The Great Rupert

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The Great Rupert is a 1950 comedy family film, produced by George Pal, directed by Irving Pichel and starring Jimmy Durante, Tom Drake and Terry Moore. It is based on a story, written by Ted Allan, which has also been published as a children's book under the title "Willie the Squowse".

Directed by Irving Pichel. Produced by George Pal. Written by Ted Allen (story) and László Vadnay.
He's not just squirrelin' around!taglines

Mr. Louie Amendola[edit]

  • [fleeing fire] The polar bear rug with the radio inside! I'll miss the Jimmy Durante show!
  • Mama, stop worrying. Nothing can happen to her. She's not alone. She's with a man.


  • He's not just squirrelin' around!
  • Christmas miracles do happen.


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