The Invisible Woman (1940 film)

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The Invisible Woman is a 1940 film about a model who volunteers for an experiment with invisibility.

Directed by A. Edward Sutherland. Written by Robert Lees, Frederic I. Rinaldo, and Gertrude Purcell, based on a story by Kurt Siodmak and Joe May.
IT'S A Ghost-to-Ghost HOOK-UP!  (taglines)

Kitty Carroll

  • Whew! Kinda chilly. I wonder how the nudists stand it.


  • Looking at a woman is only the first step to trouble. You look, she smiles. You soften, she sues.
  • Invisible women! These days you can't believe your own eyes, even if you don't see anything.


[As Kitty puts on stockings, revealing her legs]
Kitty Carroll: It so happens that by profession I'm a model.
Richard Russell: What for, piano legs?
Kitty Carroll: Any time you have a piano with legs like mine, sonny, run, do not walk, to your nearest music store.

Prof. Gibbs: If more women were invisible, life would be much less complicated.
Richard Russell: And much less interesting.

Prof. Gibbs: So you see the entire principle is a combination of chemical, biological, and dynamic influences
Blackie: Cut out the stalling! For an hour you've been using big words!
Kitty Carroll: Yes Professor, for the love of Mike cut out the stalling. I want to go home.
Blackie: You'll both go home on a slab if this guy don't come through. I want to be invisible!
Prof. Gibbs: I don't blame you. It would be a decided improvement.


  • IT'S A Ghost-to-Ghost HOOK-UP!