thing.
Will: (shrugs) Chicago. Shall we start?

VIP Treatment [2.05]

Peter: You know the one thing I hate more than a backroom deal, Eli, is a failed backroom deal.

Poisoned Pill [2.06]

Kalinda: Your office is... small.
Cary: Yes. Small, but pure.
Kalinda: So, in the third year, do you get a window?

(on the phone)
Alicia: Could... we talk sometime?
Will: We can talk anytime.
Alicia: No, I mean... We need a moment. Just a moment when things don't seem so all over the place.
Will: Okay, that's probably not now.
Alicia: (chuckles) No.

Bad Girls [2.07]

Will: I heard peer review was rough.
Alicia: A bit. How important is it?
Will: I don't know. We're trying to figure that out. You think it's stupid?
Alicia: I think it encourages people to denigrate each other to save their jobs.
Will: I read your reviews. You didn't.

On Tap [2.08]

Will: In Chicago, you need your friends three times: at your wedding, your wake, and your first indictment.

Nine Hours [2.09]


Breaking Up [2.10]


Two Courts [2.11]

Will: I've got your back, Kalinda. Just make sure you got mine.
Kalinda: I always have... and I always will.

Silly Season [2.12]

Cary: Good job. I didn't see that one coming.
Kalinda: Ah, I have to keep you on your toes. So, anything new on Blake?
Cary: You just got my only eyewitness kicked and you want my help?
Kainda: Yeah.

Real Deal [2.13]

Will: I need friends. I need, like, a fat buddy who I can tell things to and get drunk.
Alicia: I'll work on that.

Net Worth [2.14]


Silver Bullet [2.15]

Diane: Where is Blake?
Kalinda: Uh, I heard he's out sick.
Diane: Okay, you sit with them. Help them prepare questioning, because what I give a damn about I give a damn about...uh...It's's's not just, uh it's just one minute.

Diane: Well, I think that worked. I mean, it was painful, but it worked...What's wrong?
(Kurt walks close and kisses Diane)
(Someone knock on the door)
Diane: Go away!
Will: But she hasn't lost perspective?
Alicia: No. She's fighting harder.
Will: Unfortunately. I need her to fight harder at work, too.

Great Firewall [2.16]

Alicia: I...just for one minute wanted to think that we were doing the right thing.
Will: But we are doing the right thing.
Alicia: But for the wrong reason.
Will: Who do you know is doing something for the right reason? I would love to meet them, because my guess is, after five minutes of questioning, we'll find the wrong reason.

(after the motion to dismiss Diane falls short)
Derrick: You had me fire my head of litigation and put you in.
Julius: (grinning) Yeah.
Derrick: Why?
Julius: I don't like you.

Diane: We're the perfect couple.
Will: Yeah, everything but the sex.

Season 4


Here Comes the Judge [4.8]

Diane: If you go nuclear, don't leave missiles in your silo.

Je Ne Sais What? [4.12]

Judge Thomas Politi: Come on, Miss Pine. When the law is an ass, someone has to kick it.

The Seven Day Rule [4.13]

Diane: You know why I was made partner? Jonas Stern was sued for sexual harassment, and he needed to show that he had a female partner. That's all. When the door that you have been knocking at finally swings open, you don't ask why, you run through. That is the simple fact. No one is here to make it comfortable for you. No one is here to appreciate your moping, so this is my advice to you, take a minute for yourself, put on your best gracious voice, find a way to wear a smile, and then come into the conference room ready to thank the equity partners for giving you this opportunity. Because what is given can quickly be taken away.

Clarke: We? When did we become a we?
Canning: You're right, I'm being presumptuous. Lockhart/Gardner is a good firm with good people who are being mismanaged. Now, if you agree with that, then we are a we.
Clarke: I'm not here to destroy it.
Canning: I know. You're here to make sure the firm's creditor, myself, gets paid, and to put a good firm on firmer footing. That's what I want, too.

David: That concession was damaging. We can't afford any more giveaways.
Alicia: David, she's a woman in love, it's gonna be hard to motivate her.
Kalinda: Do you need dirt?
David: Yes. But that's the challenge about prenups, you need to throw enough dirt on the spouse to get something, but not too much to kill the wedding.
Kalinda': I'll be delicate.

Red Team, Blue Team [4.14]



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