The Incredible Crash Dummies (film)

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The Incredible Crash Dummies is a 1993 American-Canadian computer-animated television special. It was produced in 1993. In the United States, it originally aired on Fox Kids. It was later repacked as a video to be sold with two of the Crash Dummy action figures (Ted and a "purple/gold" repainted Junkman). It was the first full-length television cartoon created using computer graphics.

Directed by Mark Mariutto. Written by Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp.
Don't You Be a Dummy. Buckle Your Safety Belt, and leave the crashing to us.

Dr. Zub[edit]

  • Ted's head has been altered to fit only the Torso 9000. You could say, Ted's really sticking his neck out for safety! [chuckles]


Spin: Boy! This is really super-secret, eh Doc?
Dr. Zub: [chuckles; to Spin] You bet your lugnuts!

[Slick and Spin crash a motorcycle]
Slick: That was beautiful, Spin -- I just went to pieces!
Spin: Really? Did the camera get it?
Slick: I forgot to take the lens-cap off.
Spin: Give me my leg so I can run away!

Ted: But I need my body! It's got my arms and legs on it!
Slick: We'll find it!
Spin: Yeah! It didn't just get up and walk away.
Dr. Zub: [indicating a Junkman-shaped hole in the door] As a matter of fact, Spin, that's precisely what happened.

Junkman: Piston Head! Get me that microdisc!
Piston Head: As you command, master. What is the first step?
Junkman: To get off the roof, you idiot!
Piston Head: As you command, o junkful one.
[Piston Head steps off the roof and falls into a rubbish skip]
Junkman: What a moron.

Dr. Zub: That was quite a test-run out there!
Ted: I ironed out a few bugs. How's the Torso 9000?
Dr. Zub: The Torso is fine, Ted -- and once we get you back together, you'll be fine, too. After all, you've got a good head on your shoulders.
Ted: Not at the moment, Doc.

Voice cast[edit]

  • James Rankin as Slick and Jackhammer.
  • Michael Carvana as Spin.
  • John Stocker as Dr. Zub and Horst.
  • Dan Hennessey as Junkman.
  • Lee MacDougall as Ted.
  • Richard Binsley as Spare Tire and Pistonhead.
  • Paul Haddad as Bull and Daryl.
  • Susan Roman as Computer voice.

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