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The Invisible Man, a 2000–2002 U.S. television series, is one of several that have been conceptually based on H. G. Wells's book of the same name. In this variation, con artist Darien Fawkes takes part in an experiment that implants in him a "quicksilver" gland, allowing him to become invisible. But he must work for a government agency in order to receive treatments to keep the gland from driving him insane.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.1][edit]

Huiclov: The aution's in three days. What are you going to do? You're going to walk in empty-handed?(points to his stomach) "Oh, the disk is in here."
Arnaud: My hands are never empty.
Huiclov: Oh, no, there's too much blood on them.

(Darien remembers more of the trial)
Bernstein: He tried to have his way with me. I can still feel his hands groping me! The bastard. I'm telling you, that son of a bitch robbed me of my manhood.

Bernstein: I don't know how long I was out. But when I woke up, he was trying to have his way with me. The bastard.

Pilot [1.2][edit]

Darian: Who are you guys? CIA? NSA?
(The Official points at DFG plaque)
Darian: U.S. Department of Fish and Game? You gotta be freakin' kidding me!

Hobbes: You're out of your league.
Darien: Oh I'm out of my league - oh yes, what league would that be? Oh, of course, the psycho secret agent softball league.

The Catevari 1.3][edit]

Darien: What's the best thing about government service? For me, it's the health plan. You can get better, you can get worse, or you can get with the program. This is the story of how Darien Fawkes got all three.

Darien: Can I ask you a question? All right, let's say I use this little gift thing right. Okay, you know, play the hero, do everything I'm supposed to. How do I know I don't end up just like Charles Fogurty?
Claire: Trust me.

Darien: Santiana once said, "Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." Well if that's true, then I'm screwed, cause here I am, repeating history all over again.

Ralph [1.4][edit]

Darien: To Darien Fawkes, Jessica Semplar would always be The Kid. On the whole it was nothing new. All the women in my life leave me. Difference is, to them I was a man. To her I was magic. How do you say goodbye to that?

Darien: In his very first story, Sherlock Holmes met his match. Her name was Irene Adler. But as Dr. Watson points out, she was always the woman. The woman who eluded him. The woman who got away. For Sherlock, it was a mystery. For me, it was elementary.

Tiresias [1.5][edit]

Darien: The Scottish philosopher, Balfour, said that "Destiny is the scapegoat we make responsible for our crimes". He was probably right, too. This philosophy, known as determinism, was best summed up by Doris Day, with the words, "que sera, sera". Now, I'm not saying she was right, but if it was between Doris and the Scottish dude, I'd party with her any day.

Darien: Somebody once told me that if a stoplight turns red before you can cross, your life changes forever. I'll buy that it changes but, just 'til the next morning. Then it's a whole new deal."

Impetus [1.6][edit]

(watching Claire as she dances)
Darien: What was that the Keeper said, that there were certain sides of her I'd never see? If she only knew how many sides of her I could see.

Darien: Now, I think it was a Brit named Sir Robert Walpole who coined the phrase, "All men have their price." Now, I happen to agree. Although my point of view on the matter's changed. See, I used to think my price would be money or diamonds or gold. You know? Well, imaging my surprise when I realized that my price has become a needle in the arm.

Darien: Hey, you know when in cartoons there is a little angel on the one shoulder and a little devil on the other one. Well these days I try, I really try to listen to the angel... But with me somehow the devil always wins.

The Devil You Know [1.7][edit]

Darien: F. Scott Fitzgerald once said to Ernest Hemingway, "Rich people are different from you and me." To which Hemingway replied, "Yeah, they got more money." Which brings me to a personal favorite of mine, Willie Sutton, who said, "The reason I rob banks is 'cause that's where the money is."

Liberty and Larceny [1.8][edit]

Darien: Liz's motto for goodbye was always, "Faster is better." Kind of like tearing off a Band-Aid. Of course, if the wound beneath isn't healed yet, nothing helps except time. And time leaves a big, nasty scar we call the past.

Keeper: When you go invisible the only person, who can truly watch you, is yourself.
Darien: Wow... could you print that out and put it on a key chain for me.

Darien: There's a little known law of the universe: when someone who own a mansion hires you to steal something, it can never end well.

The Value of Secrets [1.9][edit]

Darien: I got a question. If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, how much knowledge does a person need before they're safe? My guess? I'll never be safe again.

Darien: A 19th century scientist, Thomas Huxly, once asked, "If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, how much knowledge does a person need before they're safe?" My guess? A whole hell of a lot.

Separation Anxiety [1.10][edit]

Brock: That's not a regulation haircut.
Darien: Well, I guess I'll just have to keep my hat on.
Brock: I told you I was calling the shots.
Darien: It's fine. You wanna call a time out while I go finda barber shop, that's cool.
Brock: You're as big an ass pain as your partner.
Darien: Yeah, believe me, once you get to know me, you'll find I'm much worse.

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