The Gorilla (1939 film)

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The Gorilla is a 1939 film about a wealthy man who is threatened by a killer known as The Gorilla, and hires the two brothers to investigate.

Directed by Allan Dwan. Written by Ralph Spence, Rian James, and Sid Silvers, based on Spence's play.
A Ritz is afraid of nothing ... but ... THIS ... IS ... SOMETHING!  (taglines)


  • We'll all be murdered in our beds!
  • The Gorilla? HIM? Oh, I'll never trust another man if I live to be a thousand!


  • Mulligan : First time I saw a mouse trap catch a piece of cheese!
  • Harrigan: Mark that down, Garrity.


Peters: Did I hear somebody scream?
Kitty: Well, if you didn't, you oughta have your ears cleaned out!

Jack Marsden: Why is it something always happens when YOU'RE not here?
Peters: Unfortunate coincidence, sir.

Kitty: Why couldn't all of this have happened tomorrow?
Norma Denby: What difference would that make?
Kitty: Tomorrow's my day off!

Harrigan: What's this?
Kitty: That's a door.

Poe's keeper: Don't you know Poe hates women?
Kitty: So does Kipling.

Jack Marsden: Peters, what's all that commotion?
Peters: It sounds like our friends the detectives.


  • A Ritz is afraid of nothing ... but ... THIS ... IS ... SOMETHING!
  • Mystery goes merry, with the Ritzes
  • Thrills + Laughs = Entertainment


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