The Invisible Man Returns

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The Invisible Man Returns is a 1940 film about a man falsely imprisoned for fratricide, who takes a drug to make him invisible.

Directed by Joe May. Written by Curt Siodmak, based on the novel by H. G. Wells.
They hear him! They feel him! But they can't stop him!  (taglines)


Insp. Sampson: You and Radcliffe were great friends, weren't you doctor?
Doctor Frank Griffin: We still are, I'm happy to say.
Insp. Sampson: Yes doctor - quite so. The research on which you and he were collaborating was interrupted by the unfortunate... accident, to Sir Michael, shall we say? And to carry on such important work man like you wouldn't hesitate to break the law, would you?
Doctor Frank Griffin: Suppose you come to the point, Inspector?
Insp. Sampson: I've been looking up the file on your late brother. That was nine years ago, wasn't it? Very ingenious. He concocted a formula which included a poisonous drug called Duocaine. An extraction of an East Indian herb that took the colour out of things. Combined with other ingredients known only to himself, it made the body transparent when injected into the bloodstream. Very ingenious.

Willie Spears: Where are you? Where are you?
Geoffrey Radcliffe: Here beside you!
Willie Spears: But, but I can't see you!
Geoffrey Radcliffe: Of course you can't, I'm a ghost.
Willie Spears: [Gasps] Ghost!
Geoffrey Radcliffe: [Sneezes]
Willie Spears: What kinda ghosts sneeze?
Geoffrey Radcliffe: It's cold in the other world, so cold!

Helen Manson: Geoffrey!
Geoffrey Radcliffe: Helen, darling!


  • They hear him! They feel him! But they can't stop him!
  • If You Believe What You See-Then Watch Your Mind When You THINK You See
  • You Can Feel Your Skin Creep!
  • More strange thrills... More eerie chills... More awesome suspense
  • HERE HE IS! The strangest human in the world!


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