The Guardian Legend

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The Guardian Legend is a shoot 'em up video game developed by Compile and released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989.


  • Long ago, an alien race sent a huge world hurtling toward the Earth, loaded with a cargo of mysterious lifeforms. You must battle your way deep within the alien world to destroy its vicious inhabitants. You the are Guardian of the Earth and your saga will become The Guardian Legend.
    • Introduction.
  • If someone is reading this… I must have failed. This star "NAJU" was our home, but we were invaded by evil life-forms. Everyone except me was killed. I am going to try to activate the self–destruct device. If I fail, I would like you to do this task so this cannot happen to any other race. The self–destruct mechanism is protected by a safety device which is located in the underground corridors. Remove each seal and go deep inside NAJU. If you destroy all 10 safety devices, the self–destruct sequence will be activated. I don't have much time. I hope this message will not be read by anyone… it will mean that I have failed.
    • In–game dialog.
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