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The Granary is a 2017 biographical drama feature film written by and starring Eveshka Ghost. The film follows an agoraphobic named Pan who fights his difficulties and fears through inspiration. [1]

Nicholas Mortecriv[edit]


  • One particular area of inspiration would be...failure. I would try to take something that I had failed, and write about it. then try to use every shred of negativity energy so that I could tell myself it wasn't wasted. [2]


  • Fear isn’t just personal, It’s global. It controls you, it controls everything you do. Everyone around you! You have to make snap decisions, you have to think is it gonna hurt that person? What are they gonna think of you? Nobody understands! Nobody! They say they do and eventually they just stop inviting you. They get the hint they blame you for it. They don’t tell you they blame you, it’s all part of it. You wouldn’t understand.
  • Using fear to control me. You’re no better than the demon himself.
  • Look at you. You think you’re frightening don’t you? You think you’re the face of fear. What did you friend think when he ran away? Did he want to be just like you? Is that what you do? Create people like yourself?
  • You don’t know what fear is. You have no idea, I am stalked by fear every day of my life from the moment I wake. But fear doesn’t follow me in my sleep and when I wake up I get one minute. One ****ing minute before I remember, before I remember everything.


  • Look at you. Beautiful and Isolated!
  • Once upon time there was a young child who had virtually no problems, he was desperate to learn the piano But his teachers wouldn’t allow him to. So he defied them and learned it’s sneakily behind their backs, that’s when his soul was opened up. For the non-spiritually minded it is otherwise known as the grey matter of the mind.Tthe programming of one’s thinking but his teachers wouldn’t allow him to Sophie to fight them and learned it sneakily behind their backs that’s when his soul was opened up. For the non-spiritually minded it was otherwise known as the grey matter of the mind, the programming of one’s thinking before our brains are even developed.
  • This was then when a colleague of mine entered his soul, did you know we can exist everywhere all at once? But my colleague was hardly a friend of mine. Borderline rival perhaps. You may know him as passion your doctor might know him as eccentricity and obsession but I myself know him personally by the name of talent. But here comes the fun part, when the poor child left the door wide open I entered his soul as well to balance talent and provide him the fuel to go on if he was the sword you could say I was the sharpening stone it is much fun poisoning someone at such a young age. But to know the best bit it is virtually undetectable. The two of us coexist inside him and Are mistaken for madness! And nobody ever listens to madness talent suffocates and I live on living anywhere and everywhere.
  • Tom would have been inspired. he truly would.
  • We both know that I am undefeatable why do you fight me?
  • Fly or fight! Do one or the other!
  • Don’t think our relationship will always be this way, no human can live without me. I save them from death every single day. Without fear there is no self discipline a lack of learning.


  • Oh thats it! Run Rabbit Run!


Eveshka Ghost as Pan.

Alex Willis as Doctor Reason

Becky Kentfield as Heather

James McClusky as Tom

Will Lightburn as The Farmer

Xander Phillips as Jimmy / Fear

Martyn Eade as The Burglar

Jay Pearson as Young Burglar


The Granary was the first independent film to be Filmed and Premiered in East Grinstead. [3]