The Gumazing Gum Girl!

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The Gumazing Gum Girl is a children's chapter book series by Rhode Montijo.

Gabby Gomez/Gum Girl[edit]

  • Ai, no.
  • That was pathetic.
  • You're strong, Ninja-Rina!
  • I'm Gum Girl.
  • I um hum hirl.
  • Look at me, crazy. Loco!
  • If you start trouble, I'll bust your bubble. 'Cause I'm Gum Girl. Yes, I'm Gum Girl.


  • I deserve all of that attention! And I know just how to burst that Gum Girl's bubble!
  • No crime is tutu big for Ninja-Rina!
  • Ninja Rina knows jujitsu, basket weaving and ceramics.


  • I hate gum! I hate, hate, hate gum!
  • I am Robo-Chef, and this is Robo-Chef's revenge!
  • Sorry, I'm late. I brought cupcakes.

Jeffery Hansen/Hamster Hansen[edit]

  • Have a good day. Remember that Ms. Smoot will be back on Monday.
  • So thirsty... so hungry... so thirsty...
  • What-- What happened to me?


Chews Your Destiny (2013)[edit]

  • Gabby Gomez should have seen it coming. She had been blowing on that bubble for as long as anyone could remember, and it was bound to pop sooner or later. But how could Gabby have imagined that something as sweet and as simple as one teeny, tiny little piece of bubblegum could lead to such a terribly sticky situation? Even with her parents and teachers always warning that no good would come from so much gum chewing and bubble blowing. It would be hard to believe. But then again, Gabby was far from your normal, average, everyday gum chewer. She chewed bubble gum everywhere. She chewed it here. She chewed it there. She chewed it here. She chewed gum all day. Everyday. And all night. Every night.

  • Mrs. Gomez: Not so fast, young lady.
  • Gabby Gomez: But Mami, I'm going to be late. And you know how Ms. Smoot hates tardiness. Maybe this can wait after school?
  • Mrs. Gomez: Oh, this won't take long. You'll have more than enough time to get to school. Your father and I have warned you to go easy with chewing gum, haven't we?
  • Gabby Gomez: Yes, Mami.
  • Mrs. Gomez: Like the time at the art gallery. What a mess!"
  • Gabby Gomez: Yes, Mami.
  • Mrs. Gomez: And don't forget about your tia Carmen's parrot. Poor Crackers! He never said another word. Your aunt never got over it!
  • Gabby Gomez: I know, Mami.
  • Mrs. Gomez: So, I'm sorry to have to do this, but... NO MORE GUM!

  • The Purse Thief: [Gum Girl grabs a purse from a thief.] EWWWWW!
  • Gum Girl: Here's your purse, miss.
  • Woman: My purse! You're my hero! Thank you so much you... you gooey... uh, sticky... uh, sweet gum girl.
  • Gum Girl: Gum Girl? Gum Girl? GUM GIRL!

Gum Luck (2017)[edit]

  • TV: Gum Girl! Sticking it to crime!
  • Robo-Chef: I hate gum! I hate gum! I hate, hate, hate gum!

  • Ninja-Rina: I deserve all of that attention! And I know just how to burst that Gum Girl's bubble!"

Popped Star (2018)[edit]

  • Police Chief Lily Lee: We need your help-- both of you! Can you help them... together?
  • Ninja-Rina: But, but... well, I can't... I mean, I'm not--
  • Gum Girl: You're strong, Ninja-Rina, and it's going to take two of us to save everyone on that Ferris Wheel. Come on!
  • Ninja-Rina: Let's do this!

Cover Blown (2019)[edit]

  • Rico Gomez: Whoa!
  • Sol Azteca: That is the tallest pyramid in all the ancient ruins of Coba. Vamos! I'll show you around.

  • Gabby Gomez: What's this?
  • Sol Azteca: Ah, aqui tenemos un cenote. It is the start of a waterway used thousands of years ago. See, look! The water flows from the aqueduct to the Pool of Destiny.
  • Gabby Gomez: The what...?
  • Sol Azteca: The Pool of Destiny. It helps people discover their true selves -- Who they really are.

  • The Underhander: Sol Azteca, I challenge you and your school to match I'll show you who is the strongest!
  • Sol Azteca: Underhander?!

Stick Together! (2021)[edit]

  • Natalie: Are you smelling what I'm smelling?
  • Gabby Gomez: Cheese?
  • Natalie: CHEEEEEEESE!! That can only mean pizza... which can only mean that a pizza my heart is waiting! Let's go! We can all check on Mr. Hansen after we grab lunch.
  • Gabby Gomez: You're so cheesy, Natalie. [laughs]
  • Gabby and Natalie: PIZZA!

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